Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Getting to know... Dana de Kuyper

We met Dana a couple of years ago, here in Montreal. The first time we saw her Damned Dollies our jaws dropped. Imagine if the Cabbage Patch Kids were grown in the backyard of a nuclear power plant...... inbetween a bomb testing site and a toxic waste dump....under some power lines.....and raised by a mad scientist. Then you may get the basic idea. These 4" dolls are cute, murderous and evil. And thats what makes them so amazing! Buy one for someone you love at Christmas and watch everybody else throw thier presents away in a jealous fit, that they too did not recieve a Damned Dolly. We've seen it happen!!

Dana also puts her creepy girls images on hoodies, t-shirts, panties, and scarves as well as smaller versions of the dolls in brooche form.

Her Damned Dollies have appeared in Bust, Marmalade, British Vogue, Strut, Elle Quebec, enRoute, some Italian magazine, some Swedish magazine and various local papers.

To see more of Danas work check out: www.damneddollies.com

Monday, February 27, 2006

Getting to know...Serigraphie Cinqunquatre

Alice and Jason are the brains behind the great Montreal screenprinting/graphic design/art colab called Serigraphie Cinqunquatre. We first saw their work at the Rusty Plum craft fair, and it was love at first sight. They each have an amazing individual style, but when you combine the two...KABAMM! it's magic!

Not only do they make beautiful screen prints for bands, shows, art, etc., but they're super nice people too!

Check out some more of their stuff or drop them a line at:


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Getting to know... Daniel Hyun Lim

We recently recruited Daniel as another soldier in the HQ Army, ready at will to dominate and anhihilate all who oppose us. We asked Daniel to tell us a little about himself. Here's what he had to say. HEED HIS WORDS!

"Daniel is currently an art fiend at the School of Visual Arts, where he is studying for a Master's Degree in Illustration. Daniel can eat tacos like no other."

Check out more of Daniels work at:

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Getting to know...Kristen N. Brown

Here at Headquarters, we are very happy to have Kristen Brown on the team. She's a 23 year old artist from Ann Arbor, MI who has made her home in Tampa, Florida. Since September 2005, she has been the gallery manager at the Covivant Gallery at 4906 N. Florida Ave. We love the sharp contrast between the wood and the stark illustrations in her work, we can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Kristen will be taking part in our grand opening show, "Getting to know You" in July.

See you all then!



Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting to know...Maddalena Fuller

Maddalena is a wonderful girl who used to live underneath us in our old apartment on Sherbrooke and Papineau, one of the loudest traffic corners in Montreal. She makes beautiful organically inspired pottery, handmade brooches and scarves. Her last pottery exhibit displayed her work in a home-like setting, including all homemade baked goodies....we were dying upstairs smelling all that amazing baking! Whether you want a complete set of her dishes, or just a special mug for your morning coffee, Maddalenas designs will fill any kind of dark void that may be in your life. Not really, but they're damn good at holding food and drink.

Maddalena is just one of the lovely artists/designers who will be selling their wares in HQ, check back often for more artist/designer updates.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Getting to know...Tyson Bodnarchuk

Not only is Tyson one half of the HQ team, he's also a contributing artist to the Headquarters Gallery. Tyson has been drawing and doodling for as long as he can remember. This hobby soon grew into a full time interest, as Tyson began creating large scale pieces with his signature style, influenced by 50`s-60`s sci-fi films and comics, rock and roll and Jim Henson. Using acrylic on many different surfaces, Tyson creates art that begs to be touched, often with a humorous yet macabre edge. These robots, monsters and imaginary characters pop off the background with bright colours and exaggerated features. Wrap this up in a glossy toy-like finish, and you have the embodiment of the artists work. An original native of Winnipeg, MB, Tyson has moved his home base to Montreal, QC, and is feeding off the busy artistic lifestyle that the city seems to breed. The opening of Headquarters Galerie & Boutique is the latest entry on Tysons "To Do" list.

See more of Tysons art at:
www.lautregalerie.com, at #4 St. Paul East, Montreal
www.subv.net, at 5666 Sherbrooke West, Montreal
Contact Tyson at: tealrobot@hotmail.com

Getting to know you...

Our grand opening exhibition, tentatively scheduled for Saturday July 8th, will be a group show titled "Getting to Know You". Over the next few weeks/months we'll be featuring images and bios of many of the artists creating pieces for the show. This is a collection of some of our favourite artists, although their work is varied, we find they are all equally amazing and bring something special to the group. Enjoy!

Aya Kakeda

Aya was born and raised in Tokyo Japan.
She now works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
She likes Cats, seals , and receiving postcards and she has ever changing weekly obsessions, now it's the Thai food cooking and the gentle giant bunny from Germany.
She also elaborates lots of theories about lot of things.
When she doesn't indulge in her obsessions she paints and draws, creating her own whimsical narratives.


Monday, February 13, 2006

And it begins...

Here it is, our very first post!

We'd like to start by telling you a little about how the idea for Headquarters came about. Tyson and Angie moved to Montreal in the fall of 2003 to pursue their careers in fashion and art (Angie doing the fashion, Tyson doing the art). After seeing all the creative talented people in Montreal they realized that there are people like this everywhere, and wouldn’t it be nice to offer all their great stuff to the general public of Montreal, all in one store. In order to cover all of Tyson and Angie’s interests opening a boutique or gallery separately just didn’t seem to hit the spot, so they decided to throw together everything they love into one little store/gallery and hope that other people would love it just as much. The store will carry all varieties of clothing, accessories, art, home-wares, publications, paper goods & independently released/recorded music. The gallery will host monthly/bimonthly exhibitions of all forms of art featuring artists from pretty much everywhere. The glue that will hold this mess of stuff together will be the common goal of bringing newness and uniqueness to a larger group of people. No mass-produced China knock-offs, no laminated Dali posters, no overproduced pop bands, and no big label clothing brands. That’s just what we believe in, DIY.

Our goal is to open in June/July of 2006 with a big bang of a exhibition/party featuring artists from Canada, the US, Germany and the UK, with the list growing every day. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the opening date.

Through this blog we'll keep all you artists and designers updated on the planning aspects of the store or any upcoming meetings. For all you shoppers/art lovers out there we'll be posting images and bios of all the wonderful people we will be working with so you can start saving your pennies to support them.

Stay well, we'll be back soon!

Angie & Tyson