Thursday, June 28, 2007

More By the Beard of Zeus

Since the last grouping sold out so fast, we've restocked with some new and old items from one of our stateside favorites, "By The Beard of Zeus".

Also be sure to check out BTBOZ designer Kani's updated website, she's started selling wares from other indie designers as well.

These pieces are very affordably priced at around $25-$30 a pop, a priority for Kani when she started BTBOZ. She wants these designs to get out there in the world and be loved by all, even poor students & artists!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beat the Heat with Fashion!!!

How to make it to work in the heat and then deal with workplace AC? Well, as often is the case, layering is your best friend. But what if you're bored with the "cardigan over sundress" combo? What if you want to be a little less "mall" and a little more "boutique".

My vote goes for layering the sundress over a heather grey T like the girl above does. Love it. Whip that sucker off when you leave the air conditioned indoors and have a less-sticky ride home.

Image from

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yes! We've just received our latest shipment from Threadless this morning! I always get excited about these orders because there are always 5 or 6 shirts just for me in the box!!! Here are some pics I lifted from the Threadless site of some of the shirts we got......

"Beat It"

"B Movie Nightmare"

"There, they're, their"

"I love color"

"Diabolical Hot Dog"


"It's good to know someone's watching my back"

"Many many monsters"

"Lil' soap"

"Nothing rhymes with orange"

There are more designs but I'm too lazy to post all of them. You'll just have to drag your ass off of the chair you're sitting in and come by HQ. C'mon, like you have anything better to do. What else did you have in store for today? Oh, I'm sorry, that's right, you have to manage your "Facebook" profile...

New stuff from Furni

The wait is finally over. We received Furni's new 2007 line and it's amazing!

Alba desk alarm clock comes in dark or light beech wood. $88.00

"Templeton mini" wall mounted magazine rack. Comes in light or dark beech with white acrylic. $88.00

"Barbee mini" wall mounted record shelves come in light and dark beech. Pack of three for $54.00

"Gator SE" desk alarm clock comes in light or dark beech wood $128.00 or Mahogany wood $168.00

The Furni/Headquarters colab masterpiece! "Wolfie" comes in black and limited edition white. $28.00

"Alba" analog wall clock acrylic with 70's style fake walnut laminate. Comes in four styles:
"time is on our side"
"no time like the present"
"time keeps on ticking"
"one piece at a time"
$64.00 each

One of the coolest things about the new collection is that with each piece you buy, you get a code. Go to the Furni website and enter the code to see pictures of the piece you bought being made. Wow factor: 1 Zillion!!!

A furni staple, the "Miller" bamboo cutting board with two stainless steel bowls. $28.00

Time to see if you're as good as you tell all your friends back home! Furni is having a design competition.

Go to this link:

And get your own digital guts kit to make your own clock. Submit a picture of your work to Furni before the September 1st deadline and you have a chance of your design being included in the next Furni collection.

We're also having a Furni blowout here at HQ. We have a limited number of pieces from the last collection that are selling at 25% off. That means all the toiletries are $15.00 each, Templeton floor magazine racks $45.00, "Mullen" digital wall clock $45.00, "Allen" analog wall clock $28.50. "Magnusson" analog wall clock $33.00. We have very little left, so here's your last chance!

Upcoming HQ Holidays

I wish I was here, but the park will have to do for now...

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are going to be closed next Monday for Canada Day....and we were also closed yesterday for St. Jean Baptiste. Yeah I know, a lot of good it does to tell you today. Sorry, we messed up on that one!!

We're having a great summer so far, and we hope you're doing the same!

Tyson & Angie

P.S. Angie has been busy sewing up a storm, cute easy, cool to wear summer dresses and tops, and even some jumpers thrown in there for good luck. We'll be taking some pics tonight and posting them this week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New stock from Charcoal Designs

Here we go again, some new stock just arrived from Charcoal Designs!

This super cute and affordable line is a favorite, so if you're truly pining for a piece, pop down this weekend and pick it up before it scoots out of the store on some other girl!

We've got some brand new designs, as well as a few of the favorites from before, but all are gorgeous and bright and fun for summer.

Monday, June 18, 2007

How to Make me Happy

It makes me very happy when I see people put this much care and love into their wonderful quasi-rockabilly/40's look. Too bad I enjoy sleeping in so much and can't commit to one particular style therefore could never keep this look together for any extended period of time... but I love it so!

Let's just enjoy these pics and live vicariously through these lovely ladies. Or if you can spare the time, go for it with full force, then come to HQ and I'll give you a hug, because you will have just made my day.

All pics from:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Outfits of the Week, June 16/07

The heat is oh-on, the heat is oh-on....

You're welcome, I'm glad you'll have that in your head all day! Here are some outfits to wear in this glorious summer weather:

Green floral tank with yellow buttons (and pockets!) by Soi Disant (Montreal), blue vintage raffia/elastic belt, crystal necklace by Beloved by Sophie (UK), navy/white engineer stripe shorts with anchor buttons by MX Jeans (Montreal), vintage colourblocked open toe pumps.

Turquoise/black/white chain print mini dress by Supayana (Montreal), chunky beads vintage necklace, vintage chanel"ISH" purse with chain strap, vintage white shoes with gold buckle.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Indyish Assembly 2.0

The creative cuties down at Indyish would love for you and your friends to join them this Friday and Saturday at Club Lambi for the performance of the plays and animations that were made in the Indyish Assembly 2.0 International Collaborative Art Relay.

Come see TJ Dawe perform his new original piece, then see local and international artists present their take on it!

