Friday, August 07, 2009

En Masse... We done did it!

The En Masse Crew got together yesterday to make a couple pieces for two special people (but I can't say who.. yet) and I documented the day with some poorly lit photos!
Tyler Rauman and I get first shot at the 5' x 10' canvas.

Jason Botkin, Tim Barnard, Rupert Bottenberg & Kevin Ledo, Fred Casia, Fred Caron & Raf join us.

Jason said it best: "Whenever we start these large colab pieces, I always think it's going to be a piece of shit but it ends up being awesome".

We also found time to work on a smaller piece that evening. Phew!


Vanessa Moore said...

WOW!!! That looks totally awesome!! I got to come over and check it out!! :-)

Naka said...

that must have taken ages but would have been so fun :D

I could stare at them all day long :)

tylr said...

damn, i didnt get to sign it!