Thursday, May 31, 2007

More T's from MTAF

One of favorite designer/artist duos, Jay & Krista of "More than a Friend" have dropped off some more T's at the store. These babies are flying out fast so drop by and pick up your size while we still got'em. We also have some great prints from these two, some of which are the same designs from the shirts. I love how their work can look equally good on your bod or on your wall.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shangri-Lost II @ My Hero Gallery

This Friday My Hero Gallery presents "Shangri-Lost II" featuring work from Toronto artists Jimmy Limit, Shawn Keruneru and Jesse Harris. The night will also serve as the Montreal launch the latest issue of Carosel Magazine.

Don't be a douche and miss this show as all the events this gallery hosts are super fun!

See you there!

My Hero Gallery 3655 St. Laurent Blvd. Suite 206

For more information please contact
artist links

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Old and Valuable Tree

So I'm in Hong Kong, and it's awesome for many reasons. One of which, is the awesome vegatation. Right in the middle of this huge crazy, busy city, you see these amazing Banyan trees, gorgeous flowers, vines and palm trees. I took the first pic while eating breakfast in the park right here in the middle of Kowloon (an area in HK). Every tree, both in the park and random trees along the road, have their own personal tree number, and a little note that says"Old and valuable tree # -----". For some reason I think that is just so nice.

This tree I found online, I had a bunch of other pics of my own, but they were all sideways, and I'm stuck without any image editing software for the time, sorry!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Because you demanded it!

I'm always getting requests for Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree" and "Where the Sidewalk Ends". So, here you go, stop bugging me! Actually, my favorite part of this job is getting books. In the last few weeks, we've received a shit-load of new books. I never get tired of the illustration in some of Richard Scary's books (I Am A Bunny). I mean, let's face it. Anyone who doesn't think his work is genius should be shot in the face. Am I right folks? OK, OK, maybe that's taking it a little too far. Anyone who doesn't think his work is genius, should be told otherwise....... then kicked in the groin........and buried alive........... I have anger management problems. I'll let Angie do the blogging from now on.... sorry.

Hey look, here are some pictures of books!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shoppers Remorse

Ever get it folks? A little remorse after a shopping spree, either you bought something that you kind of regret and can't return, or you didn't grab that one great thing and now you can no longer get it? Well, I'm in Hong Kong right now, and am feeling a wee bit of said remorse due to this pic I just saw on Facehunter.

I had this dress in my hand!!! I wanted to buy it, but I didn't because it's so damn hot and humid here. At the time I was looking at it, I just could not image wearing a sweatshirt dress, so I put it back. But it's so cute....the heather grey....the multi coloured cotton piping....the fit!!!

And the real kicker ... it was like $15 or something.


I guess I'll have to make up for it by buying more shoes. (I hope Tyson isn't reading this post)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Holy crap we're almost 1!

Well, it's been a busy year. So much has happened, it really seemed to fly by. We get a little teary eyed just thinking back to some of the great times we had in the last year. The following are just some of the highlights....

-We met some outstanding artists and designers, who are not only incredible at what they do, but insanely nice people: Aya Kakeda, Roadkill, Worn, Jeffrey Brown, Kristen Ferrell, Angie Mason, Homebaked, Kick It Fashions, Kristen N. Brown, Garrett van Winkle, Supayana, Jenn Porreca and I could go on and on. (These are just a few, we still love all the ones we didn't mention here!!!)

-Jen Storey curated an amazing show last February. "The Light Show" was a fave for many.

-After our first 3 weeks of operation, Tyson was pepper sprayed twice in the face, well once in the face and once in the ear, if you want to get technical. He does not recommend it.

- After said incident, the detective that was handling the investigation asked Tyson if the "Perps" left behind any DNA! Seriously. Like he was swabbing for it himself! Apparently, to become a detective in Montreal, all you have to do is watch CSI.

-DJ Garry Vickers kicks out the jams, even with a broken arm

- Angie slowly but surely became addicted to blogging.