For those of you wondering "what the heck is an Assembly 2.0?" here's a little background info:

On May 1st, writers around the world created scripts based on a never-before-seen TJ Dawe piece. Scripts were passed in a relay with close to 100 illustrators, animators, actors and musicians. Artists changed the pieces as much as they wanted while working under a time limit. Hijinks ensued, and the result was magic!

Pieces will be performed over two nights. TJ Dawe will perform both nights.

THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (two different lineups) June 15-16 at Club Lambi.
Doors at 8 (show at 9). Pay what you can.

Learn more about the Indyish Assembly at

Nice poster eh?

Do this Tomorrow!

Here's a fun show to check out tomorrow night. Tyson and I won't be able to attend due to a friends b-day, but if you're looking for something to do I highly suggest it, our friend Krista Bursey of "More Than a Friend" is participating, and it sounds like a great concept put together by a great group of ladies.

Hello guys, a show put on strictly by ladies? What the heck more do you want out of summer? A room packed full of smart, stylish, talented ladies who make great art, what are you waiting for?

It's at My Hero Gallery, this Saturday, all the info you will need is on the witty packaging above.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

William Shatner, I heart you!

I have many fond memories of my early years in life staying at home with my mom. Previously a secretary at the University of Winnipeg in the 70's, once I came around in 1980, she decided that working in an office was not her cup of tea (actually I think she said it really sucked) and she decided to stay home and take care of yours truly until I was off to kindergarten.

I would help her do some baking, fold laundry, make some drawings, work out with her to aerobics on TV for one hour (it was the 80's, apparently even kids did aerobics) and of course, in the late afternoon watch Star Trek. My mom LOVED Star Trek, therefore so did I. But really, what kid wouldn't love the original Star Trek? And what would the original Star Trek be without Shatner?

In a moving homage to WS himself, a group of artists have put together a show appropriately titled "The Shatner Show". It's an exhibition and book of illustrations inspired by the life and career of William Shatner. The show is running from June 16 - August 31, 2007 at the UPPERCASE gallery in Calgary.

Our good friends at Pony of Prey are taking part in this show, God only knows what they came up with based on this fact, I think the term "theme" is a loose definition for these two scallywags, but they will no doubt have made something worth checking out.

Renegade Craft Fair - Brooklyn

For all those of you living in Brooklyn/NY, or just visiting for the weekend, you may want to check out the Renegade Craft Fair. This is one of the best indie craft fairs out there, so if you're into HQ, you'll probably enjoy this fair immensely, and you we probably even see some wares from a few people we work with at HQ!

Check out the website (linked above) for all the important details.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A News Bulletin from your friends at Ladyfest Ottawa!

It's that time of year again, time to start preparing for all those craft shows that either need to a)attended or b)prepared for! Here's what the organizers want you to know:

The Fall Craft Sale (as part of the LadyFest Ottawa extravaganza) is scheduled for SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd at the Jack Purcell Community Centre. The infamous Ladyfest workshops will also be happening in adjacent rooms, so that should guarantee a lot of
cross-pollination – not to mention the crazy crowds the craft sale attracts on its own!

As always, the craft sale will be from 10:00-5:00 p.m., with crafters setting up at 9:00 a.m. and tearing down from 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Also, we will be providing tables for everyone, so no need to bring your
own. Tables are 25$ each.

Due to an overwhelming number of applications at previous craft sales, all applicants will be juried. Please send an e-mail to:
ladyfest_ottawa_crafts (at)
with the following to have your application considered:

- Your name and contact information (e-mail & phone number)
- A brief description of yourself and your crafts
- Approx. price-point of your crafts
- Photos of your work

As well, let us know if you would be willing to be contacted by the media or have pictures of your crafts included in any press about the craft sale.

PLEASE NOTE: You must receive a confirmation e-mail from us to confirm that you will be participating in the craft sale. Confirmation e-mails should be received by Sept. 1st.

Please don't hesitate to write us with any questions or concerns you might have about the craft sale.

And of course apply quickly! Spaces are limited, and the deadline for all applications is FRIDAY, AUGUST 24th.


The Ladyfest Ottawa Craftsale Committee

Friday, June 08, 2007


Everyone has a certain record that reminds them of a particular Summer or vacation, right? Well, the new record by Boats should be your soundtrack for this years beach/camping/garage sale-ing trip or sordid Summer romance.

The current all star line up includes members of Transistor Sound & Light Co., Half Court Prayer, The Western States and The Details. (BTW, If you can find a copy of Transistor S&L Co.'s record pick it up as well, you won't be disappointed).

My friend Britt was in town the other day and he brought me a copy of this ass kicker! I haven't been able to take this thing out of my CD player and I've been waking up with their song 500% in my dome every morning! Do you know what a piss off that is to wake up with this song in your head every singe morning? I guess it could be worse and be a song by a band I hate, like, Nickleback or some bullshit like that. Have you ever listened to the lyrics to a Nickleback song before? Oh, my Christ it's bad. Any-hoo, I'm getting off topic. Back to the new Boats record..... uh....It's a super fun record and if you don't get yourself a copy you're a stupid moron.

Fave tracks:
March of the sandbaggers

*Album art by teen heartthrob Eddie Ayoub

Indyish at the Montreal Fringe Festival

If you're looking for summer fun this weekend and next week, look no further, the Fringe Fest is here. Our friends at Indyish have taken the plunge deep into Fringe Festival territory, helping to organize many of the fun extra events surrounding this theatrical extravaganza. There's tons of info on their site so stop by to find out the details.