Friday, September 29, 2006

Worn Fashion Journal, Now Available for Subscriptions!

Sometimes the best of us get really lazy. You know, when you're so sloth-like that you won't even cook food for yourself, and you get so hungry that you start to feel sick. Well, for those people (myself included) that have bouts of extreme laziness, the best thing out there is to plan ahead, and get someone else to do the work for you. Take grocery delivery for example, I think it's one of the best things invented, and only costs around $5, but Tyson doesn't want someone else picking out our produce, OH NO not a dented green pepper ...... but I digress.

In the same realm as grocery delivery though, is magazine subscriptions. So convenient, and who doesn't love getting something nice in the mail? No one writes letters anymore, so damn it, how else are you supposed to get this kind of surprise happiness?! Personally I'm a huge fan of magazine subscriptions, in fact I can guarantee that some of my friends have become suspicious that I secretly work for one of these magazines in particular, since I'm constantly pulling one out of my purse to illustrate one point or another. Basically, getting a magazine you truly love in the mail is like planned guaranteed surprise happiness. Who the hell doesn't want a little more of that!!???

So for all you guys and gals out there looking for a little more happiness in your life, look no further, Worn Fashion Journal is now offering subscriptions. That's right, all the introspective, fun, savvy fashion writing and photography you can handle can be delivered right to your door. Also, it really helps Worn grow if you subscribe, Worn gets a bigger piece of the pie, and things like grants REALLY like lists. AND the first 100 subscriptions get a free one-inch pin with every issue! Yay!

Subscriptions are for two years, with a new issue every spring and fall (that's 4 issues total).
The rates including shipping are:
Canada: 28$
USA: 32$
International: 40$

For those of you who hate their happiness to be reliable , you can still pick up Worn at Headquarters any time that's convenient in your happiness schedule. We have a few copies left of Issues 1 & 2, and will be getting Issue 3 in October so don't be shy.

Indyish at Puces POP

Another Puces POP event! Our good friends and Indyish have been busy putting together fun and informative events for the Puces POP weekend. They've pulled together a team of open source gurus, rappers, website makers and recording artists to demonstrate the potential of free software.

If, like me, you know little to NOTHING about this kind of techno mumbo jumbo, then this is an event for you. The Indyish team will break things down to "average human" level so the non tech savvy people can feel smart too!

Watch, listen and learn as Tyler of Telefauna records a live track with a little freestylin help from local rap stars Alter Reign and their software mavens - mixing it all into an original track before your very eyes. All this using free software: with live multi-track recording, editing and mastering on the fly, we’ll also intro the editing options and plugins available in a linux environment.

Then, will demonstrate print on demand for CD’s!! Lulu provides the quickest and most DIY publishing system there is, and leaves you holding all your rights.

No matter your computer expertise, this hour long workshop is for the indyish rock star in all of you.

And hey- if you have more questions about linux, free software, audio recording, or self-publishing, come meet the pro’s Indyish has assembled by dropping by the Indyish table any time during the two day love fest crafty art sale that is PUCES POP!!

And HEY!! Check out FILM POP! The winners from the Indyish MVMC videos will be screened on Saturday, Oct. 7, 1pm, at the Puces Pop Theatre, located in the Armoury des Canadian Grenadier Guards, 4171 avenue de l’Esplanade.

For more details and contact info go to

Another POP Montreal Event!

Just a quick note before the weekend, here's a heads up about another great event going on for POP Montreal. The "Cover Me" show features various artists re-doing the cover art of their favourite album covers. Tyson and I are doing a colab piece of an old Ventures album. Personally I think this is going to be a really fun show, I LOVE concept group shows like this, and what a fun game it will be to guess which cover each piece is supposed to be.

So stop by Cafe Esperenza next Friday (Oct. 6th) and have a little look see!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

POP Montreal is about to begin!

The merriment that is POP Montreal is about to descend on our fair city. There are tons of fun things going on all the way through, so keep checking the site for more info on upcoming events.

One of our favourite parts of POP Montreal last year was Puces POP, the 2 day indie trade fair showcasing local, national and international talents. We actually found a few of the wonderful artists/designers that we now work with at HQ last year while wandering about. This year it's our turn though, we will have a nice little table selling our HQ wares, right beside Furni Creations and the YPF art collective. With over 100 vendors selling this year it will be WELL worth your while to come down. If you're one of those super organized and thoughtful people, it is also a great opportunity to start buying X-mas/Hannukah/etc presents for friends and family! For those not able to make it down to Puces POP but still wanting to do a little HQ shopping, don't fret, the store will still be open on Saturday (but not Sunday, we're not open on Sundays until Nov/Dec)

But Puces POP is not just a marketplace, there's a whole junkload of other things happening. There will be Artist-Run Workshops for all to come and learn! Art Pop presents Masters of Poster Art with over a dozen renowned poster artists. Film Pop presents Not a Shorts Program showing over 10 short films per day. The Science Fair features 15 artists who will be revisiting the forgotten gems of science fair explorations... volcano? crystals?? Sounds perfect for Neil Doshi! Check out the Puces POP website for all the details and times.

