Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Start counting the minutes....

Carebear countdown!.....Oh sheeesh, Tyson is going to kill me for that one. Anyways, start counting the minutes, we open tomorrow, June 1st. Tonight we will be staying into the wee hours of the night making everything nice and perfect, and tomorrow at 11:00am we will open our doors to the public.

We wanted to give a great big thank you to our friends Fred Casia and James Braithwaite, also known as Pony of Prey, for designing our lovely logo, and basically all our other branding components as well (hangtags, business cards, postcards, posters, the freakin' list never ends). Stop by the store in a week or so to see our great window graphics, guaranteed to blow minds individually and in groups.

James and Fred also happen to be two of our illustrious artists showing in the "Getting to Know You" grand opening exhibition on July 8th. Check out some of their work on:

Fred & James -
Fred Casia -
James Braithwaite -

Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting to know...Glittery Vitamins!


OK, so we're opening this Thursday, we're a little mental right now, so we thought it was a perfect time to post a blog about Glittery Vitamins right now...'cause we haven't been taking enough vitamins, and we're really tired...

Glittery Vitamins is a collaboration between the lovely Danya and the dapper Gilles, the most beautiful couple in Montreal. They come up with these great themes for each collection, like asian takeout, or pirate bordello (these are my names, they have much better ones on their site). Then they come up with this great jewelry that is totally over the top, but at the same time very wearable.... I would have say you could definitely call them "showstoppers".

They're moving to London (England, not Ontario) this fall, but we'll keep stocking their beautiful designs as long as they keep making them. Gilles has been accepted into the prestigious Central St. Martins (Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Phoebe Philo anyone), so undoubtedly this duos work is going to just keep getting better, and better and better.... to infinity.

Anyways, I have a pair of their earrings from a previous collection, and EVERY time I wear them I get a compliment.... every single time. So if you like getting compliments, wear their beautiful creations, and if you don't like getting compliments, then don't come in our damn store, 'cause you'll start getting compliments left, right and center. hee hee

...time for lunch, Prima Past here I come...

Check out Glittery Vitamins at: or on MySpace.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Getting to know... Quenntinn

Angies reign of terror is over! She's been doing all of the blogging lately, so I'm back! Things have been pretty hectic here, setting up the shop and going on numerous trips to huge mega stores for supplies and building materials. Why is it that white trash think a good family outing is a trip to the local mega store? C'mon grandma! C'mon Grandpa! C'mon Zeke, Ilene, Cody! Everyone pile in the Impala and lets SHOP!! They never go there with a specific thing in mind that they need to get, they just go there to get out of the trailer. So, here thay are at the store, wandering around, getting in my shit and driving me closer and closer to stabbing them in the face with my keys.

But enough about me and my delightful quirks. We're here to talk about Quenntinn. A young artist who was born in London but moved to Germany at the tender age of 4.

Concerning her art, she tends to focus on the aesthetic of life and music. Subjects of her portraits are people she knows from the hardcore and emo communities, with text that the persons particular scene of philosophy in an ironic way. And guess what? She's going to be showing at the first exhibition here at H.Q., "Getting to Know You" opening July 8th. So you better make sure your sweet ass is here to soak in all the goodness.

Check out more of her work at:

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Getting to know... Axel Honey

Today is a pretty shitty rainy day here in Montreal, so how about a little bit of pastel dreamy art to put you in a better mood, not to mention super cute little hand modelled characters! I really wish they were real little creatures so one could sit on my shoulder while I'm at work and keep me company! This is the wonderful work of one of our new artists/designers, Melissa Contreras.

Melissa was born and raised in Fresno, California. She came to LA to finish her Biology Degree at UCLA. Realizing her heart wasn't in it, she switched to Art. Thrown head first into the world of high concept art, those 3 years were a blur of not fitting in and just not getting it.

After graduating, she landed a job making craft samples for an educational toy company. Knowing that wouldn't get her far, she convinced them to let her try her hand at Graphic Design.

Many years (and many catalogs) later she started Axelhoney as a way to focus her energy. She realizes to be happy she must do what she truly loves and let her art take her where ever it wants to.

That basically sums up what we believe in for everyone at Headquarters! Welcome to the family Melissa!

Melissa will be showing her art in our grand opening vernissage, "Getting to Know You" on July 8th.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Getting to know ... Fauna

I've been getting a little flack lately from a certain local fashionista for not putting anything new on the blog for awhile. So this one's for you Amanda! Amanda already knows this, but for everyone elses peace of mind, we've only been slacking on the blog because 1) We haven't been receiving pics/bios from our artists for awhile (come on artists, send that stuff in!)
2) We've posted info for most of our designers so far, our store's only so big, we can't carry much more!
3) We've been crazy busy renovating the store, getting paint and varnish all over the place, hanging art and
other fun stuff!

So, without further adieu, for your viewing pleasure, the beauty that is Fauna

"Human beings make a strange fauna and flora" - Henry Miller

Fauna is inspired by the wealth of possibilities at hand to fill the spaces in which we are. Alexis Walker stretches through her creations, and invites us to step into a bygone world. Here, on any given day, in sultriest underground bar or atop grassy hill, women perch in all their bejeweled, gloved-and-hatted finery, preening themselves like peacocks, their style revealing a life of occasions. Alexis Walker has always loved to play dress up.

The very fabric of Fauna is one-of-a-kind. Layered samples from different eras- here a twist of vintage lace fringes remnants of an old curtain, there gossamer swallows embroidered against the cotton sky of a bare toe-dusting skirt- stitched together to render textures that transcend their very fibers. Often reversable, these precious creations are one-of-a-kind, as Walker firmly believes no two should ever be the same. This is truly wearable art, made to last.

