Tuesday, August 29, 2006


There may be a little less blogging than usual until Sept. 9th, I'm heading back home to Winnipeg for my cousins wedding and Starbuck (my true hometown) for a little family visit, and of course I will make time for a little vintage shopping for HQ. So I promise to bring back lots of goodies, and will maybe even be able to fit in some special "Winnipeg" posts while I'm there.

In the meantime, watch out for posts from Tyson for our upcoming solo show "Aquanauts" by Mark Unterberger on September 9th!

P.S. that's not me in the pic, I just found it online, but that's really what the Manitoba prairies look like...

Monday, August 28, 2006

New from Roadkill!!

Who says guys don't have a lot of junk to carry around! Guys could totally use purses if it didn't make them feel so girly, so here's a nice option from Elaine from Roadkill. 100% manly denim messenger bags with leather antlers and black seatbelt style straps. Super functional, super strong, and super manly. Everything a good bag should be...

These bags are a custom design for HQ, only 2 are available in our humble little store at this point in time, so come on down and be the first guy in town to tote your graphic novels around in style!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Jumping for Joey!

The MX Jeans slim "Joey" jean in a Rinse wash will be dropped off at the store tonight! This wash is a HQ exclusive, we have 12 pairs total from size 29-34, so come by and try them out for yourself. And if the Rinse wash is a little too dark for you don't get your briefs in a bunch, we'll be getting the "Muddy River" wash in on Monday in the same slim fit.

Outfits of the Week - August 25, 2006

For crying out loud, it's starting to get a little brisk.... but I'm holding out as long as possible! Here are some end of summer looks, plus a few little ideas on what could be added to the outfits to fight against evening chills on the terrasse.

Throw on a pair of slouchy flat boots to hold back the September chill, keep those tootsies warm!
Ruched polo by Perplex & Lola (Montreal), vintage fabric and leather bag by Dumb Chauffeur (Winnipeg), crystal chandalier pendant by Beloved by Sophie (England), navy box-pleated shorts by Haiiku (Montreal).

After dinner tie on a cotton scarf in an earth-tone or grey to cut the sunshine factor on this bright outfit.

Vintage dress (that's right, it's a dress) with unicorn print by Junkstar (Calgary), vintage grey leather purse with handpainted creature by F.S.U. (Montreal), vintage yellow elastic belt, sterling silver necklace with Swarovski crystal charms and russian nesting doll charm by Hannah Zakari (Scotland).

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A big congrats to Lisa DeJohn!

A big huge congrats and high five to Lisa DeJohn, who has just announced on her web site that IKEA has just produced her first fine art print! You can now purchase a poster of her Blue Flower painting at IKEA stores worldwide (see image above).

Lisa was one of the wonderful out of town artists who participated in our grand opening show "Getting to Know You", and she even came to Montreal to enjoy our great city and hang out at the show. Good for you Lisa, educating the masses on great new artists!!


Tighten your belt.... in the fun way, not the money way

Since I was about 17 years old belts have been a favorite accessory of mine. When I first started looking for belts to wear, the big problem was finding vintage belts that were large enough to sit on the hips. Everyone was still wearing normal sized belts... what a hassle. Then the retailers started catching on, and it was heaven on earth for everyone for awhile.

But NOW I'm kicking myself for not buying all those too tiny belts, 'cause all I want to do is wear belts right on my waist, cinching in all kinds of things from blazers to sweaters to oversized dress shirts to t-shirts... I could go on.

At HQ we understand that our customers have equally personal takes on where to wear their belts, so we have all kinds of belts that can fit everywhere from just under the bust, to low on the hips. We even have a few guys belts. For fall we have a beautiful selection of vintage leather belts with great worn in patinas and metal buckles (none of that new cheap metal either, these are like solid, heavy metal buckles)

Check out the pics above for some belt inspiration, and come down to check out our fast changing selection, we've got some beauties!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Outfits of the Week - August 18, 2006

These outfits are made up of hidden gems that have been in the store since the beginning, but since they've been on the mannequin many a customer has asked "are those new?" Not new, but still fab, here they are:

Outfit 1:
Double layer tube top with leather detail by Roadkill (Montreal), puffy purse by NaMoDa (toronto), anchor necklace with vintage chain by BLUEprint (Montreal) and cropped skinny jeans with side zips by MX (Montreal)

Outfit 2:
Reworked blouse halter top by Sorry You're Happy (Toronto), Necklace with crystal and black sparrow by Glittery Vitamins (Montreal), vintage sequined belt, black capris by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), purse by Roadkill (Montreal).