- We participated in some great collaborative events with like-minded Indyish and Worn Fashion Journal.

- We had a really great Christmas show entitled "It's Probably Worth More than That", and affordable art show in which all the pieces were $100 or less. This show was important to us, as one of our major goals in starting the gallery was to try to bring art to people who previously hadn't thought of owning art. Affordability was a huge turning point in achieving this goal!

-Our first hit with construction was pretty shitty last December. But nowhere near as shitty as the construction we're dealing with now...... and for the upcoming months. But at least we have a bunch of dying palm trees planted down the street for all to gawk at.... sigh.

To celebrate this happy anniversary, we're having a big group show on June 2nd called "Knock Your Socks OFF", which we hope it will do!

We'll most a reminder closer to the date, plus all the info is available all the time on the upper right hand corner of this very screen you are looking at!
Here are some samples of work by some of the artists although none of these pieces will be in the show. (Tyson totally ripped these images off from their websites... but don't tell anyone

James "Scorpion Dagger" Kerr


Aya Kakeda

Kristen N. Brown

Jordan Awan

Hollie Dzama

Jen Storey

Team Macho

Lisa Marie Godfrey

"y" and "ish" are good for my budget

Ivory Chanel-"ish" purse with adjustible straps (short double strap, long single strap), black/white purse with gold birds by Roadkill, vintage metallic sandals, angry doll by Damned Dollies, nautical vintage trims necklace by BLUEprint.

Two of my favorite suffixes are "y" and "ish". Ok, perhaps it's really nerdy to have "favorite" suffixes, but when Marc Jacobs is out of your everyday price range, Marc Jacobs-"Y" and Chloe-"ISH" start to sound not-so-nerdy after all!

Therefore I'm always on the lookout for vintage finds that seem to have that certain something that reminds me of some of my favorite designers. I just recently bought some beautiful silk fabric with an abstract retro looking floral print. VERY Marc Jacobs-"y". Nice drapy rayon with a slubby weave in a putty colour. VERY Chloe-"ish". (I'm working on getting a dress or two made from the silk into the store STAT, and will put up some pics when they're done.)

Metallic gold/bronze purse, my favorite detail is the tassel

In the meantime, stop by the shop to check out one of my recent "y" obsessions...
Chanel-"y" vintage purses. I love a good slouchy oversized bag, but sometimes when I'm going out, especially in the summer, my shoulder (and outfit) seem to scream out for something a little more simple (read: LIGHT).

Classic black with a nice zipper pull and that fabulous chain strap

Basically, I'm just really feeling these right now, I think it has a lot to do with the chain strap, I love it. And I also love the fact that they are not the modern Chanel knock offs with the giant logos. Although I suppose they are 80's Chanel knockoffs, when the logo was more subtle. Hmmmm, something to think about....

I want to be clear, we DO NOT have this real Chanel purse at the store,
just wanted to show a pic of the real deal, but still vintage.
Note the adjustible chain strap, just like the one in the top pic.

Take a gander at the above 3 we have in stock, and I'm going to be working on finding some more gems, good ones are surprisingly hard to find!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Sometimes we wonder "Gee, what does everyone do on Sundays when we're closed, how do they feed their indie design/art cravings?"....Actually, usually on Sundays we're taking our dog to the park and being really lazy, but just in case you were looking for something to do this Sunday, why not head down to General 54 and indulge in some cake cravings?

This upcoming Sunday May 20th you can have your cake and eat it too at the “Pastry Vernissage” hosted by General 54 and the students of the Institute de Tourisme et d’Hotelerie’s Pastry Program. For one day only, General 54 will be full of gorgeous cakes and sweet smelling treats, guaranteed to delight both eyes and taste buds!

The student’s creations will be on display from 2-3pm. And then there’s the tasting! An icing based free-for-all will follow in the afternoon with a sampling of all the cakes. There will be also sweet snacks to nibble as well as, tea, and other less civilized breverages.

