Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday hours

Poodle plate $35

Monsterbet prints $5 each
Only 5 shopping days left until Christmas! In order to make your last days of shopping a little more enjoyable, feel free to come down to HQ, have a beer with me and finish up the last gifts on your list!

Top Shelf books $5-$50
Monster Pillows $20-$40

My dog Mary. $20,000 or best offer
See you soon!
 Monday, Dec 20 11-6pm
Tuesday, Dec. 21 11-6pm
Wednesday, Dec. 22 11-6pm
Thursday, Dec. 23 11-8pm
Friday, Dec 24 11-5pm
Saturday, Dec. 25 CLOSED
Sunday, Dec 26 CLOSED
Monday, Dec. 27 12-6pm
Tuesday, Dec. 28 12-6pm
Wednesday, Dec. 29 12-8pm
Thursday, Dec. 30 12-8pm
Friday, Dec. 31 12-5pm
Saturday, January 1 CLOSED
Sunday, January 2 CLOSED

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