Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Friday: Dale Hayward, Amorous Sinuous

This spring is just FLYING by, and it's time again for another month, another artist and another vernissage. This April we're happy to present new works by Dale Hayward.

Whether it's animation or illustration, Dale Hayward shows an unwavering passion for his work. He was born near Toronto & now lives in Montreal, conveniently exposing himself to the incredible artistic worlds of both cities. Always searching for challenges, his latest endeavor "Amorous Sinuous" is a study of the dips and curves of the female form, brought to life with textural details and intricate pattern.

For samples of Dales illustrations, check out his blog: www.ostrichindustries.blogspot.com
For samples of his animation see: http://lamoustacheblog.blogspot.com/

“Amorous Sinuous” Opening Party/Vernissage
Friday, April 3 2009 6-11pm
Open to the public/free admission
Music by DJ Garry “Hero” Vickers
Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
1649 rue Amherst (Metro Berri/UQAM)

The show runs for the entire month of April, come on down and be seduced by Dales work!

A picture of himself that Dale sent us,
just so you will recognize him at the show

For those of you thinking "oh no! I really wanted a print from the Prints Are People Too! show" never fear, we are keeping quite a few of them on in the gallery, but I recommend you stop by soon if you really have your heart set on them, they are flying out the door at an alarming rate!


Get ready to shop!

This weekend a whole new shopping experience is beginning here in Montreal, a one weekend only event that will hopefully inject some high fashion into your spring wardrobe. For those of you who are up on your fashion magazine lingo, you may be familiar with the term "stylists own". It's used in fashion editorials for clothing credits when that gorgeous, amazing piece you see in the photo is not available for sale. OH NO, it's the stylists own piece! Montreal stylist/art director/writer/all round wonderful lady Azamit has spearheaded this event, and was kind enough to involve Norwegian Wood, as well as a few other wonderful designers we work with at the store (Roadkill and Complex Geometries come to mind) along with a great group of local and international designers (see the full list below). Highly curated, hard to find, unique pieces in fashion and design that have been kept hidden, secret, or simply not accessible to the public are now available to one and all, for this weekend only!
Friday April 3rd – 10am to 9pm
Saturday April 4th – 10am to 6pm
Sunday April 5th – 12pm to 6pm
DOMISON – 4117 boul. Saint-Laurent

ADD l A.J l Alek Paul Eyewear l Alexis Hudson l American Retro l Andrea Pritschow l Antonin Sorel l Aquaovo l Bjorn Borg l Bols d’Éln l BroLLte l Bruuns Bazaar l BY MALENE BIRGER l BZR l Catherine Chagnon l Complexgeometries l Costume National Eyewear l Couper Croiser l Cynthia Steffe l Denis Gagnon l De Renaudin l Designers Remix l D-i-a-r-y l Diesel Black Gold l Drykorn l ella moss l ENERGIE l Erratum Designers l Été Eyewear l Étienne Hotte l furni l Futil design l Gio-Goi l Gròa l Harakiri l Headquarters Galerie l Hoss l James Perse l John Varvatos Eyewear l Killah l L*space l La Fée Maraboutée l M8N4 l mary design l Melinda Pap l Miju l Mikael Baillairgé l Miss Sixty l Mogil l Morales l Morphine Generation l Noa Noa l Pascale Girardin l Pearls Before Swine l Pina & Gina l Pipisquid l Princesse Tam-Tam l Rachel Pally l Rita l roadkiLL l Rosemary Hedges l Salinas l Sanctuary l Schleeh Design l Splendid l Sweetface l Tara Jarmon l Tavan & Mitto l Thakoon Eyewear l Travis Taddeo l Turnover l Yso...et/and +


Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Spring Stock!

Valerie Dumaine

I fully plan on doing an individual post for each and every one of these fabulous indie designers who've brought down new spring stuff for the store, but I just wanted to do a quick post for all those thinking of coming down to the vintage shoe party. We've got all sorts of new spring stock in from Valerie Dumaine, Anastasia Lomonova and Soi Disant, as well as two brand new designers that have joined the HQ family Josiane Perron and La Fete!

Anastasia Lomonova

La Fete

Also, as a special treat for one night only, we're putting together a nice little sale rack, with some older (yet still super cute) stock in limited sizes, for you to browse through and treat yourself with. Wheee! Friday night shopping party!

Josiane Perron


"Where the Wild Things Are" the wait is almost over...

I showed this trailer to Tyson yesterday and he's STILL hyperventilating, check it out below

And if for some insane reason you have never read the book, we have it down at HQ, and always will. It's probably the first book we ordered when we opened the store, we love it THAT much!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

La Chatte Bottee, this Friday at HQ!