Come on boots... start walking!

The time for salty slushy snow is a ways off, but it's never too early to start scoping out that perfect pair of winter boots to slide your new jeans into. We've been hard at work secretly hoarding winter boots since April and now we're ready to put them out there for the ladies to enjoy. We have a few basic black ones out right now in sizes 5, 6 & 7 with about 5 more pairs in larger sizes and different colours going out this weekend, and the MOTHER LOAD coming in mid September.

Seriously people, don't wait on these ones... I have never seen anything like the wrath of a shopper who has returned to find that HER pair of vintage shoes has been bought by someone else!!! Don't be that angry girl, be a happy girl ... with nice boots...or at the very least a brooding vixen like Nancy.

Now if only I could find the burgundy pair Nancy is wearing on the record sleeve ... life would be complete...perseverence Angie, perseverence.

Crochet Animals from Crowded Teeth!

Back in stock, the red and blue crocheted dogs, green bird and Teru Teru Bozu necklaces from Crowded Teeth in LA. We just got the order in, and they're already flying out the door so stop by and have a little chat with Tyson and pick out your new little buddy!

New fall stock is coming in everyday, so we had to buy a rolling rack for all the summery stock. Check out this "last chance" rack for one of a kind pieces and pray that girl down the street with the perfect hair doesn't get there before you do! You deserve that drapey chiffon top, not her!! This stock will be gone in about 2 weeks, just a little reminder. Once it's gone it is soooo gone, we need to make space for fall stuff!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Getting to know ... Beloved by Sophie

Fresh from London, England a new line of jewelry called "Beloved by Sophie". When we say we carry stuff from independent designers from around the world we really aren't joking!

Most styles in the Beloved by Sophie collection are limited edition or one-of-a-kind, combining vintage and new components into exquisite contemporary designs. This creates the vintage style with a chic modern twist. Some of the necklaces we have just received in the store feature glass pendants last used as chandalier crystals combined with vintage brooches and glass beads.

These pieces are real showstoppers, with a little bit of glitz that are a great contrast to falls muted textures and palette. Match one of the crystal pendants with some dark denim and a t-shirt to mix things up a bit, or go the sweet route with a reworked 80's blouse and high waisted skirt. So versatile yet so unique, this is the kind of stuff a modern girl needs!


Monday, August 14, 2006

Raising the bar

For fall I am really loving sky-high waist on skirts, pants, shorts, jumpsuits.... anything really. As we speak I'm wearing a pair of high waisted denim culottes, on which the waist is soooo high it buttons up above the fly with 3 buttons and has seaming as though the top is a corset. I know I know, some of you out there are going "WTF is she thinking? That sounds horrible!", but perhaps just a few are going "that sounds interesting, I'm tired of showing my ass crack!"

I think that to truly rock this look you have to really be into it and BELIEVE you look like a hot little toddie. Confidence ladies, the people can smell your fear! So if you love it, go for it, and if you're not sure then just enjoy it vicariously through others!

Be inspired by these lovely examples and try something new this fall, why not have a little fun with fashion?!

HQ has some beautiful high waisted designs from Angel Perez & BLUEprint, with more to come this fall!

Friday, August 11, 2006

5 a 7, from 6 to 8, Tuesday August 15th

We will be having a little celebration party for the winners of the Indyish Launch Weekend Consistent Variable Project (see post below) this coming Tuesday (August 15th) in the gallery at HQ. There will be chatting, drinking and shopping involved, along with the possibility of mojitos next door. Stop by and say hi to the designers, and maybe even ask them about their design (ie. did you sleep at all? How did you fit your body through a leg hole of a pair of underwear?)