Having migrated from Halifax to Montreal, Walker is educated in her craft, and practices keen-eyed urban observation. She dismisses fleeting trends, and instead seeks out enduring ways in which clothing and accessories- in essence, choices of costume- encourage the wearer to explore, expand, and multiply their own identity in infinite new directions.

We just outfitted our mannequin in head to toe Fauna, and I have to say, she looks smashing!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Getting to know...Odd Bird

Brand new, as of today! Headquarters will be carrying designs from The Odd Bird, a great little collection of jewelry made out of.....wait for it.... DOMINOS!!! Yes, I know what you're thinking "This is such a great idea, why the hell didn't I think of it!?" Dominos is just a weird game, but everyone seems to have a set at home, yet come to think of it very few people actually play the real game, everyone just lines them up and laughs hysterically as they knock each other over. What are we ... simpletons? Why does everyone love dominos anyways!!??

Well, now The Odd Bird has given us all an actually legit reason to love them...

The Odd Bird is actually a person named Tara Campbell. She created Odd Bird to fill a void, to keep herself busy and from going insane. These voids being the gaps between contracts in the Toronto animation industry. She also likes an excuse for any crafty project! (or Arts&Crap as she calls it)

Inspired by her parent's favourite game, Tara takes dominoes of all sizes and transforms them into wearable pieces of art. Each one is printed and coloured by hand. Perfect for those who want to stand out in the flock!

Tiny little pieces of art made from pieces of a phenominal game, what more can you ask for?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting to know...Bittersweet Genevieve

Our goal at Headquarters is to seek out the most unique items possible, from wherever we can find them. We also really like supporting independent designers and artists, and along the way, supporting Canadian design as well. Genevieve's work stands up to all this criteria, and more! Personally, I am scarily in love with her vintage photo it weird to carry around a picture of someone you don't know? I think not! I also believe that her wood burned art has been heaven sent for my living room.... but I digress.

Genevieve Dionne lives and works in Vancouver. She spends her better days drawing, screen printing, sewing, eating vegetarian poutine, writing letters, and making art that looks like craft. Bittersweet Genevieve evolved out of a desire to combine art, craft, and the everyday. This micro business strives to set new parameters in the way people express themselves through apparel, while simultaneously incorporating remnants of a previous era in the form of ephemera and vintage fabrics.

Anyone who loves poutine as much as we do is just dandy fine in our books, and she also makes really great art and nifty pouches and wallets. See Genevieves art in person at our grand opening vernissage on July 8th, and come check out her designs in the boutique, opening June 1st.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Getting to know...Commonwealth Stacks

So we've ordered some more t's for all the guys out there, and inside the box of shirts was a beautiful handwritten biographical letter, just for us from Michael and Laura, the creators of this great line..... Um.....actually we just copied and pasted the info from their website. But we like to think that if we were really good friends with them they would have handwritten us a letter themselves, they just seem like those kinds of people.

"Stacks began in January 2000 on Commonwealth Ave. in Los Angeles. Headquarters was the second bedroom of our apartment. We loved the idea that t-shirts could be used as conversation pieces and even valued as precious souvenirs. We believed we could use the t-shirt as a platform for simple, thoughtful design.

Today, we continue to produce pieces that reflect our personalities and sensibilities; drawing from our own unique experience and the common understanding of those in love with music, film, art, and design. -Michael & Laura Leon"

Wow. Tyson is kicking himself for not putting an extra small in the order for himself, so come down at 10am on June 1st and buy out all the smalls, and shove them in his face!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Getting to know... Roadkill

So many of you Montrealers may have seen Elaine's designs around the city, probably you've lusted after one of her bags after seeing someone on the metro carrying one, I know I have. Well, as of June 1st, there will be no more need for futile lust (actually, futile lust is probably unavoidable, but in terms of more unfullfilled lust) We're proud to be carrying Elaines bags, wallets, clothing and jewelry, and whatever the hell else she comes up with actually!

As Roadkill celebrates its third year in MontrĂ©al, Elaine Ho goes back to her first two loves and introduces a line of silver and gold jewelry with skulls, guns and cute animals, and a mini collection of very wearable clothing. This season, Roadkill digs real deep to try and remember what she learned so many years ago from her elderly pattern drafting professor at Parsons School of Design- whose rigid curriculum for the past 30 years has been the three staples of every fashionista’s wardrobe: the jumpsuit, the cape and the ever stylish culotte.

Elaine finds that she still gets inspired from the many internships that she had during her 4 years in New York. (She also finds that this time spent in N.Y. really balances out her first 19 years spent in Calgary.) From putting on hundreds of eyelets on latex leg-binders, to hand knotting the 16 pieces of leather fringe on 300 handbags because the contractor wouldn't do it, to dragging 60lbs rolls of leather thru the subways, to dealing with designers who refer to their cocaine problem as “allergies”, (don't worry mom, they never give cocaine to the interns) to overhearing her boss tell her one night stand: “Sun’s up, get out!”, Elaine finds that the invaluable experience she has gained through these internships comes in handy on a daily basis, and makes her truly and deeply thankful that she now works for herself.

The bags keep coming, each one is handmade, some with more love than others, but all in limited runs. Roadkill has been collaborating with a monkey
obsessed store, to make one of a kind bags, and has most recently has teamed
up with DJ Maus to come up with some dj friendly accessories.

Roadkill has a passion for all things cute, dead and shiny. The company’s one and only reported protester in Toronto, upset by Roadkill’s “I Love Bacon” t-shirt in the store window, cried: “You are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and that mannequin is much too thin to have loved any amount of bacon!!” and with that, she stormed out of store. Despite such incidents, Roadkill’s love for bacon remains as strong as ever.