Friday, July 31, 2009

Blood Brothers

If you can't make it out to Osheaga this weekend, there is still a motherload of things to do in the city... (duh).

I have a new painting in the "Blood Brothers" group exhibit which opens this Sunday, August 2nd at Inspecteur Epingle (4051 rue Sainte Hubert)

Participating artists include:
123 Klan
Jonathan Bergeron
Safwan (imago tattoo)
Arno (imago tattoo)
Nat (imago tattoo)
Seve (imago tattoo)
Tyson Bodnarchuk
Fred Caron
William HB
Dave Knight (PSC Tattoo)
Dave Cummings (PSC Tattoo)

Hope to see you all this weekend!

Osheaga 2009

Hope to see all of you at Osheaga this year. The YPF and En Masse Collectives will be showcasing some new artworks this year. Keep your eyes peeled for the YPF. Pyramid and Giant Head installation and for some live drawing by En Masse.

You can check out some songs from this years line up here:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Leather Cage Debut

So for those of you who remember my post from a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Marc Simard (of Broundoor) and I were working on a LEATHER version of my cage skirt! Well, the first one has been created, sent and worn, by the illustrious blogger (and lovely overall lady) Susie Bubble! And what was Susies first thought when receiving the package? "I'm bringing this to the beach with me!" Check out her post and lovely pics HERE!

Now I've never been to the beach in Britain, but Susies pics make me imagine it's altogether a different thing from going to the beach here in North America...I mean, where are the over-baked wrinkled beach bodies? Or perhaps Susie's just doing her usual thing, setting the style bar WAY up there wherever she goes.... Either way, her man Steve did an amazing job taking these pics of her, the colours are just making my eyes do happy flip flops!

Those eagle eyed readers out there may also notice the leather cage BELT adorning Susies waist, this is another goodie ant Marc and I recently came up with, which we'll be offering through my Etsy shop as well! For those wondering WHEN they can get a leather cage skirt or belt for themselves, Marc and I are planning on launching them in my Etsy shop THIS WEEK! Stay tuned!


Wine on Sundays, beers on Saturdays

Hey friends! I'm down at HQ right now, hanging out in the sunshine, waiting for some ladies to come hang out and have a little "Saturday Social Club" style fun, come down and visit me!

Speaking of drinking on the weekend....we're carrying a great new line down here at HQ, it's called "Wine on Sundays" and is made by the lovely Bridget of Workshop boutique in Ottawa. I met Bridget while I was in Ottawa a few months ago for the Tarts and Crafts sale, although I've popped in her shop many times before while visiting our fair capital. I immediately fell in love with her little plaque necklaces, and was so happy when she contacted me with pics of all of her stuff. We've got a whole slew of necklaces and earrings in stock right now, and with prices from $15-$32 these are the perfect little summer treats!

xo Angie

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Opening late this Friday... again.

I'm heading out of town again, so HQ will be opening late this Friday.

Sorry about that but I am just one man! I wish I could tell you where I'm going and why but it's super secret spy stuff.

Girl of your dreams and HQ employee of the year, Tahnee Pantig will be here at 4:30, so be sure to stop by and give her a high five!

And then the girl of my dreams (you so much as look at her and I will cut you!), Angie Johnson will be here Saturday.

See you next week and wish me luck on my mission.

Forever yours,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heaven does exsist and it's an hour out of Montreal.

Last week a small crew of us packed up and headed to Quebec City for the Birdwatchers Of North America's "Birds of Quebec" exhibit. I had only been to Quebec City once before but it was a short day trip, so we didn't get to explore as much as we would have liked. A few people had suggested to us to check out the Madrid Restaurant on the way. None of us had heard of the place before but we were told there was a dinosaur and monster truck theme going on there.... whatever that means, right?
So, the first thing we see as we near The Madrid is a huge sign flashing the message "We speak English" among other things. So already the Madrid's luring me to it's warm welcoming teat.
We pull in next to the biggest damn monster truck I've ever seen. BTW, the Hyper Cube car beside the truck is Mikes (from Furni) which he WON..... for free-sies!

All of our jaws dropped as we walked around the parking lot which was literally surrounded by fiberglass dinosaur sculptures and monster trucks.

Dino egg.

And it gets even better when you go inside....... Zoltar!! (I'm still small, so don't even ask)

Zoltar not doing it for you? Then how about a few super creepy animatronic hillbillies sitting behind you as you dine?

