Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On The Road Again: Animals In The City

New works by Kate Puxley

On The Road Again: Animals In The City opens this Friday!

Headquarters is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Canadian artist, Kate Puxley. On the Road Again: Animals in the City is a requiem for the natural world, exploring the role of the animal as myth, companion, jester, and trophy. Confrontations with human hubris are provoked through fore-grounding animals in states of vulnerability, passion, sexual copulation and death. Animalistic impulses are juxtaposed and re-aligned with humanity, challenging human notions of 'separateness' from other creatures on earth. The struggle between life and death is used to question and re-invigorate the serene domestic role animals play in urban environments. Through examining the shades between beauty and traditional notions of 'ugliness', the cloying mythical image of 'the wild' and its self-contained trophy forms, are engaged and challenged.

Using masonite cutouts of animal forms - literally framed alongside humans or tokens of the human world – further seeks to highlight this incongruity and play upon notions of animalism.

We hope to see everyone out this weekend. The opening starts at 6pm and closes at 11pm. And as always, the boutique will be open all night as well. All are welcome so bring all your family and friends.

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