Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Go Go Monster!!!

Aya Kakeda and Tyson Bodnarchuk join together to create magical monster mayhem!!

This Saturday, November 4 from 6pm - 11pm marks the opening night of “Go Go Monster!” the new collaboration between artists Aya Kakeda (NY) and Tyson Bodnarchuk (MTL). The show will feature new works by the two artists, showcasing their keen interest in all things creepy and strange through two different sets of eyes.

Aya Kakeda was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and now works and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Aya has been creating whimsical narratives in her dreamy style since 2001 and has worked in almost every medium under the sun including illustration, screenprinting, painting and digital media. Her work has been spotted in print media such as Bust, Chicago Magazine, The New Yorker Magazine and The New York Times and has been used by Nickelodeon/Noggin TV. For “Go Go Monster” Aya brings her lightheartedly cute yet twisted characters out for a fun romp with the monsters.

Tyson Bodnarchuk hails from the blustery prairie city of Winnipeg, MB, having repositioned homebase to Montreal, QC in 2003. Tyson has been showing his paintings of creatures, robots, strange humans and the worlds they inhabit since 2000. For “Go Go Monster” Tyson has put aside his recognizable acrylic/resin medium and moves into an ethereal and strange take on watercolour. Tysons work can be found in Montreal at Headquarters Galerie & Boutique (www.HQgalerieboutique.com), L’Autre Galerie (www.lautregalerie.com) and SubV Galerie


Oh boy, it's getting a wee bit nippy out there! I think it's time to grab a nice cozy scarf and bundle up, heck, throw on a matching toque why don't you!

If we really must live in an arctic wasteland, we must find ways to look stylish while doing it. The handknitted scarves and toques made by two sisters named Vicky and Cindy just might be the perfect solution.

Born of a deep-seated need to pass some time while rooming temporarily with her parents in Quebec City Cindy began crocheting. Through trial and error and a bit of experimentation thrown in for good measure Cindy developed the super cute rounded end scarf that we see today. In true sisterly fashion, Vicky was not satisfied with just getting a scarf from her sis, she wanted a hat to match, and thus the toque was born.

Cindy mixes together complementary yarns to make beautiful colour combos, and adds delicate satin ribbons around the edges for an extra little oomph.

As with all beautiful things, friends and family saw them and wanted their own, and with the good business sense and graphic design skills of her sis Vicky, the two girls began selling their hand knitted coziness.

And that, my friends, is the story of J'm'aime!

Come down this blustery weekend and check them out in person before you freeze your ears off!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Outfits of the Week - Oct. 30, 2006 with Guest Stylist Amanda Moss!

To shake things up a bit we brought in a guest stylist this week, Amanda Moss! In addition to being a faithful HQ blog follower, Amanda is neck deep in the Montreal fashion industry, having designed for Dex in a previous life, and now for Le Garage (just "Garage" for everyone out West)

Amanda and I had a lot of fun putting these outfits together, to the point that her boyfriend had to drag her out of the store kicking and screaming...

Black mesh shrug by MX Jeans(Montreal), lilac tank by Perplex & Lola (Montreal), chandalier crystal necklace by Beloved by Sophie (the UK), appliqued corselette by Las Valentias (Toronto), tweed slouchy trousers by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), dyed wood bracelet by Sanook (Montreal) and beige vintage boots.

Black open back top by MX Jeans(Montreal), turquoise glass and silver necklace by Aria (Montreal), skirt by Homebaked Fashions(Montreal), leather purse with pink gun by Roadkill (Montreal), vintage black boots.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Charcoal Designs, new stock!

Charcoal Designs has again graced our presence with more new goodies! We've got a TON of new broochs, a few new necklaces and even a few pairs of beautiful earrings. Oh, and of course the ever popular "Fun Packs" of mixed plastic charms for the crafty girls out there.



Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy image for rainy days

I just wanted to post this stunning image of this girl. I know her shoes are totally impractical for a rainy day, but who could pass this girl on the street and not smile?! Down with black umbrellas!!!

Victoire Boutique

So you may think it's weird that we're featuring someone else's boutique here on the HQ blog. Isn't that kind of bad business, promoting another store that has a similar customer? Aren't you worried all your customers are going to stop shopping at HQ and go to that other store? Don't you think that there will be a mass exodus of all things good from Montreal to Ottawa? In short, I think not. I think there are more than enough people with good taste floating around to support more than one indy boutique, so rather than lock our customers in the basement and only let them shop at HQ, we'd rather help other small boutiques out and spread the word about shopping local.