........Or you can play some old Nintendo 64 games.

Unfortunately the food left much to be desired. But when you're surrounded by non stop awesomeness, you really don't notice the plate of "food" that closely resembles a mixture of baby barf and sawdust. I still love you Madrid.

Garrett and I put Angie and Mike to work! Hang the show FASTER!!

I didn't snap any pics during the opening..... because I'm a douche. Thanks to Morgan Bridge, Alex and Patrick!
When we returned, Mikes dino egg hatched! A dinosaur... in the big city? I smell a sitcom!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New website up and running!

Hey hey hey! We finally got our new website up and running! A huge thanks to our good friend who does more favors for us than I can count! There will be much more content on there as the month progresses, so be sure to check it often.

And here is Conlatus:

Thanks again, dude!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birds Of Quebec

Opening hours will be a little weird this Friday. We'll be open from 4:30 - 8 pm, July the 17. Sorry guys but I'll be in Quebec City for the opening of "Birds Of Quebec" at Morgan Bridge Gallery. Our opening hours will be the same afterwards but Friday will be kind of a half day off. Sorry if this messes up any one's schedule.

But if you are going to be in Quebec City this weekend, come by and say hello!

Galerie Morgan Bridge
367 rue du Pont
Quebec City

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Basil Wolverton

Plop! # 1

American artist, Basil Wolverton would have been 100 years old today! I was going through some boxes of comic books and stumbled upon some issues of "Plop!" which featured the work of Basil Wolverton. He only did a handful of covers (stopping due to a stroke in 1974) but the ones he did warped my mind for the years to come. Not only were the covers to the books amazing but the interior art was also mind blowing due to contributors like Sergio Aragones. The horror anthology, in the vein of EC faves like Eerie & Creepy, was hosted by three lowlifes, Cain Abel and Eve.

Now I know, Basil had done way more work besides "Plop", which was some of the last he had published. He had also contributed in other amazing magazines, like Mad (heard of it?), as well as a motherload of solo works. But picking up these books gave me my first exposure to his work, so I have a childhood love for them, which lasted into my adulthood! R.I.P. Mr. Wolverton.
Plop! #14

Plop! #8

Plop! #7

Plop! #4

Interior art by Sergio Aragones. At the end of each issue, the three hosts, Cain, Abel & Eve get "Plopped!" Hilare!!!

2 Brownies & An Olive

The latest exhibit at HQ, "Two Brownies & An Olive" a collaborative show featuring new works by Shabana Ali, Kevin Ledo and Melanie Garcia. The show opens tomorrow night, July 10th and runs for the entire month. Hope to see you all here!
A'int Nobody Dope As Me
Mixed media
Kevin Ledo

Mannequin With Wall
Mixed media
Melanie Garcia

The Infidel
Mixed media
Shabana Ali

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday Comics

Issue #1 of "Wednesday Comics" comes out today and we're pretty excited about it. I will admit, I'm not usually a fan of the whole capes n' cowls superhero comics but there are a couple factors that have changed my mind. One being that HQ friend and BF of designer Elaine Ho (Roadkill), Brenden Fletcher wrote an installment which was illustrated by childhood friend Karl Kerschl.

The idea behind "Wednesday Comics" is to showcase some of the best writers and artists in comics today in a weekly format that reinvents the weekly newspaper comics section. Each 16 page issue is 28" x 20" and features an adventure by various heroes, each on their own 20" x 14" page which will continue throughout the 12 issue run.

Participating writers and artists include:

The Flash:
Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerscl
Batman: Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso
Adam Strange: Paul Pope
Metamorpho: Neil Gaiman & Michael Allred
The Demon and Catwoman: Walter Simonson & Brian Stelfreeze
Deadman: Dave Bullock
Kamandi: Dave Gibbons & Ryan Sook
Superman: John Arcudi & Lee Bermejo
Wonder Woman:Ben Caldwell
Green Lantern: Kurt Busiek & Joe Quinones
Teen Titans: Eddie Berganza & Sean Galloway
Supergirl: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
Hawkman: Kyle Baker
SRGT. Rock: Adam Kubert & Joe Kubert
Metal Men: Dan Didio & Ian Churchill

Congratulations Brenden! I'm going to pick up a copy on my way to work.