Monday, July 31, 2006

What to Do This Weekend, Part Deux

OK, now on to the other great thing you will be doing this weekend, and I do mean the whole weekend...

It's the launch party weekend, and they've taken on the enormous task of planning a whole weekend of fun stuff to do to celebrate this great event, the Indyish Arts Weekend at The Mile End Cultural Centre (The Main Hall).
Here's a quick rundown:

Weekend events will feature a 24 Hour Music Video Making Contest:
The MVMC 24hr is a twist on the old film-in-a-day. Participants will receive a song from one of three up and coming Montreal bands; the first three bands on Telefauna, Shoot the Moon or Sara Johnston. Video-makers will then have 24hrs to acquaint themselves with the song, and make the visuals for it. The bands will watch them all when they come back in on Sunday, and pick their favorites to screen that night at the party. Winners will get Club Soda guest passes, and future screenings and promotion.

Want to make a music video? Go the to book your spot.

After the Indyish Weekend MVMC participants will have a week to polish their video before the Screening and Wrap party at the Acting Studio of Montreal on Stanley, where we'll get to watch all the music videos played in the order they came in.


The Indyish Weekend also features a 24 Hour Consistent Variable Project: The CVP 24hr is a fibre arts design challenge that begins with 50 identical mystery kits of materials and ends 24hrs later with a photoshoot, vernissage and some wild variety.

Designer and project founder Clayton Evans will launch the CVP 24hr with CVP Workbook author and Indyish co-founder Risa Dickens. Haven't CVP'd before? You can spend the first hour of the project with us checking out the workbook, and getting help, if you want it, from the professional designers behind Re-Gen, Hastings and Main, Pearls Before Swine and complexgeometries (the first designers on Three designs selected by these designers will be proudly displayed at Headquarters Galerie & Boutique in the weeks following the event, hooray for interconnection!

Want to CVP? Go to to book your spot.


The Indyish Weekend also features a MadCap Community Clothing Swap, hosted by Punch Shoe and costume designer, and burlesque star and director: Melissa Cartwright. Bring your bags and boxes of old and gorgeous things, swap them with other generous style mavens, and rest assured: unswapped items will find a good home with the Mile End Mission.


The Indyish Weekend also includes an introductory workshop on 2 Free and Open Source Software Tools For Artists. Open source programmer and workshop leader Jean Marc Dufour will be leading this free bilingual workshop, showing off some of the useful things you can do with Scribus, a desktop publishing program, and Inkscape, a vector graphic drawing program.


Throughout the weekend, the Mile End Cultural Centre will also be home to the insta Indyish Store, with lots of great items from the site for sale.


The evening of August 6th is the Indyish Show, hosted by Darren Curtis from Kidnapper Films, and stand up comedian, Claire Brosseau. The night will feature performances by Shoot the Moon and Sara Johnston, who we'll be welcoming home from recording a new Bran Van 3000 album. The winners from the Music Video Making Contest will be announced and screened and the results from the Indyish Poster Competition and the 24hr Consistent Variable Project will be on display all around the venue.


Daytime events are open to both Indyish artists and guests of all ages and experience levels.

For all info and tickets:
For insider tips and updates:

Also, please feel free to contact the great guys and gals at
By phone: 514-274-1650
General Info:
Artist inquiries:
Website related:
Straight to the top:

What to do this Weekend, Part Un

So, you're probably sitting at work/home, thinking about what to do this weekend, maybe even making some plans.... STOP IT! YOUR PLANS HAVE ALREADY BEEN DETERMINED!!!

Um, sorry. Actually they have though, since this weekend we are hosting our first solo exhibition at HQ Galerie, "Revelations According to Zacharias", paintings by Paul Zacharias.

To give you a quick lowdown on Paul here a few points you may want to remember so you can introduce yourself and have something to talk about:

-Paul is from Winnipeg, in the past has lived in Montreal, but is now back in Winnipeg and working in the film industry doing artsy stuff
-Paul just bought a house in Winnipeg, congratulate him! Maybe even give him a spare padlock for his door...
-Paul has shown in both solo shows and in group exhibitions in many a fair city including: Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto and Minneapolis
-Paul has some very influential Winnipeg friends whom he is very modest in discussing... but the word on the street is that they belong to some kind of lodge/cult
-Pauls show is on saturday August 5th from 6-11pm, beer and wine will be served for a small donation. Music will be provided, as well as free pepper spray.

We hope to see you all down at the gallery on the 5th, stay tuned for Part Deux of "What to do this Weekend!"

