Saturday, May 30, 2009

Winnipeg Extravaganza

We're back from Winnipeg!

Our 1 year old niece, Violet is checking out the new horse we made for her. I was pretty relieved that she wasn't terrified of it.

I have a small pile of boxes that have been stored at my Fathers house since I left for Montreal 6 years ago. Every time I go back home to visit, I take a few things back with me to Montreal, so my Dad can have his basement free of my crap. It's mainly things from my childhood like old toys (He-Man, Fraggles.... which now have a home in my studio) some books and photo albums. My Mother had saved alot of this stuff for me and I'm always amazed at what I find.

Yeah, that's right. That's me all dressed up and pissed off about it. I was supposed to be my Uncle's ring bearer but I made a stink about it and didn't end up doing it. Eep! Sorry Uncle Danny.
I can't remember the name of this book because the cover is gone. But it's a pretty creepy story of a cat that eats a shitload of people and then is chopped open by a woodsman, spilling all the women and children out. It's pretty dark and reminds me of an old Eastern Eurpean folk tale. (Everyones getting chopped by an axe in those stories.... yeesh!)

This book is hilarious! It's filled with instructions on how to make costumes out of paper and pipecleaners.
The results from the book..... My sister dressed like an angel and my brother and me as pirates, blowing her away! Take that you smelly angel!

Marcel Dzama

I also had a motherload of Stylus Magazines. It's a bimonthly magazine thats published by students from the University of Winnipeg. They always feature a pretty cool local artist's work on the covers.


Marcel Dzama again

And this is the latest issue featuring art by Devon Kerslake.

I also bought a bunch of music from the 'Peg.... enjoy.


oddbird said...

I had that book about that kitty that ate everything in was called "Le Chat Patapouffe" or something close to that!
BTW congrats on getting a write-up in the latest Loulou magazine!

Neil said...

That book is "The Fat Cat" illustrated by Jack Kent. My wife loves that book. We had artist Chris Uminga do a painting of the cat for us. Check it out here ( and her little Fat Cat shrine here (