Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tough girl jewelry by Missy Industry

Tyson has been known to complain once in awhile that Headquarters is sometimes too girly. I always argue that in reality it could be A LOT more girly, but I guess it's all relative... knitted cupcakes ARE a bit girly...

So you can surely imagine the look of delight on his face when we received the new jewelry line Missy Industry, the perfect blend of wit and toughness in impressive sterling silver. Here's what the powers that be tell us Missy Industry is all about:

"Montreal designer Missy Industry's jewellery could very well be the hipster's ultimate fantasy in accessories. Made of sterling silver, her pieces shine their way into your wardrobe with their unmistakable edge, and eye-catching quality. A revolution in jewellery, Missy brings the latest graphic & fashion trends into the often too classic world of bling. Being a hard working Jewellery School of Montreal Graduate, Missy travels and parties constantly as inspiration to create a perfect clash of vintage-gothic-rocker with a girly twist."

We first heard about Missy Industry from our artist friend Krista Bursey, one half of the MTAF (More Than a Friend) creative duo. At the time she told me about the line, she was wearing NO LESS than 4 pieces of Missy Industry, and I have to say, it's not often that someone can wear that much jewelry and not look like early Madonna, but dammit, the girl pulled it off. I figured that jewelry that versatile yet edgy would be totally perfect for HQ and voila! the ball was rolling.

We have a nice little selection of earrings and necklaces making their home in our main display case right now, so come on down and try some on, pretend you're going to buy it for someone as a present, then keep it for yourself. That's what all our other customers do, so why not!


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