Outfits of the Week - July 31, 2006

We're back, the Outfits of the Week, ready to amaze and entertain!!
Sorry for the slight delay, without further adieu, here she comes, Outfit #1:

Red and blue nautical top by Supayana! (Brooklyn), shell and silver necklace by Aria (Montreal), vintage red cotton and bamboo purse, cutoff bermuda shorts by MX Jeans (Montreal)

Striped skirt with unicorn print worn as top from Junkstar (Calgary), felt owl necklace by Kelly Zarb (Australia), vintage scaly belt with enameled buckle, vintage woven round purse, cropped hand-dyed shorts by Complex Geometries (Montreal), & vintage plastic bracelet.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fun Stuff

OK, due to technical difficulties with our computer at home, I won't be able to post the "Outfits of the Week" until Monday, as well as info RE the "Revelations of Zacharias" exhibition this coming Sat. (July 5th) as well as the launch weekend. But don't despair, as an apology I have decided to give up a list of fun activities for the blog addicted. These are some of the sites I like to browse once-in-awhile for inspiration or just for distraction, here we go: - One of my faves, all home decor/design related stuff, Grace (the blogger) seems very nice too - green design, here we come. Super interesting, super inspiring, makes me want to live in a tree house - hunting for cool stuff, 'nuf said - the best in refined taste, chic boutiques in NY
- pick your city, pick your daily candy - a site, and a book. topics range from city/balcony gardens to new home products. Best part: tours of strangers homes, very fun! Also a "pick your city" kind of site. - OK this is the site for Readymade the magazine, but check out the forum, it's really entertaining, if you like to build stuff of course. - OK, I probably shouldn't even mention this one, because they are kind of our competition, but what the hell, we don't really work that way. They are an online boutique selling handmade stuff just like HQ does, so we must support them. Besides, we know you would rather come down to HQ and hang out with Tyson and our fish James.
- Toronto based, the Toronto Fashion Incubator helps support and develop up and coming fashion talent. Also, a good blog by Carolyn Rohaly about the trials and tribulations of starting a fashion business
- See our previous posts, Montreal talent exposed

OK, that's a shortlist, I'm sure there are some I've forgotten. Enjoy these blogs, but don't forget to come back to HQ once in awhile!

The Out Games are Here!

The Out Games have arrived! Starting this Sunday, the games are officially on, and St. Catherines and Amherst streets are already buzzing with activity. Parts of Amherst have been blocked off to traffic, so be careful where you park your car if you're coming down via automobile. There's lots to do and see, some come down and enjoy the neighbourhood!

If you're in the mood for a refreshing break, stop by Gotha Lounge, right beside HQ, sit on their temporary patio (just for the games) and enjoy a delicious mojito, while pondering that shirt you were thinking of buying. They are lovely neighbours and their drinks ain't half bad either!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Getting to know ... Indyish! Indyish! Indyish!

OK, Indyish isn't really one of our suppliers or artists or anything like that, but they are a super cool new web site that has the same end goal as Headquarters (to support indy artists and designers, just in case you haven't been paying attention).

In December 2005, Risa Dickens co-founded with her web developer love, Elran Oded. Alongside several other local Montreal artists (complexgeometries, Worn Fashion Journal, Sara Johnston, Kidnapper Films) they began to give indie artists the opportunity to stand together with their works. The main goal of Indyish is to work for the independent artist while recognizing the strength in local community, neighborhood sites, and real world collaboration. That's why they're Indy-ISH; growing in the space where personal creativity meets organized collectivity. will be officially launched Summer 2006. To celebrate the site launch they're holding an Indyish Arts Weekend at The Mile End Cultural Centre (The Main Hall). (see next blog for more info on this great event!)

So who are they? Who finally combined the techno intelligence of coding and the creativity of indy designers? Are they going to take over the world?! One can only hope.....

I present to you.....The Indyish Founders!:

Risa Dickens is an author / web publisher with a masters degree in Communications from Concordia University. Currently, she is writing on topics related to open source theory, concentrations of knowledge, and the power of networks. Her writing has appeared in many places, including the Canadian Journal of Communication, Worn Fashion Journal
and Open Journal Montreal ( Most recently, Risa published: "The Consistent Variable Project Workbook Version 1.0" using,the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books. She co-founded with her partner Elran Oded to have a place to sell and talk about the brilliant things she and the people in her community were making.

Elran Oded is a web developer, internet consultant, and serial entrepreneur. His professional interests include: linux, security, networks, open source softwares, and web standards. He is founder of TouchBasic Networks, president of PC Cruiser Ent. Inc. and website administrator for sites including:,, , and; Elran helped co-found because he believes that "code is art" and couldn't resist an opportunity to demonstrate this point and in the process, help merge two seemingly different worlds. Elran is a man of the people, a man who wears many hats (but these days he mostly wears the blue one).

