Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brixton hats have arrived!

Holy shit, it actually happened, spring/summer is here! I know I write about the weather a lot, I guess it's part of my prairie roots. People in Manitoba CONSTANTLY talk about the weather. All I know is that a few hours ago I was eating lunch on a terrasse and talking about vintage bathing suits. Seriously.

The Castor

On a completely less girly note, we've received our shipment of Brixton hats! I just spoke to Tyson on the phone and he assured me that they are on the shelves and looking amazing. Kick ass really. We have a few different colours of these styles kicking around in a couple of sizes. Finally, something for the guys!

The Pinch

Brixton is a collection of hats (and now belts and jackets) created as a collaboration between three southern California friends. Created in 2004, they wanted to design a line of hats inspired by the music, culture and people that surrounded them.

The Stroll

These hats are seriously amazing quality, with satin linings, grossgrain ribbon detailing, nicely woven fabric and vintage tattoo flash style illustrations on the inside linings. Serious attention to detail, which I always love.

The Hooligan

Also, Tyson has one that he treats like shit (throws it in his backpack, puts it on the dog, sits on it, etc.) and it's pulling through just fine. Tyson is the ultimate wear-test for any piece of clothing, I swear.

The Ruffian

As usual though, girls will no doubt be filching some of these hats for their own. So it goes, girls get away with wearing anything, leaving the boys in the dust.... Ha! So here's a little "girls wearing hats" style inspiration for you as well, get that style motor turning! (all images from Click on the images for bigger versions...

Black hats, done two very different ways

A mix of colours and patterns

AND a little style inspiration for the boys...

slick and black

A little more casual and layered up

And if I EVER catch you wearing one of the Brixton hats THIS way, I'll knock the bloody thing off your head and you will be forever banned from HQ!


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Why does Fergie make me barf in my mouth every goddamn time I see her?

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I love the dos and don'ts. Very funny, but oh-so true.