Which means I will probably be doing more and more indy store profiles of boutiques across Canada. There will be no rhyme or reason to the stores I'm going to feature, it will be totally random, just whatever pops up.

So the first store I'd like to introduce you to is a new little shop on Ottawas Dalhousie Street, Victoire!

This gem of a boutique offers a well-edited mix of ideas and trends, mixing edgy wares with more classic pieces, creating a rock’n’roll tea party experience. Owners Katie Frappier and Regine Paquette wanted to create a shopping experience akin to going through your most stylish friend’s closet – you know, the one who always manages to look great, but effortless at the same time, and is always mixing old with new, high with low, tradition with transgression? Having both worked in retail in other local prominent boutiques, they want to create a “boutique” shopping experience for a younger clientele. They also aim to create a different vibe and shopping atmosphere: a beautifully decorated and merchandised space, an uncluttered, well edited selection of items and easy-going and friendly sales help.

Among Victoire’s stylish finds are hand-painted slip-on shoes next to more traditional summer dresses by C. Ronson, skirts by Preloved and Spring & Clifton knits. The duo strives to offer Ottawa shoppers feminine, girly, and unique items with an edge, unexpected and playful details from small, up-and-coming designers, or hand-made one-of-a-kind items in limited quantities. They carefully select each piece from various small and independent designers, some local, many Canadian and a few select American lines, so that everything contained in the boutique looks and feels like it’s an absolute treasure! Price-points vary, starting at $3 for a set of pins from Nothing Fancy (T.O.) to $259 for a shirt-dress from Porridge (L.A.). Uncluttered and warm, the look inside Victoire is unabashedly girly, but with a twist. The store is peppered with trophies and kitschy 1970s wildlife paintings with gold accents everywhere, along with the odd tea cup and saucer upon which are displayed necklaces or earrings.

Both Katie and Regine have also been involved in the DIY/activist community in Ottawa, through their performances as part of the punk rock aerobics troupe the Jezebels and through co-organizing such events as Ladyfest Ottawa (a yearly music festival) and Not-Your-Grandma’s Craftsale (a quarterly punk/diy/handmade craftsale). With this they have developed many contacts in the community with other activists, crafters, small business owners and creative people.

238 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa

Friday, October 20, 2006

Outfits of the Week - Oct. 20/06

Ok first off I'd like to apologize for the bad lighting in these photos. I can't really EXPLAIN the bad lighting, just apologize for it .... Sorry!
This week the girls were in a sort of black and white mood, they felt like simplifying their lives a wee bit.

(and yes I know, there hasn't been an outfit of the week for awhile, but we did manage to squeeze a fashion show in there, so if you made it down to the show you got about 20 outfits of the week all at once. KA-BAMMMM!!)

Striped top by BLUEprint (Montreal), black top (underneath) with tie at neck by Soi Disant (Montreal), skinny jeans by MX Jeans (Montreal), necklace by Sanook (Montreal), vintage eel-skin purse, vintage black boots

Striped polo and tweed military vest by MX Jeans (Montreal), vintage chandalier crystal necklace by Beloved by Sophie (UK), military brooch by BLUEprint (Montreal), skinny olive pants by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), vintage black boots and vintage quilted chain strap purse.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Open call for crafters!

We've just received a heads up from Ottawa, so all local crafters/designers, take heed!

So every year in Ottawa they have this great event called Ladyfest which organizes the highly anticipated annual event "Not Your Grandma's Holiday Craftsale". They are currently looking for vendors for this highly attended holiday craftsale which is scheduled for SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2nd at the Jack Purcell Community Centre from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Crafters are to show up at 9:00 a.m. to set up, and have until 6:00 p.m. to tear down.

A couple of important points to remember:
- the organizers will be providing the actual tables for everyone, so no need to bring your own.

- Due to an overwhelming number of applications at previous craft sales, all
applicants will be juried and must await approval.

- Tables are 25$ each. Payment is required before the weekend of the sale so once you have received a confirmation e-mail (which will be sent by November 10th), you will have until November 24th to submit your payment either in person or by mail.

- Once you've accepted your spot in the craftsale, cancellations are not eligible for a refund.

Here's what they need from you to consider your application:
- Your name and contact information
- A brief description of yourself and your crafts
- Approx. price-point of your crafts
- Photos of your work.
- Whether or not you would be willing to be contacted by the media or
have pictures of your crafts included in any press about the craft sale.

And of course apply quickly! Spaces are limited, and the deadline for all
applications is Friday, November 3rd.

That's coming up quickly folks, so step to it!!!