From 5-7p.m. Saturday & Sunday there is activity galore:
-Live visuals by very special guests
-A dance performance by super special dancers...
-Fashion Pop II presents Autumn's Apples. Over 10 designers take there autumnal wears to the stage.
-Musical enjoyment provided by guest artists...

On the evening of the 7th HQ will be hosting our monthly vernissage, a solo show by Eric Braun, entitled "Mecanopolis". Stay tuned for a future post giving all the exact details. Also my mom and brother will be coming in from Winnipeg that weekend, so don't be afraid to stop by the vernissage and say "Hi Mrs. Johnson, what a lovely daughter you have, you are soooo lucky!"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Winter's on its way, time to start layering....

Well, fall seems to be here, so it's time to start thinking about how to keep out the chill without resorting to belaclavas and full body long underwear. (for those not used to my "Winnipeg slang" a belaclava is a toque that cover your whole face with holes for eyes and mouth, serious winter head gear)

One of my favorite ways to keep toasty is to layer a mini dress over pants, tights, t-shirts, turtlenecks or whatever else takes your fancy. This season I'm nuts about loose swingy pinafore dresses. They don't cling around the waist and hips, so you can wear them over jeans and not have that lumpy waistband thing going on, not to mention that crazy pointed bump that happens at the front of the jeans! I like them in basically any fabric, but denim, plaid and tweed are nice and cozy, while fancier fabrics like silk, velvet, brocade or slinky knits are nice for when you feel like dressing up, but DO NOT feel like freezing your ass off!

These pics are just a few ways to wear this look (Ok, the watering can purse is a little weird, but overall she has a cute look goin' on) I'm sure you guys can think of about a bajillion other ways to rock this look as well. We've already got some cute pinafore style dresses in from Angel Perez, with more coming from BLUEprint (as soon as I get my ass in gear) and a couple of our other great indie designers as well!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Flin Flon rocked my ass off!

Well Montreal, you REALY SCREWED THE POOCH! Last night most of you missed one of the best shows of the year. Flin Flon's only Canadian stop was at Casa del Popolo and they completely rocked my ass off!

"Well, who the hell is Flin Flon?" (spoken in a valley girl accent)

I'll tell you stupid, it's guitarist/ singer Mark Robinson (Unrest & Air Miami), who is also the founder and manager of Teenbeat Records (uh, hello, Teenbeat released records by bands like Versus), Bassist Nattles (Cold Cold Hearts) and Drummer (True Love Always and I'm positive he's a cyborg) Matt Datesman. They create stripped down, danceable indie pop which focuses heavily on the bass and drums. I didnt realize until halfway through thier set that Matt has no cymbols on his kit, but he plays so franticly that I hardly noticed and the sound comes out very full due to continuous drum rolls. So I say "good riddance, cymbols!" Nattles bass sound is sharp, crisp and is delivered by one hot lick after one hot lick. Mark rarely plays full chords but rather accents Nattles playing with wandering licks of his own. Hearing them live will squeeze this piss out of your bladder!

There still a chance to catch Flin Flon on this tour..... if you live in Pittsburgh or Baltimore that is.

Go pick up a copy of Flin Flons new record "Dixie" or one of the older ones, "Boo Boo", "A OK", "Swift Current" or "Chicoutimi" support indie music. And if your a new listener to the Flin Flon miracle, I gaurantee that after you hear the first song you'll say to yourself: "This is Flin Flon?! And I missed seeing them?! I'm a fucking douchebag!!"

And you'll be right.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Whaddya know, MX Jeans has a blog!

Hey all, I just started a blog for MX Jeans! It will cover new styles coming out in stores, explain some of the new denim washes coming out and new fits (of course with suggestions on how to wear them) and other fun stuff we're doing like art exhibits, promos and anything else we think of. Fred Casia and myself will both be blogging, so who knows what crazy stuff Fred will come up with! Check out the latest entry for pics of Shout Out Out Out Out whom we just gave some new jeans to "freshen" up (in terms of smell) their tour wardrobe.