To contact the crafty people at Indyish, pick one of the below e-mails:

By phone: 514-274-1650
General Info:
Artist inquiries:
Website related:
Straight to the top:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

End of Summer Sale

Ok, Ok I know, it's hot and humid and hardly feels like the end of summer, but regardless, much of our summer stock is now on sale. We don't have a special separate sale rack, 'cause that's just not how we roll, but I guarantee that there are deals to be had on MX tops, BLUEprint skirts, Valerie Dumaine tops and bottoms, Dumb Chauffer purses, Haiku tops and skirts and many more of the lines we carry.

We're not really big on sales, 'cause we want all our designers to get paid fairly for their work, but sometimes designers just want to see their stuff out there being worn so they will make a special price just for you! Come on down and do a little digging and you might come up with a super deal!

Jewelry fit for a queen!

Just a quick update on the status of accessories in the store, an issue that I'm sure is close to the hearts of many:

-We just received the necklaces and earrings from Miss Misa, they are as lovely in person as in the photos!

-We've finally put out the little stockpile of vintage jewelry I've been hoarding away in a drawer since last fall. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets from $5-$25, how could you resist!?

-New stock from Charcoal Designs will be arriving any day now, see the photos above for some of the new designs we will be receiving, along with some of our faves like the charm fun pack!

-More vintage purses and belts have been added to our stock, some real goodies!

-And last but not least, the shoes are back from the cobbler, all mended and perfect and out on the floor. Like I mentioned before, lots of larger sizes, and a few fabulous smaller ones for the lucky few with tiny feet.

Getting to Know You, coming to an end

Well, it's been almost a whole month since our grand opening party and Getting to Know You group exhibition. This weekend will be the last weekend we are showing these pieces, then they will be taken down and shipped off to their home cities. If you haven't had a chance to come down and check out the art yet this weekend is your last chance, and if you were humming and hawing about buying a piece better decide soon 'cause it's gonna be gone in a week!

Next up: Solo show by Paul Zacharias, "Revelations According to Zacharias"
More info coming soon!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Just a quick update:

You asked for them, again and again, sometimes while throwing a size 6 pump across the room, more vintage shoes in larger sizes! We've got some great new styles in sizes from 7-10, and also of course a couple of smaller sizes as well. There's a black pair of sling backs with white polka dots with bows on the back of the sling back strap that would be in my own closet right now if they weren't too big. A few of them are getting re-heeled at the moment so they're in great shape for you guys, but check in at HQ over the next couple of days as we put them out.

Also on their way: New stock from Charcoal Designs, the wonderful people who make great vintage inspired cameo brooches, chunky lucite brooches, and of course the ever popular charm fun packs! We also ordered some great necklaces this time, so keep your eyes open for them!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Outfits of the Week - July 21, 2006

Today is a very special day, one of the outfits of the week was dressed by Tyson!! Yay Tyson!

Perhaps a little something to wear during the week?
Brown vintage mesh top by Angel Perez (Winnipeg), wood bead necklace by Aria (Montreal), beige vintage belt, pink asymmetrically pleated skirt with tonal bird print by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal)

And now, for the weekend (by Tyson)
Red vintage dress with Unicorn print (which happens to come with the vintage gold belt) by Junkstar (Calgary), vintage anchor/leather necklace (we also have one in navy), felt fruit tote by Handmade Pin Pals (Montreal). The pear is frowning but the rest of the fruit is happy, what's wrong with the pear!?

Getting to know ... Lehleh

Holy shit, Miss Misa has a sister, and she is also a talented jewelry designer, they must have super proud parents!
Misa's little sister Elena (who goes by the nickname lehleh) does some stunning jewelry we will happily be carrying this fall.
I love how her designs could truly be mistaken for vintage pieces, so unique and thoughtful.

She's a mysterious gal, we don't know much about her, but what beautiful things she makes!

See more of Elena's work on Miss Misa's site, as well as designs from Rachael of Hannah Zakari and Giant Jewels, two other designers whose work you will find at HQ:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting to know ... Kick It Fashions

OK, so I'm writing the previous post, and I realize that I have not yet blogged Kick It Fashions, who we have been dealing with since the VERY BEGINNING, and who is one of our best selling lines. I'm a big jerk, seriously.

Kick It is designed and made by Jac, a boy originally from New Orleans, but who now lives in New York. I first found out about his line when I bought one of his t's at Peuce POP (a fun craft/art fair thingy, check it out) during POP Montreal last summer, and I totally still love it. It's a "mens" shirt, but that's why I like it, so simple yet such a perfect non girly fit. Oh and it has brass knuckles amongst other things printed on it. Soooo me. Right.