On a shopping note, we have new jewelry designs in from BLUEprint, Hannah Zakari (from the UK) and Mindan Gunther Moore (from Vancouver), as well as the new girls skinny "Penelope" jeans in denim with leather details from MX. Much of our spring/summer stock will soon be sent back to the towns and cities from which they came, so if you're humming and hawing over picking up that perfect little skirt, top or T, better not wait too long 'cause they are going to be GONE within the next 2 weeks!

Indyish Update: The Consistant Variable Project

Well, the Indyish launch weekend went off without a hitch, fun was had by all, and many deadlines were met!

The 24 Hour Consistent Variable Project challenged local designers or designers in training to make a design of some kind using only the items in a kit they provided, along with ONE other item of their choosing. Here are the main rules they were given, as well as a list of what was in the kit:

Rules for the 24 Hour Consistent Variable Project
1.You have received this kit Saturday, and must bring it back in Sunday Aug. 6th around 12pm.
2.Everything you are given in the kit must be represented in the final project, but you don’t have to use all of everything.
3.You can add one thing to the kit. If you decide to use sewing thread (or glue, or dye), then that’s your one thing. You can only add one new variable to the kit.
4.You cannot use the bag the kit came in, or the twist tie, or the sticker on it. We need this returned with the project.

The CVP 24hr Kit Included…
1.1 White tshirt
2.1 pair, white, men’s underwear (new)
3.1 twist of embroidery thread
4.4 small hair elastics
5.1 indyish button
6.1 strip of denim
7.1 strip of denim that’s shiny on the inside
8.3 drinking straws
9.5 feet of mechanics wire

So by the end of the weekend, 3 top picks were chosen by a panel of judges, and one Worn Fashion Journal pick was chosen by editor/journal creator Serah-Marie. Here they are, in no particular order:

Ariana Zoe - When she put it on, this tilting simplicity suddenly looked lovely and she looked at Risa seriously and explained that when you do the cvp you're kind of safe, or covered, because other people are working ont he same challenge as well, but you're also exposed, in other way, because your ideas and skills are put in such immediate comparison.

Celine Vautour
- The only one there was complete consensus on. Designers were allowed to add one item to their kit. Most added sewing thread, but Celine added tumeric powder to die the tshirt and underwear that awesome yellow. Which means the rest of the sewing work on this piece was done by hand with the embroidery thread included in the kit. A completely mind blowing labour of love to undertake in one night made Celine the clear winner.

Brianna, Megan and Sheryl Lydon - Unfortunately this family crew (2 teenagers and a mom - ok, Risa's sisters and her mom) picked up their kit quite late, and returned it the second day after the photographers had gone (thus the less professional pic, sorry!). They used the wire they were given to make their own coat hanger and bracelet, and the straps of the dress are original.

The Worn Journal pick, Dayna Gedney- perhaps the most complete and professional piece, designed by Dayna Gedney who also designed the show poster with the two headed rooster. She drew a sailboat with a sewing machine in white on the front, and then drew the same thing again with embroidery thread by hand in the back. She worked the wire into a corset she made for the back of this tailored sailor tshirt out of the denim. fully awesome and impressive, and done in under 24hrs- in fact, she was the first back in to drop her piece off!

So that's that. All 4 pieces are currently being showcased at Headquarters until the end of August, so if you didn't get a chance to get down to the Indyish Launch weekend, stop by HQ and see them up close.


Outfits of the Week - August 11, '06

Thank god the heat has subsided for a little while at least! Back to the important task of choosing outfits based on mood rather than strictly temperature!

Navy ribbed tank with octopus print by Crowded Teeth (Los Angeles), grey overall dress by Angel Perez (Winnipeg), wood bead necklace by Aria (Montreal), vintage leather patchwork shoulder bag

Yellow long tube top with hand-knit hem and screen print by Sorry You're Happy (Toronto), army guy with tassles necklace by Glittery Vitamins (Montreal), oversized tote bag by Moly Kulte (Montreal), white polka dot jersey skirt by Roadkill (Montreal), gold and powder blue resin vintage bracelet.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mens slim fit, update!