Soon we'll also be linking the blog to the MX Jeans site:

Oh yeah, Shout Out Out Out Out is also playing tonight at La Tulipe with Holy Fuck, so go check them out, it's going to be a GREAT show!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Supayana strikes again!

Oh Yana, you're such a busy girl! Check out the online Q & A with Yana Gorbulsky of Supayana at

This little article is FAB for all those aspiring designers out there, it's a great inspirational interview with one of the sweetest girls around. And for all those new customers out there who haven't yet heard of Supayana, get ready to learn about a great self-taught clothing designer from Brooklyn, whose designs are only available in one place in Montreal .... Headquarters!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Outfits of the Week - Sept. 20, 2006

So I'm doing the posts a little early this week, since I'll be out of town for work from Thursday to Sunday. Never fear though, Tyson will be manning the shop on Thurs, Friday and Saturday (as usual) Stop by and give him a little hug!

This week the girls were feeling very ladylike and ready for fall in tweed outfits.

Ladylike in Pants
Crazy houndstooth tweed jacket by MX Jeans (Montreal), gold and turquoise glass necklace by Aria (Montreal), turquoise/mauve ribbon pendant necklace by BLUEprint(Montreal), vintage wine coloured leather slouchy bag, brown lightweight tweed trousers with chain detail by MX Jeans (Montreal) and vintage soft metallic copper leather flats with gold heel.

p.s. the pants are fully lined with a GORGEOUS printed satin fabric, they feel SO GOOD!

"Ladylike in a Skirt"
White jersey blouse with black trim MX Jeans (Montreal), black and white houndstooth highwaisted tulip skirt by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), white vintage leather belt, black vintage Chanel-esque purse (sorry ladies, just "esque") with gold chain strap.

Store update for HQ!

Late Sunday night, Tyson and I just finished shifting the whole store around to make more space for more neato stuff! We've added more racks/shelves, moved all the books upstairs, moved all the homewares downstairs, and will soon be adding some fun vintage wallpaper to the new cash desk area. We'll post pics soon, I promise! If you have some spare time come down and check it out in person.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Outfits of the Week - Sept. 15/06

Ok, I know I know, it's been awhile. I know you'll all forgive me though because I was out of town hunting for new vintage stuff (oxymoron?) for the store. So here they are FINALLY, the outfits of the week!

Black drapy top by Complex Geometries (Montreal), necklace with various coloured geometric stones by Aria (Montreal), purse with removable bracelet by BLUEprint (Montreal), purple/black mini herringbone leggings by Complex Geometries (Montreal) and grey vintage boots.

Blue draped sleeve top by Angel Perez (Winnipeg), resin and chain necklace by Axelhoney (Los Angeles), black skinny jeans by MX Jeans (Montreal, vintage stretch belt with enamelled buckle and black vintage boots.

This one goes out to Rachelle M!

OK this trend post goes out to my cousin Rachelle Morissette in Starbuck, MB. When I was visiting 2 weeks ago, she had a little fashion dilemma. She had just been to Vegas with her family, and had a bought a cute denim mini (we're talking REAL mini here) with some lace applique trim, and now that fall is coming, she doesn't know what to wear it with. Tragedy? NO! There is an easy solution: tights/leggings

I know this trend has been going for a little while now: take one cute T, mix with any denim mini, add black tights, sprinkle with a chunky belt, mix for 10 minutes, serve chilled. But I think this is such a versatile, look, it can be worked into your closet in so many ways (see pics above for reference) So come on girls, don't let this look become stale, here are some things to think about:

- you don't have to only wear black, heather grey is great, patterns are starting to crop of everywhere as well, as are the more wooly knit options

- you can wear them with more than just a denim mini, tights can go with SOOOOO many things (I know Amanda is laughing at me right now, 'cause she claims I actually SLEEP in my tights... well Amanda, I think you know better, I wear a BODYSUIT too, not just tights!)

- Winter is DAMN cold in Canada, so how else can you wear skirts/dresses in - 40c?

- Even in the summer, tights are great for covering up super white legs that never see the sun

- Throw on an oversized T with a great graphic, slip on some flats, and you're ready to go.
CAUTION: this outfit MAY make you feel as though you are wearing your jammies outside, so make sure you are mentally prepared for this type of exposure. Once you deal with it, you will be so totally comfortable yet stylish at the same time, you will want to wear this every day.

Feeling Claustrophobic?