Anyways, all of Jac's designs are unisex, which I think is really great. I love it when people come in the store and they're all like "what size is this, I don't understand" so I tell them the tops are unisex and that they should just try one on to see what fit they like. They are totally confused because no one is telling them "this is a ladies/mens small, this is how it should fit", so they start experimenting a bit more. Completely fun to watch.

Jac's graphics are great and the shirts are soft and a little longer, so if you like them long you can leave them, or if you want them shorter you can just cut them off a bit and that looks great too.

Congrats to Furni, Supayana & Rebecca Turbow!!

We are soooo proud of you guys!

Check out the most recent issue of Readymade (there's a DIY outdoor bar on the cover) to get a how-to lesson for the sporty tennis racket cover purse by Mike Giles of Furni and his lovely lady Judy Lawrence! Being one half of the Furni team Mike is more used to working with wood and glue and saws, but something tells me that Judy has brought out his crafty side. Power couple!

Also, take a look-see at the most recent issue of BUST magazine (with Tara Subkoff, designer of Imitation of Christ on the cover) for a wonderful feature on none other than the amazing Supayana! Lovely and talented and very hardworking too, way to go Yana!!

And last but not least, right beside Yana in BUST is Safe by Rebecca Turbow. This line has just been brought to our attention by Jac from Kick It Fashions (to be featured shortly on the blog, but if you've been in the store, you've seen his freakin' fabulous t's).
Way to go Rebecca!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting to know ... Hannah Zakari

There's a package of new stuff on the way from one of our new suppliers, Rachael Lamb, whose line of jewellery and accessories is called Hannah Zakari. What?! Why confuse us all with 2 different names, why not name your line "Rachael Lamb", it's a very cute name. There is a legitimate reason, and here it is. Rachael tells me that the name "Hannah Zakari" was chosen after a trip to Japan during cherry blossom season, and "hanazakari" means blossom in Japanese. Well then, I gues we can accept that explanation and get on with it.

Not only is "Hannah Zakari" Rachaels line of jewelry/accessories, it is also the name of her website which, much like HQ, sells the wares of independent artists/designers. Rachael is based in Scotland and we think it's super nice to get a little likeminded freshness from the other side of the pond! Rachael is a strong believer that things are more interesting and fun when not mass produced, and thinks that a little variety in the production process is a good thing. So while the best of us like to grab a little something from Urban Outfitters or H & M once in awhile, we still need that extra special oomph that lines like Hannah Zakari can bring to our wardrobe.

So why have THIS conversation:

"oh wow, where did you get that totally awesome vintage necklace?"
"Um, Urban... but it was on sale"

When you could have THIS one:

"oh wow, where did you get that totally awesome vintage necklace?"
"Oh, it's actually not vintage, it's from this designer from the UK who uses vintage beads in her line, I got it at Headquarters"
"oh, maybe I'll go down and get one this weekend"
"Um, actually it's one of a kind, sorry"

ah ha, thought so!

Hello Hello Catherine Hunt!!

OK, usually I don't use this post for personal stuff (um, the store is considered "business stuff", even though we own it, those are the rules OK!)

BUT... I just got a Mr. Rogers magnetic postcard addressed to Headquarters from a long lost friend from university, Miss Catherine Hunt!!

AND... no return address, no contact info! So, I'm using this blog as a forum to tell her:

"for Gods sake woman give me a call or send me an e-mail, you can totally sleep on our couch!"

Cat has just recently graduated from the masters program at the University of Iowa, studying clothing restoration, historical aspects of clothing and all that. Hopefully she'll come visit us in Montreal, hopefully she'll see this message, hopefully we can sit around and obsess over buttons and ribbons again some day.

so, as revenge for sending me a postcard with no return address, I'm going to post this picture of her that I found on the internet, doing her little restoration thing on an old wedding quilt. So there!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vintage Chloe at HQ?!!!???!!!!

After a very successful vintage harvest last weekend HQ is proud to present a fresh crop of vintage shoes, purses and homewares, including a pair of VINTAGE CHLOE WEDGE HEEL NAUTICAL COLOURED SANDALS!!!

Have 7 words ever gone together more perfectly?

Here's the kicker (no pun intended), they are a size 8-8 1/2!!!

A totally wearable size, these shoes will probably not be around for long, so come see them for yourself (and it also wouldn't hurt to see some of the other beautiful sandals we found)


Also, much of our Spring/Summer stock is now on sale, so maybe that perfect little top you were saving up for is now a little cheaper..... a little tempting, no?