And best of all, it’s FREE and open to anyone!

So get thee down there, support local design and local business!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Worn Fashion Journal: Issue #4 at HQ

Issue #4 launch party

Hey people, Worn Fashion Journal Issue 4 is out! Stop by HQ and pick up a copy. Also, check out the pics from the bag auction at the launch party. We had to miss it because of the "Fake Stupid Daddy" vernissage, but it looks as though it was a fun bag bidding time!

Those fashion hungry people at Worn are already onto issue #5, and they're looking for a few good writers and illustrators. What a great opportunity to hone your creative skills, get some print exposure, and be part of this fun fashion tome! For the first time ever, Worn Fashion Journal issue #5 will have a theme: Art & Fashion, here's the lowdown:

"Clothing is a universal medium; it allows the opportunity for ultimate expression of individuality. In the same way that art always references other art, we can take the products of other peoples ideas and reconstruct them, on a daily basis, to create an image that we wish to present to the world at that moment. We can use those garments to form a continuously repositioning monologue about colour, texture, shape, form and density. In the way that Cristo covers space to transform it into a whole new space, we are able to swath our bodies in fabric on a daily basis to recreate how we choose to be perceived to the outside world. Fashion contains aspects of painting, sculpture, collage, craft and performance art. An artist uses garments, clothing, and fashion in historical and contemporary situations: knowing how artists and makers have explored these concepts will only serve to further the interaction between fashion and art, and all that that implies. Worn has no desire to define terms or solidify theories, but wish only to promote a sharing of knowledge and ideas to further the growth in this field."

"In issue five, we will look at as many different points of view as possible: fashion illustrators, painters who use clothing as an element of their work, designers who push the boundaries of wear ability, and artists who introduce them."

They are looking for:
-1 long research article (2250-2500 wrds)
- 2 short research articles (1250-1750 wrds)
- 8 profiles of individuals who are pushing the boundaries of art and fashion (600-700 wrds)

- 4 pages of fashion illustration.

Pitches should be submitted prior, should be no less than 200 words and include at least two sources for information, like books or people you plan to interview.
If you are a first time writer for Worn you should also send two writing samples. (unpublished fine)

Pitch deadline: May 20th
Article deadline: June 25th

send all to

Charming dresses from Homebaked Fashions

Photo by Nancy Kendle

If you're looking for a beautifully sewn fresh cotton spring dress, look no further. We've got a nice little selection of new goodies from Homebaked Fashions, made right here in Montreal by Heidi Martens.

Photo by Nancy Kendle

Also check out the new Homebaked website for some more pics and contact info for Heidi.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Outfits of the Week, May 10/07

What is it about this really hot weather that makes me run through my closet in a panic going "Oh my God, I have nothing to wear in this weather that still looks good!"

Now's the time when everyone realizes they need new tank tops and cotton dresses, STAT!

Here are a couple offerings that might hit the spot from our wonderful local designers.

Lightweight summer sweater by Majolie (Montreal), cotton floral dress by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), gold/stone necklace by Aria (Montreal), gold horsehead necklace by Liv & Lucy (Ottawa), vintage patchwork purse and leather cut out pumps.

Striped tank with crochet and cross-stitch details by Soi Disant (Montreal), plastic flower necklace by Snapcrafty (USA), cotton skirt with sash by BLUEprint (Montreal).

Monday, May 07, 2007

Fake Stupid Daddy

Wow. What a show. This is probably one of my faves so far. The guys pulled up early Saturday morning, fueled by mass amounts of caffeine pills, soda, beer and coffee. The long drive, which started in London, Ontario at 12 am was over and we began hanging the show. Let me tell you, for the amount of art these guys brought down, they had the show hung in just under two hours and it looked amazing. I guess you could say they were well hung.... har-har-har!!!!
......I'm a retard.

Steve DeBruyn

Peter Thompson