This message is for artists/designers who need a little more space to spread out in. This could be a great opportunity for someone looking for a shared studio space for a pretty damn decent price. Not to mention you would be surrounded by a bunch of super talented artists, who you could potentially do tradsies with (ie. trade sewing skills for screenprinting skills, illustration skills for webdesign skills, the list goes on)

This space will be lorded over by the two boys of Furni Creations (Mike and Devon) who make amazing furniture. As of October 1st they will be moving their workshop to a new space (2,400 sq ft) in which it will be shared with 8 other artists (6 of whom are confirmed). They need 2 more folks to join the team. The space is upper Plateau (St-Viateur/st-laurent area) the artist side is 1200sq ft to be shared amongst the 8 artists, eventually there will be a lovely seating area and wireless internet, there is a bathroom and a kitchenette within the space.

So if you need a place to paint/work and create magic rent is 115$ per person for approx 100sqft of space (no walls are being errected but you will have your own area where you can put your stuff and leave it set up)

If you are interested, please contact:

Mike Giles
Owner/Head Designer
(t) + 1 514-907-2851
(f) + 1 514-907-2851

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall coats from MX

OK, no one's happy that fall is on its way, but if you have to dress for the cold, PLEASE people, do it in style! We've just received the beautiful tweed winter jackets from MX, as well as tweed blazers, vests and trousers, and a slew of super soft hoodies in black, cream and olive. The tweed winter coat comes in a gold/chocolate combo with chocolate piping (like in the pics above) and in an aubergine/cream combo with cream piping (see crappy pic below).


While we're speaking of winter coats, check out the fabulous one by Valerie Dumaine on her website. We are not currently stocking them in the store, but if you take a look and fall in love we can easily bring it in for you.

Getting to know ... Soi Disant

Well, I've got a killer cold (thanks to either Gary or Freddy, damn you both) but at least we have a beautiful new clothing line in HQ. This new Montreal based line is called Soi Disant, although it is a little more worldly in some interesting ways.

Designed by Rawan Alami, a 25-year-old Montrealer who grew up in Jerusalem and came to Canada in 2002 by way of Great Britain. She enrolled at the International Academy of Design and studied fashion marketing for a year before she founded Soi Disant. That's the kind of drive we like to see!

What makes this line REALLY special is that the clothes are made by 20 women at a factory in Bethlehem, working through a Palestinian women’s co-op. This is really a win win situation, the women are able to work for a fair wage in a safe place, while us Montrealers get some truly unique fashion.

All the designing is done here in Montreal then Rawan goes over to Jerusalem to supervise production. In the end, the clothing is not "ethnic" per se, but rather modern, fashion-forward design, with a handmade touch in the form of historic embellishment.

We think it's just damn pretty, and we're happy to have it in HQ!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pony of Prey Blog!

General Mavin Plantagenate

Jenny Hapshaw, Official Spokerodent for All Mighty Caesar Pony

The National Ideal

The illustrious illustrated Caesar Pony, President

Well, well, well.

The naughty boys over at Pony of Prey have added a blog to their website. Have a look for some insight into their innovative illustrative style, and follow along with the non-sensical ramblings of Jenny Hapshaw on their "Beef Log". Learn a little about the "Pony's Republique of Peoples", the floating island that Jenny Hapshaw, General Mavin Plantagenate, Stanley (the voice of the peoples) and the National Ideal inhabit, ruled over by Caesar Pony himself. Here's a little excerpt from the "Beef Log":


You may have noticed a few changes to your planet in the last few days, and I would like to put your little minds to rest about a few things.

First of all, yes, the entire East Coast was destroyed in a devastating condor attack, and yes we were partially responsible for this little misunderstanding. Secondly, yes, the population of Europe is currently being enslaved with a powerfully interesting hypnotic device, and, yes, you will be used to toil away in our underground mines, and, yes, we do offer health benefits and an attractive incentive program. Thirdly, no, we do not pay time-and-a-half for all holidays, and joining our “fun little gang” is not optional.

But, to make this transition easier, I thought you might want to know a little bit about your new benevolent masters, and how we managed to live on a floating continent above the Earth without anyone being the wiser. Firstly, the floating mass of awesomeness that now controls your destiny, is called the The Pony’s Republique of Peoples, and it is controlled by an all-seeing rodent named Caesar Pony. There are several ethnic groups, constantly making snitty comments at each other, but they are all under the handsome thumb of one leader, the Mighty Caesar Pony (praise be to him.) The Pony’s Republique of Peoples has been floating above the earth since the beginning of recorded time, but thanks to a carefully orchestrated campaign by the Freemasons, they have managed to go unnoticed. . .UNTIL NOW.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a whole planet wasn’t enslaved in a long-weekend. So, lowly ones, that means this whole enslavement thing might take a little while. So, in the meantime, Caesar Pony, and the four greatest commanders of The Pony’s Republique of Peoples will be posting suggestions and useful recipes to make this transition into serfdom as painless as possible.