This just in!

I somehow convinced my boss today to make some special edition jeans just for the store! Yay Tony! So we will be getting mens slim fit jeans in not only the "Muddy River" wash, but also a nice dark Rinse wash, exclusive to HQ! The base fabric for both washes is a beautifual Italian denim we've been working with for awhile now, and I can tell you from wearing the fabric myself, it just gets better and better with age. Only 14 pairs of this jean in the Rinse wash will be available, so in a few weeks when they hit the shelves don't procrastinate or there won't be any left!


Circus at SubV for Under Pressure

SUBV presents an upcoming group show, CIRCUS! This theme show is going down on Friday the 11th (that's this Friday for those without calendars) from 7pm-11pm as part of the Under Pressure festivities. This is a big one folks, with a WHOLE LOT of great art, don't miss it!

SUBV vous présente une expo intitulée CIRCUS. Le vernissage se tiendra ce vendredi 11 août de 19h à 23h dans le cadre des festivités du Under Pressure.
Voici la liste des artistes participants;

Peru, Bez, Vesk,
Rage, Mattel, Dixon, Dstrbo,
Stencyl, Alvaro Perez del Solar, Fathom, Cyens,
Rupert Bottenberg, Gib, Brucer,
Sbüone, Fred Casia, Ashes,
Mister E. Bond, A. Jacks, Labrona,
Dark, Asek, Teaser, Peter Ricq
MTAF, Syps, Tyson Bodnarchuk
Gawd, Eric Braün,
Drefus Puckridge, Some,
Jesus Bejar, Other, Julia K, Hoek,
Dask, Jimmy Suzan, Kain, Tonto,
Phresha, Schädes, Eville, Snyper,
Bask, Morons, Florent Veilleux

et vraiment beaucoup beaucoup plus!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Going, going .... GONE!

Just wanted to put up a quick post to let everyone know that the vintage Chloe wedge heel sandals have sold, to our lovely friend Emily Birnbaum! Do those shoes proud!

But not to fear, we've still got a huge selection of vintage sandals and pumps.
Prices range from $15-$35, sizes range from 5 - 10 so there's a bit of something for everyone!

Getting to know ... Safe by Rebecca Turbow

You may remember a little while back we did a little "Congrats!" post for some of our designers who were featured in BUST and Readymade. One of those designers was not yet being shown at HQ, but oh how things have changed since then! We are proud to be the first store in Montreal to showcase the clean and simple designs of Safe by Rebecca Turbow. (a big thanks to Jac from Kickit Fashion for giving us the heads up on this girl, good on you!)

Rebecca is based in New York, just a stones throw from our fair city of Montreal. Safe Clothing was born out of Turbow’s idea to create durable and elegant handcrafted clothing that centered on the concept of safety and protections. Safe Clothes originated while she was studying fashion and textile design at the Massachusetts College of Art.

“From the very beginning, I made clothing for myself that came out of a desire to create something that made me feel emotionally and physically secure”

And now, the moral of the story for all you aspiring/new designers WEAR YOUR DESIGNS!!! It is the best form of advertising! After moving to NY Rebecca quickly shared her creations with the city by wearing her own turquoise and white designs here there and everywhere. Who says you need models, PR people, marketing, just get out there and wear the bejeezuz out of those clothes!! As you can imagine, a girl that wears teal and white super mod clothes every time that you see her is going to start garnering a little attention, and next thing she knew, the attention she was getting turned into feature stories and profiles in local and national publications such as the New York Times, the Village Voice, Fashion Week Daily, Jane, The Fader and Venus.

Rebeccas future plans are to expand Safe into the realms of costume, furniture and home design .... and of course sell in HQ, although for some reason I don't think that will be QUITE the pinnacle of her career!

Come down to HQ to check out some of Rebecca's sleek summer pieces, with fresh new work coming in for Fall in a few months!