Ahhhhhh, can you feel it? Spring is in the air! As with all changing of the seasons I'm in the mood for new shoes, perhaps you are too? Well thankfully this Friday we're hosting the lovely Nika and Carole once again for their famous Chatte Bottee vintage shoe party! The entire gallery will once again be stuffed to the point of exploding with choice vintage goodies for your tootsies. Got some elegantly lengthy fancy feet? No need to feel left out, these ladies do an EXCELLENT job of finding cute kicks in all sizes. And for those looking for vintage sandals, a word to the wise: COME EARLY, just like boots in winter, these puppies will be flying out the door for spring!

On a side note, this would also be the perfect time to pick up one of our prints from our March exhibition "Prints Are People Too!". Prices range from $8-$80, so you really can't go wrong, and what a perfect way to jazz up the apartment for spring!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Wing & Prayer"

OK girls. You can stop yelling at me! We finally got the Miju accessories in.... sheesh!! I know Angie did a post on these babies a while back but now we got them in stock. Our good pal Judy and her boy-toy Mike (from Furni Creations) made these at the Furni labs here in Montreal with acrylic (in white and black) and, get this, A LAZER FROM THE FUTURE!! Now I don't know how they got their hands on this marvel from time yet to come but I can only assume that they have access to some sort of time travel device or Judy's future self left these for her in a locker at the bus depot to be picked up at a specific time.... ahh forget it. You'll get the full story this Summer when you see Michael Bay's Sci-fi thriller/Musical "Miju- A Necklace In Time" starring Shia Labeouf and that chick that used to play "Blossom".... See what happens when Angie gives me hell for not blogging enough. You get GOLD!!




Until next time.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daniel Lim is engaged! Single women everywhere mourn....

Congratulations to HQ artist Daniel Lim on his and girlfriend Hye Young Kim's recent engagement.

If you check out Daniels website www.fawnfruits.com you can see his ongoing series of work and a portrait of his little lady (#50).

All the best dudes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Boy!

We just got a crap tonne of new guys clothing from our friends at Lifetime Collective and Brixton, just for the dudes! If you haven't heard of Lifetime before, it's a collective based out of Vancouver, BC that started out as a basement t-shirt operation and has grown into an art-fashion Juggernaut. (check archived postings for our Lifetime collective art exhibit "All In Together Now!" post)

I love Brixton's hats. Unfortunately, I have the smallest cranium on the planet, so I'm limited to what I can wear...... sigh. But for normal people, with normal sized lids, we've got a bunch of new hats in stock! I also highly recommend Brixton's blog http://brixton.com/blog/

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thanks again to all who came out to the "Prints Are People Too!"opening last Saturday. We even had a special guest, Skunky, who sprayed my dog last year. It was great to see him again..... in our store...... seriously.

Our good friend Spencer had a slight lapse in common sense and chased the little guy right into the boutique. Thankfully Skunky was greeted with plenty of screams as he entered the shop and made a hasty exit. But he didn't get too far before Spencer (the Skunk Whisperer) snapped the pic above. If you look closely, you can see the little bastard on the left side of the photo.

Until next time Skunky.....

Monday, March 09, 2009

Vote For Norwegian Wood!

Hi Friends,

If you're here on our blog, chances are you may know of my line Norwegian Wood, and may have even seen some of my stuff down at the store, or online. Many of you may also know that I'm selling my stuff on Etsy, including this new design (the Maximum Fringe Necklace). So I just got word from the fine folks at Etsy that my Maximum Fringe Necklace in the Coral/Mustard/White colour combo is a finalist in the Etsy Spring Fashion contest! So now I need you all to vote for me! Voting is super easy, just click HERE for the link, and then just check off my item (or if you REALLY think something else is better, I guess I'll forgive you) and that's it.

Thanks again for much support, I couldn't do what I do without the support of all of YOU!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Prints Are People Too!: The Aftermath

A big thanks to everyone who came out to the show this weekend! We had a great turnout (even though I took most of the pics before most people arrived, oops!) and were so happy so see so many old friends and so many new faces as well. For those who had questions about some of the prints, here are the deets:

- We have from 1-4 copies of each print, depending on the artist
- As long as there is at least one print left of the piece, you can take your print home the day you buy it. If you're looking at purchasing the very last copy of a print, we like to keep the art up for the duration of the month to help the artist get exposure. You know, spread the word about the artists you love!
-For those out of towners who've seen something you would like here on the blog, shoot us an e-mail and we can ship you the piece, payment can be made via either Paypal or credit card.