Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashion POP

I know this is a little last minute but I just realized I hadn't yet mentioned Fashion POP here on the HQ blog! Fashion POP is the newly added fashion design competition (this is the second year) component of the POP Montreal music festival, and I'm super excited to be one of the designers competing this year!

Made possible by Le Chateau, this juried show features the work of 6 hand-picked up-and-coming fashion designers, each presenting a 6 look mini-collection to a panel of judges working in the industry. The winner will receive a prize of $1000 as well as a $500 gift certificate from Le Chateau and a feature in Worn Fashion Journal. All attendees will be entered in a raffle for 2 gift certificates of $250 courtesy of Le Chateau as well as 2 subscriptions to Worn Fashion Journal. This event will serve double duty as the launch party for this year's Puces POP!

Here are the deets:

Designers: Emily Brunet (La FĂȘte), Rachel Chan (Contradict), Charlotte Eedson (girlfriend material), Marie-Eve Emond (Betina Lou), Angie Johnson (Norwegian Wood), Flavie Lechat (Le Chat Clothing)
Date: Wednesday September 30th, 8PM (doors at 7)
Venue: Espace Reunion (6600, Hutchison Street)
Free and open to all!

Here that? It's FREE!!!! Which also usually means "get there early if you want a seat"

Hope to see you all there tonight!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Contest winner!!

Thanks to all who emailed me with the answers to our Jim Henson contest. Amanda Moss was the quick draw McGraw! So, she wins a gift certificate and 2 little watercolour drawing of my favorite Jim Henson monsters! If there's one thing Amanda doesn't hesitate on it's shopping, she used the gift cert. to pick up for of the lovely knitted necklaces from Mes Trois Soeurs!

Sesame Streets "Frazzle"

"Doglion" from The Muppet Show

Chatte Bottee Tonight!

Just a quick reminder that we're hosting another lovely Chatte Bottee vintage shoe party tonight! Come by early to get first pick of the amazing boots Nika and Carole and picked for you ladies, or to scoop up the larger sizes which always seem to go quickly! We've also just received TONS of new NEW fall stock from Valerie Dumaine, La Fete, Anastasia Lomonova and many more!


HQ and Bettina Lou!

For any of you who read the blog regularly, you've probably noticed that Tyson has been blogging a LOT more than I have, he's such a good store owner guy! Working on my own line has been taking up more and more of my time, but I'm still trying to pop in here and post as much as I can!

So I thought it was HIGH TIME that I posted about a wonderful new line we're carrying at HQ, called Bettina Lou! Marie-eve (the designer of the line) has been a regular customer at HQ for awhile, and I didn't realize she was also a designer extraordinaire, so when she came in the first day to show me her styles I was so confused, but then very happy when I realized the stylish shopper and designer I'd been chatting with via e-mail were one and the same!

Marie-Eve cites her inspirations as having roots in the style icons of the fifties and sixties, visual arts, nice fabrics, vintage fashion magazines, musicals, creative people and girls with great personal style. The Betina Lou style is one that doesn't go out of fashion, they're the staples of your wardrobe! Feminine silhouettes are influenced by the elegance and sobriety brought forth by the great french designers of the middle of the twentieth century.

The best part? The entire collection is designed and manufactured exclusively in Montreal.
I can tell you from seeing these clothes up close and personal, the quality is AMAZING, Marie-Eve knows her stuff! After working with Soia & Kyo and Mackage over the past few years, Marie-Eve has really honed her skills and is producing some really precise pieces, so when she says the designs will last, you'll know that the quality will be right there along with it, allowing these pieces to be staples of your wardrobe for many years to come!

What's next for Bettina Lou? Stay tuned in my next post, I've got the scoop where you can get your first peek at her fall collection!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Topshop EDIT and Norwegian Wood!

Sooooo, I haven't really mentioned this on the HQ blog yet, but the thing that's been taking up 95% of my time lately is a project that started about 6 months ago.

I received an e-mail to my Etsy account, that I thought MUST be a joke. It was a message from Topshop, asking me to be one of the designers for an in store pop up shop called EDIT that they launched for the first time last season, and had decided to bring back for another season, this time including accessories as well as clothing.

For those of you not familiar with Topshop, it's a chain of stores based in London (England you silly folks, NOT Ontario!) with the UK flagship store being the Oxford Circus branch, which is where the main EDIT concession will be located, with a small version featuring 3 designers in the New York store which opened last year. Around 25 designers in total from around the world are involved in this edition, and I'm the first Canadian! Some of the other designers include: KTZ, White Trumpet, Nakkna, Diana Orving and so many more, coming from a diverse mix of countries, including Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, the US, Iceland, Italy, etc, etc, etc...

So I received that initial e-mail, started hyperventilating, called Tyson and screamed for a bit and then wrote them back and said yes. After going back and forth for a few months we decided that my grouping would include the following:

- Fringe necklaces in 4 colours (including a new grey/black/white combo exclusive to Topshop)
- Feather necklaces in 2 colours
- Leather cage skirts in 3 colours exclusive to Topshop. The leather cage skirt is my collaboration with Marc Simard of Broundoor and for those of you who know Marc and also have been to a Topshop you will appreciate the awesomeness that is the thought of Marc Simard in Topshop.
- Panelled leggings in 5 colours, all brand new for Topshop!
- "Road Warrior" elastic harness in black, but also in an exclusive pearly fringe version!
- A brand spanking new panelled t-shirt design in black and white

Sooooo, if there are any of you out there who's been disappointed with me for not coming to a party/event, not e-mailing back quickly or not calling you back at all, this is why! Blame Topshop! The first grouping of the concession is available NOW! My stuff is in the second grouping, from Oct. 25 right up until Christmas, so if you're in London, get down there ASAP, these clothes are just too good to pass up!