*** End Communicado ***

Jenny Hapshaw
Official Spokerodent for All Mighty Caesar Pony.

New Fall designs from Valerie Dumaine

Valerie Dumaine, one of our own homegrown Montreal talents has just released her new Fall 06 collection, and we are more than impressed. The beautiful quality, the feminine details and the restrained colour pallette of black, white, red and pale grey is absolutely gorgeous.

Also, we wanted to mention that although we don't always have a full size range of Valeries designs in the store, she is just a short phonecall away and will bring down any size for someone who has fallen in love with something but can't find their size.

And if you see something on her website that you love but can't find in the store, let us know and we'll be happy to hook you up!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Supayana on Daily Candy!

Yay Yana!!!!
Our favourite Russian girl (in Brooklyn, don't worry Ksenia!) Yana Gorbulsky was recently featured on Daily Candy. Her line "Supayana" is available online at, and of course in your friendly neighbourhood store, Headquarters.

Here's what Daily Candy had to say about Supayana:

You’re known for always sporting a particular look of your own brilliant devising. Some days, it’s Preppie Longstocking. Others it’s Ballerina Jolie.

And sometimes it’s simply Damn, I’m Cute.

For those instances, throw on a top by Supayana. Inspiration for the designs comes from all directions: street fashion, runway, ready-to-wear, vintage, and modern trends. The result is wearable pieces that are the perfect marriage of rock-and-roll and kitsch.

The site is updated with new merch weekly, but on our last viewing there was a broad spectrum of looks. Conservative types will thrill to the sweetheart top with flutter sleeves. Sporty sirens will be drawn to the yellow and gray Sunshine tank with a removable bow. And indie rockers will jones for off-the-shoulder numbers in neon pink or electric blue.

The designs stand out by incorporating vintage buttons, lace details, and fabric prints. Plus, only a few of each style are made, so they’re coveted pieces that you won’t see the competition wearing.

Which is a good thing, since one look you’re never going for is the Clone Ranger.

We're so proud of you Yana, keep up the good work! (oh and we sold 2 of your tops on Saturday, and the girl looked great in them ... of course)

Back from the Peg!!

Hey people, I'm back from the Peg, and I brought a lot of goodies for HQ. Two very important words: boots and belts! I found a ton of great stuff, and it's all been put out in the store just waiting for you. I also found some great fall jackets for the guys, a couple pairs of suspenders, super cute purses, great vintage earrings, cozy handknit afghans and a bunch of great shoes.

For your viewing pleasure and fashion inspiration, see the pics above for some snazzy ways to wear your boots this fall!

I've got so much to post on, so keep coming back, there will be a lot of updates this week!


On september 2nd & 3rd, HQ attended the first Osheaga festival here in Montreal. As far as big outdoor music festivals go, I was amazed at how well organized it was. Out of 50 bands there were only two delays (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Wolf Parade) making the multiple sets move along smoothly and semlessly. Here are some blurry pictures...

Mrs. Bodnarchuk..... I mean Kim Gordon. One of the coolest people on the planet. Hands down.

The YPF graced the arts tent. This is from thier 24 hour show.

Live painting by Heavyweight. The Arts Tent also included limited prints by Devo superstar Mark Mothersbaugh.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Worth the wait, but they didnt blow me away as much as I thought they would.

Final Fantasy. Not only was his performance jaw dropping, but his Elf-like good looks hypnotized the crowd.


One half of Furni Creations, Mike Giles was present.

Those that know me know I'm not a tall man. But I'm not short..... Well I'm short but I'm not small..... well I'm small but I'm not tiny...... O.K. I'm tiny but I'm not wee...... yeah, I'm wee.
Any-hoo, the sand that was left over from the Out Games Volleyball event was perfect for creating a mound to stand on so I could see over all you fat heads.

Neil, Michelle and Ksenya dressed up like Aliens or Santa Claus and danced onstage for the entire Flaming Lips set.

Even though the festival was almost perfect, there are always a few morons in the crowd, being a royal pain in the ass. A couple observations:

1. Since the smoking ban took affect here in Montreal, I can understand being excited to smoke while you watch your favorite band. Thats fine. I can handle that. But lighting up a fucking cigar in the middle of a tight crowd?! Now thats just being a douchebag!

2. You might have the best rhythm in the world but bringing a fucking cowbell and tamborine and playing along is just plain stupid and annoying.