Wednesday, February 24, 2010

La Chatte Bottee is happening

Well, if you're reading this Thursday morning, that means La Chatte Bottee vintage shoe sale is happening today! If it's still Wednesday night and you're reading this, go to bed! What are you doing on the computer? The only people that should be on the computer right now are sweaty nerds and perverts... er and people doing blog post.... ahem.

The first time we hosted one of these sales, I was a little scared. I pictured mobs of women screaming like it was a Beatles concert grabbing at the shoes or rolled up in a ball, sobbing and cradling a pair of boots.

But you proved me wrong. I admit, I'm an idiot for thinking that because every sale we've done, you ladies are polite, calm and all business. Not like me when I go to a nerdy comic convention or something equally dorky... (jeez, how do I have a girlfriend?) When I walk into a comic con, I'm like one degree away from acting like a starved coyote at a Snausages factory.

Moving on.....

I was thinking about pitching some really cool suggestions to Nika and Carole (the girls behind La Chatte Bottee). Like this, you know how radio stations have contests where the put people in these vertical, air tight cylinders with vents on the floor? And when they turn on the fans, dollar bills fly everywhere and the contestants can keep whatever he/she can grab and stuff in their pockets? Ever see that? Well, maybe do something similar but with shoes instead of bills! You get put in there and you get to keep as many shoes as you can grab out of the air and hold!

Oh wait, scratch that. I guess to propel the shoes around, your going to need, like, tornado force winds. I just pictured some poor lady, coming out of the booth, holding one sandal, a stiletto heel jammed in her eye... maybe a boot print on her forehead.... a few random pumps jammed into her spine.... oh God what a mess! And the lawsuits! Sweet Jesus the lawsuits! OK, forget it. I'm horrible at contests.

See you all tonight, (Thursday, Feb 25th) from 6 until 9 pm.

Until then,


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Public transit etiquette & Lifetime Spring stock is in!

Oui Hello $64.

Hi hi hi. Well, this post was supposed to be about the new Lifetime Collective stock we just got in for the dudes. But I've been inspired by one of the weirdest metro rides I've had since moving to Montreal, six years ago. Well, just calling it weird may be letting this particular collection of mutants I was riding with get off easy. I mean, you could probably find more bang-able people at a leper colony.

Let's do the creepy metro roll call!
Theo $100.
Guy clipping his fingernails? Present! Um, can we all agree that any activity that causes pieces of yourself to fall on the seat and floor should be kept as private time? Usually old dudes are the main offender but filing your nails and blowing the gross nail powder onto the guy sitting next to you is equally gross. Stop doing it!

Generator $68.
The Nose Picker? Present! Very similar to the nail cutter. Seriously, just wait the 10 minutes it takes to get somewhere else to go nose mining. Like a bathroom. It's wicked easy to find one anywhere you go. The only guy worse than this is.......

Generator $68.

The "Farmer Blow" guy? Present! For those of you who don't know what a Farmer Blow is, let me enlighten you. Basically , you push your finger against one of your nostrils, pinching it shut and then blow hard out the other nostril creating a very messy trail of snot all over your chest and whatever is in the line of fire. Seriously, whats worse? Having a plugged up nose or boogers all over your shirt? You'd think the answer would be an easy one but a lot of dudes seem to struggle with this conundrum.

Harmonium $68.

Lost Innocence $68.
The Smelly Lunchbox Guy? Always present! Wowzers! Your lunch smells like a cross between meat that's been out in the sun for too long and boiled baby diapers. You think a small airtight compartment is the best place to eat that?

Broken Chair $64.

The Rap Star? Present! Yes, we all get it! You love rap music. We understand. But headphones are available to the public. All these months of you listening to super tinny music through the small speakers in your phone where in vain. This is always some dude, so on behalf of all males, I apologize to you ladies.
Big Dipper $48.

Inner City Pressure $52.

Radio Radio $48.
There are many more recurring characters on my daily commute but I'll save that for Public Transit Etiquette Part II. These were the ones that were riding with me today. The worst thing about the ride though was the fact that I was going to bring my video camera to film a little "How To Get To HQ" guide (coming soon) but I forgot it. Darn.

And on the Lifetime Collective subject, we have many more styles from these guys in stock. It's always nice getting new colourful Spring stuff and taking a break from my ever growing all black wardrobe.
Fever $40.

Pull My Hair $48.

Until next time,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brixton Spring stock is in!

Yeah! The new Brixton hats are in! I always look forward to getting my hands on a new hat each Spring. Too bad I have a freakishly small head, so finding one that fits my melon is tough.