New designer on the block, Anastasia Lomonova!

Wow, lately I can't seem to escape cool Russian girls with great style, first my friend Ksenia here in Montreal, then Yana of Supayana in Brooklyn, and now Anastasia Lomonova! Ahhhh, those Russians!

After moving to Canada from Russia in her mid-teens Anastasia Lomonova studied fashion design at Torontos Ryerson University. In 2004, she moved to Montreal, QC where she apprenticed with designers Valerie Dumaine and Nadya Toto.

After working briefly for a clothing company in Montreal’s Chabanel District Anastasia launched her own line under the Anastasia Lomonova label. Her first casual wear collection appeared in stores in April 2006.

Following a successful debut, Anastasia is focusing on a more refined look for Spring 2007, creating a collection that combines unique cuts with expert fit and clever details. Fabrics include weightless chiffons, soft jerseys and structured cotton. Lines are clean and polished, yet very feminine and flirty. I've just booked some fabulous style for HQ from this collection, it's so clean and fresh, and the fabrics are just amazing to feel!

We're very excited to have this new designer on board, come down and check out some of Anastasias designs which should be delivered in the next week or so!


New Boots!

Oh boy girls, we've got some new vintage boots in!!!
Here's a quick run down:

Black mid calf height with buckle & scrunching, med. heel - size 8 1/2
Short black flat slouchy boots - size 9
Beige low calf with med hell, slouchy - size 6 1/2
Brown patent knee high flat boots w/ embossing details & buckle - size 7
Beige nylon front zipe boots with faux fur lining, cozy! - size 6

Plus there are some nice new flats and heels in fallish colours, and new vintage purses, jewelry and belts, yay!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Parnell en Hell

Saturday, October 21, 2006
6-10 PM
"Parnell en Hell" a Horror-themed Group Show

6370 St-Hubert
Plaza St-Hubert, Metro Beaubien
Montreal, Quebec

Get your dark and evil on next Saturday with "Parnell en Hell" at Madame Edgar Gallery. The exhibit will feature new and disturbing paintings, illustrations and prints from the Parnell disciples: More Than a Friend, Peter Ricq, Art Cyniq, Evan Melnyk and Pony of Prey. And they've invited guest artists Mark Unterberger and Mr E. Bond to contribute their own brand of terror through sculpture and installation.
Spooky beats will be provided courtesy of Autacoid and Tohn Jravolta.

The opening party will be Saturday, October 21st from 6-10 PM and the show will run until November 24th.

For more information
tel: 514.608-9339
email: info@parnellcollective.com

Witty design from Complex Geometries

You know how sometimes you want to get something really subtle, like a shirt that is kind of chic and classic, but is also not boring? Something that you can wear for years because it is sooooo cool and different, yet totally not flashy. Well, I think Complex Geometries may be the answer to this dilemma.

We've been carrying this wonderful line by local designer Clayton Evans since we opened, and I love to see the surprise on peoples faces when they take an obscure drapy swathe of a shirt off the rack, throw it on and discover the beautiful folds and gathers that are created by his unique patternmaking skills. The designs are simple, but I guarantee people will be looking at you and thinking "how does she make a basic shirt look so amazing!!".

We just received some new fall stock from Clayton, including some beautifully soft & subtle hand-dyed shades of pink and grey to complement the lilacs, blacks and whites from spring. Clayton has also devised 2 new legging designs that are definitely worth checking out as the weather starts calling for increased layering!

Check out Claytons designs at: www.complexgeometries.com
or pick up the latest issue of Worn Fashion Journal for an interview with the designer himself! www.wornjournal.com

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sorry, but sometimes people are shitty (I'm not talking about the girl below, keep reading!)

Sorry to put a downer on everyones Monday, but we just wanted to put it out there that a dress was stolen from the fashion show last Thursday. It was partially our fault though, we thought we had packed it away, we were super organized and even had a check list of all the items, but somehow it got missed. For those designers out there concerned about this kind of thing happening to their designs at a show, don't worry friends, it's our fault, if a garment leaves our store permanently for whatever reason, you will ALWAYS get paid!

Soooo, if you see ANYONE out there wearing the above dress, please know that it was stolen, it is a one-of-a-kind dress, so it is IMPOSSIBLE that they bought it anywhere else. Feel free to give the person a punch in the boob from us and then tell them they owe us some $$$ and they're a big shithead!!

Don't worry, nice happy posts to come later in the day!

New Supayana!!!