Another exciting aspect of this project is that I was finally able to work with the amazing Paule Trudel, an illustrator from our own fair city of Montreal who recently graduated from school in New York. She contacted me shortly before Topshop did, saying that we should do a project together. When the Topshop thing came up, I knew she would be the perfect person to do illustrated custom hangtags to go on all my designs. They've just been sent to print now, I'll keep you all updated when they arrive and do a whole post on the lovely Paule Trudel so you all can love her work as much as I do!

Obviously I could not miss this opportunity to see my designs hanging in a major UK store, so Tyson and I have decided to take our FIRST vacation together (Wpg doesn't count) and head over to London at the end of October. It will be my 5th time there and Tysons first, so if you have any suggestions for us throw them in the comments, we'll be there for 8 days, so we'll have lots of time to check out many, many awesome things!


Jim Henson

Well, it's September 24th and that means it's Jim Henson's birthday! He would have been 73 today... if he er, wasn't a corpse. Which is a pretty big bummer because not only was he the guy behind The Muppets, The Dark Crystal, Sesame Street, The creatures in Return of the Jedi and Fraggle Rock but the guy was a super solid dude....unlike some of the creators of other childhood favorite characters, who were complete pricks and will remain nameless (fuck you mickey).

He was awrded the "Courage of Conscience" award back in 1992 (two years after his death) for being a "Humanitarian, muppeteer, producer and director of films for children that encourage tolerance, interracial values, equality and fair play."

Just try to read the details about his death and funeral (from his Wiki page) and try not to get choked up... seriously, I read this a few months ago and was crying like a baby...

So to honour the creative genius of Mr. Henson I'm giving away 3 small watercolour drawings based on my favorite Henson Monsters and a gift certificate for $25. here at HQ.

The first person to email me the names of the following characters wins:


Email me at with Jim Henson as thew subject line.

So, have a good day and let's all try to be a little cooler to one another today. If you find yourself in a confrontation just think "What would Jim do?".

I love you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

La Chatte Bottee

This Friday, September 25th, the ladies from La Chatte Bottee are having another ginormous boot sale here at HQ. Come down from 6pm-9pm for a free cocktail and check out hundreds of pairs of boots and shoes. It's cash only, so make sure you hit an ATM on your way down.

See you there, dudes.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jen Storey

"Walk In The Park"
woodcut print on Japanese paper

Old chum and Montreal artists, Jen Storey has her website up now. If you are unfamiliar with her work, she does amazing woodcut prints on Japanese paper. Her style has a fairytale like quality to it that is dreamy and creepy at the same time.

Another thing about Jen is every time she gets a cold, I get it a week or so after. Even if I don't see her! I mean, what gives, man? I have a feeling she sneaks into my house and uses my toothbrush. That is so like her!

Anyway, go here to see more of her awesome work and possibly catch a cold:

"Steam Dreams"
Digital collage

Friday, September 11, 2009

Smile On Your Brother

Our pals at got together with
to bring you "Smile On Your Brother" a touring group exhibit featuring work on old school banana boards. All the work is being auctioned off for charity online here and a full list of the artists with bio's and links can be found here.

In case you can't read the info on the board above...

About the show
Conceived by Mike Giles and Annie Lam and co-curated by Bob Kronbauer of fame, "Smile On Your Brother" , is an art show centered around the original shape of skateboards when they first hit mass production. This seemed the perfect canvas to launch the contributor campaign.

The idea behind not only the show, but also overall project is to hopefully inspire people to think about their first skateboard and what it meant to them. For many skaters, this still represents a pivotal moment in their lives, with every last little detail, fresh in their minds. Bringing together contemporary artists both in, and affected by the skateboard industry to help raise funds to go towards the first goal of Contributor which is to donate 100 skateboards to disadvantaged youth across Canada in 2009/2010


















August 24th-31st 2009
239 abbott st (gastown)
Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7
T: 604 685 1433

Sept 4th-6th 2009
103-2115 4th STREET SW
Calgary, AB, T2S 1W8
T: 403 245 1444

Sept 11th-13th 2009
2-960 attridge dr,
Saskatoon, SK, S7S1P1
T: 306-341-2743

Sept 25th-27th 2009
116 spadina unit G1
Toronto, ONT, M5V 2K6
T: 416 360 5483

October 1st-4th 2009
1021a Ste-Catherine Ouest
Montréal, QC, H3B 1H1
T: 514-499-1021

October 16th-19th 2009
Galerie Morgan Bridge
367 rue du pont
Quebec , QC, G1K6M5
T: 41 85 29 16 82

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Etsy Video featuring Norwegian Wood!

A few weeks ago now a lovely lady name Tara came up to Montreal from New York on a family trip. Tara also happened to be the video editor for Etsy, and contacted me about doing a little Norwegian Wood video, and this is what came of that fun day of trying on clothes at HQ and getting a little silly, as you can see in the video....

A huge thanks to Tara (aka Weirdwolf on Etsy), the wonderful Montreal band Chinatown for letting us use their music, and to my amazing intern Lara for being in the shoot with me! Check out Laras Etsy shop at and keep an eye out for her (and us of course) at this years Puces POP!