Don't look at me, I'm hideous!
The Hooligan

The Somber

The MIll

The Gain

The Fiddler

The Brood

Monday, February 15, 2010

Penny Drive

For those of you who are interested in donating to relief efforts for Haiti, you can do so, pick up some artwork and hear some great music at the same time. This Saturday at the Green Room (5386, St. Laurent Blvd) all are welcome for an evening of magic at the Penny Drive. I know there are a lot of organizations collecting for this and you may feel a bit bombarded but this will be a fun event to check out and you will still be getting some awesome entertainment for your buck!

Please bring your Money et votre Monnaie (and your change) - all coins (jars, rolls, pocketfulls) will be accepted at the "Penny Drive". In addition to the penny drive, and the silent auction with musical accompaniment, the event will feature a traditional auction with auctioneer MC Realerman.

The art to be auctioned at the Green Room this Saturday (which is expected to be cheap, affordable, and pricey) will have been donated by: Neil Farber (Member of the, now defunct, Royal Art Lodge); Omen (a prominent graffiti artist); Tyson Bodnarchuk, Allison Moore; Jesse Purcell; Sheila Caplan; Brazen Design's; Suf Creations; and more, and more (it's not too late to donate).

Musical accompaniment (which is expected to be lovely) will be provided by The Papercrows; James Irwin; and Bradley Thomas Moore.

All gross proceeds of the event will be donated to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) on Monday, February 22nd. The Penny Drive organizers have been very fortunate to have all the organizational work volunteered; while the space, art, music, and flyer's have all been donated.

Below are the pieces I've donated. They are part of a littler series of "Miners" that I've been doing. Each piece is 3" x 4.5" watercolour, ink, coffee & charcoal drawings on heavy paper. Please give them a nice home!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Loving to love you

Well, it looks like out guest book has finally reached it's limit. It's time to refill the hand made book (by local artist Marc Simard of Broundoor) with some fresh blank pages. Over the last three and a half years we've had a lot of support and well wishes written in the pages which is awesome but it's always a pleasant surprise to find a great illustration. Kinda feels like Christmas.

Here are a few gooders:

By Combs

By Amer

Sorry, if it isn't credited it's because I have no idea who did it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valen-craps Day!

Yeah, I know I'm not being terribly original being one of the many anti Valentines people. So what? Maybe it's due to it being forced on me in the past. Maybe it's because I'm just a cheap asshole. Who's to say? At any rate, it physically pains me to acknowledge it. Seriously, I'm bleeding out of every orifice right now. So, I better get things going and give those of you who aren't cheap dirt bags like yours truly, a few V.D. (that's Valentines Day) gift suggestions.

Nerd alert!

So, Aquaman was in here yesterday asking for suggestions for a gift for his BF, Capt. Nemo.... Oh shit, wait. I just outed Aquaman. Sorry dude, but really, everyone knows. It's cool.

"Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters" $17.
Lady Wool Squids $20. each
Watercolour painting by TB $25.

My partner spends all his time in the office. Oh what a provider! Guess what? The reason he/she spends so much time at the office is because they hate you! But maybe some stationary, they can write you a "Dear John" letter and you can move on....

Detention Studio stationary set $18.
"Love Listogrophy" $23.
"Knox" Intern edition clock by Furni & Johnathan Pitoscia $98.
Wood Block by Furni & TB $22.

Or if you are the one who is writing the "Dear John" letter, send them packing with class....

"HI" Ray Fenwick postcard set $13
Hand bound Agenda by Victoria Wiercinski $40/
Bamboo panties by Candy Pants $20.
Pan Am overnight bag $45.
Hand painted vintage suitcase by TB $60.

And for the soon to be Headquarters designer.....

"Wonderful World Of Fashion" $28.
"Show Me How" $27.
"Woolly Embroidery" $23.
"Sew Subversive" $21.
"Cute Dolls" $21.
"Craft Inc." $22.
"Bazaar Bizarre" $24.

Insert inappropriate dick joke here.

For that special someone with a cat fancy....

Cat plate by Daphna Lewinshtein $35.
Ceramic mugs with knit cozy by PMO Design $22/
Ceramic S&P shakers by PMO Design $25.

And for the 30 something who refuses to grow up... er not that I know anyone like that.....

Skateboard by Omen and We Are Contributors $100.
Sunglasses by Lifetime Collective $20.
Watch by We Are Contributors $24.
"Fiddler" hat by Brixton $46.

Personally, if I got a love letter like this at Valentines Day, I would seriously reconsider my hate for it.

So, there you have it. Until next year, I love you.