Yana of Supayana fame has made the trip up to our fair city once again and brought with her a bunch of new fall tops! All of Yana's pieces are one of a kind (or at least only a few of a kind) so come down to HQ and check them out in person. The photos above are taken from her site to give you all an idea of her work, but they are NOT the actual tops we have in the store. I promise though, the tops she brought in are just as beautiful, and we even have a few long sleeved ones for the chilly weather that seems to be upon us!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Homewares at HQ

I'm sure that all of you who have been down to Headquarters are aware that we carry lots of clothing, accessories, books, etc., but I wanted to talk a little about our homewares section. We have a nice little selection of vintage afghans (cleaned and repaired by yours truly) and some great dishes and glasses. We only buy stuff that is in THE BEST quality, and usually only sets of 4 or more. The only exception here is water glasses and coffee mugs. I find that these mismatched glasses/mugs can be used in a few great ways:

- Water glass/coffee mug at the office. I don't trust other people to wash it properly, I want my own!! I have a great yellow and orange retro mug at work for my drinks, everyone knows it's mine, no one would dare touch it!!! How great, and slightly neurotic is that!

- Nice glass for the bathroom. When I brush my teeth, I must also swish, that's just the way I am, so I keep an extra special glass just for the bathroom at home. And I enjoy my classy vintage one every morning, what a nice way to wake up.
- Paintbrush/pen/pencil holder. So much nicer than and old jar.

- Also bathroom related, I like to put bathroom stuff like Q-tips, cotton balls, bath salts, etc. in mismatched vintage glasses.

We also carry quite a few new items in our homewares section. Here are some of our other items:

- Under my label BLUEprint I make medium sized couch cushions and large floor cushions out of vintage silk scarves with vintage fabric backings that close with coordinating vintage buttons. Each one is different, but it's surprising how easily some of them really look great together.

- Roy Liang of the label Dumb Chauffeur makes really cute angular pillows out of vintage kimonos and vintage fabrics mixed with leather. They look fabulous just tossed in a pile together, that's easy decorating!

- Mike & Devin of Furni creations make a whole slew of products using solid wood, wood veneer and white acrylic. Check out their website to see their selection of clocks, bathroom accessories, magazine holders, bamboo cutting boards, small shelving and new acrylic seagull sets to hang on your wall. www.furnicreations.com

- Pancake Dinner makes felt pillows for people looking for a little humour in their home decor. Pick up a pillow in the shape of a cookie, pancakes with a pat of butter, toast with and egg, or even a steak or pistol and watch your friends go "what the?!??" as they sit on your couch. www.pancakedinner.typepad.com

- Salvor Fauna pillows have been a decor magazine staple for a year or so now, we're happy to have a few in stock of our favourite dog designs. Designed and made in New York, these guys are quirky without being too over the top.

To put you in a decorating state of mind, check out one of my favourite blogs, Apartment Therapy. The whole concept of this blog is home decor centered around the apartment dweller, with the main issues being:
-inability to change major things
-dealing with small spaces (the blog is based out of NY)
-trying to get a little greenery into our urban living

This blog is so constantly updated and visual that it doesn't even seem like a blog, it seems like a great website that is updated every half an hour. Perfect for the home decor voyeur, you get to peek into peoples homes on their "home tours", check out new products, and discussions regarding reader questions. If you like home decor, you'll love it, if you don't you probably haven't even read this far down in this post, so never mind. The above photos are some of my favourite images from various house tours over the past few months. Enjoy your weekend!


Ready, set ..... READ!!!

Well, the Worn Fashion Journal 3rd issue launch has come and gone, and the Headquarters Fashion show went with it. Last night went over smooth as silk, so thanks to everyone who helped out for their hard work! A very special thanks to Dessa Harhay for doing the fabulous 50's/60's party girl hair, and to Milena Roglic for doing the doe-eyed makeup! If anyone is interested in hiring these girls for their beauty services give me a shout and I can pass on their info to you.

The models showed their cheeky, coy and flirty sides with a bit of play-acting and pulling each other off of the risers, luckily no one broke a heel or nail and the crowd enjoyed a good show. Serah-Marie in her wonderful foresight fanagled some photographer people to take shots of the show, so we'll be posting those just as soon as we get them in. I for one am very excited to see them since I was stuck (as usual) helping the girls find their next outfit, jewelry, shoes etc. and didn't see a thing.

Overall a very fun show and we're looking forward to doing an even bigger and better one next spring! Hooray for Serah-Marie, creator of Worn for organizing such a great event!

Oh and by the way, the barbies with hats have nothing to do with the fashion show, but I wanted some neat retro fashiony pictures just for fun, and this is what I found, see more pics at: