Saturday, July 31, 2010

Osheaga 2010

Yes! It's time again for Osheaga! I look forward to this festival every year and this weekend is one of the best lineups ever.
Above: Part of 2008's installation

Angie and I took part in the YPF's installation “La Chasse”. It is a tribute to the traditional hunters’ camp, which reflects on the past by creating a magical meeting point of psychedelic dreams.

Last years En Masse drawing

I will also be doing some live drawing with the En Masse Crew, so please come by and say hello if you have the time!

And if you can't make it out to the show, you can listen to some of the bands here.

And don't forget, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for the "Press Start" exhibit.

I love you.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Last chance to see "Press Start"

That's right, Saturday will be your last chance to check out the Press Start exhibit.

A huge thanks to guest curator, Yanick "Frenchie" Blanchet. He put together an amazing show that will go down in the HQ history books.
And don't forget, this Thursday marks the opening of "Places and Spaces", so we hope to see you all here for an evening of magic times!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Wowzers! We just got in some new Summer edition watch colors from the Furni/Raised By Wolves collaboration!

These are a limited edition, so swing by and nab yours for $28, while we got 'em!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bow Ties gallore!

I came home the other night a little sleepy from a hot day in the city, when I was suddenly shocked to discover that I had left the Bow Tie making machine on all day! Now I have a motherload of vintage bow ties here at HQ for all of you to snatch up! (Did I mention that my Bow Tie making machine has a "Vintage" setting on it? Well, it does.)

Photo from Glam Canyon

Photo from Ralph Lauren

Photo from Refinery 29

Saturday, July 24, 2010


We just got back from our cross country trip last Thursday, so I was able to sit down and spend some time finishing a series of drawings based on the "Madballs" toys of the 80's. I was inspired to do these after I came across a posting on one of my favorite blogs.


I loved these things as a kid...well anything that revolved around booger and gross out jokes was tops in my book. My favorite t-shirt through grade 6 had a picture of a dead dinosaur over the text "Fartasouras Rex, Stinkus extincted".

"Skull Face"

"Screemin' Meemie"

"Oculus Orbus"

"Horn Head"

"Dust Brain"

"Crack Head"


Each piece is 5.25" x 5.25". watercolour, ink and charcoal. $45. each or the set of 8 for $340. They are all up here at HQ but I will be putting them up on my Etsy shop soon!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Vacation Hours

Yup, we're heading out of the city, so HQ is going into vacation mode. For those of you that don't already know, Angie and I are getting hitched in our hometown Winnipeg. The awesome Emily Paris will be holding down the fort while we are gone, so be sure to drop by often and say hello.

Angie and her gal pals out on her bachelorrette party somewhere in the countryside. If every movie I've ever watched in the 80's is true (and why wouldn't it be?) I can only assume their weekend consisted of pillow fights, lingerie and kissing practice.

While the dudes headed out of town to go shoot at one another and then go into the woods for macho time...... and by macho time I mean cucumber masks and salt baths........a-hem.

Vacation hours:
Friday, July 9 12pm - 6pm
Saturday, July 10 11am - 6pm
Sunday, July 11 CLOSED
Monday, July 12 CLOSED
Tuesday, July 13 12pm - 6pm
Wednesday, July 14 12pm - 6pm
Thursday, July 15 12pm - 6pm
Friday, July 16 12pm - 6pm
Saturday, July 17 11am - 6pm
Sunday, July 18 CLOSED
Monday, July 19 CLOSED
Tuesday, July 20 12pm - 6pm
Wednesday, July 21 12pm - 6pm
Thursday, July 22 12pm - 6pm
Friday, July 23 12pm - 6pm
Saturday, July 24 11am - 6pm
Sunday, July 25 CLOSED

Bye! I miss you already!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Press Start opens tonight!

Cold beer, Nintendo & Atari video games, art, design and music, what better way to spend a hot Summer night!




4 Years of HQ!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

up up down down left right left right A B Press Start!

Remember when renting a video game for a sleep over weekend with your best friend could be the best thing in the world or if you picked out a dud, could put a real kink in your two days of freedom from school?

The same could be said for getting an Atari or Nintendo game as a birthday or Christmas present. How many kids were super pissed after they played five minutes of E.T. or any of the movie license games on the NES? I remember my brother got a game called Athena for his birthday and thing thing was the biggest piece of shit ever. The games tended to never live up to the awesome box art.....

But when you got your hands on a gem, then life was good! How many hours did we sink into Contra, Ghosts and Goblins (still one of the hardest games ever) or Punch Out?

This Thursday you'll be able to check out some amazing art inspired by games we've loved or hated in our past.

See you all here this Thursday, July 8th from 6 - 11 pm. If there is a piece you're interested in, you better act fast because they are already beginning to sell!