Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy St. Jean!

L-R: Mike & Judy (aka Miju), Jen Storey, Shannon (aka coucousalut) & her man,
Garry (DJ Garry Vickers), Dan, Tyson, Spencer, Kev, Rich, moi, Marc (aka broundoor)

As any of you who have perhaps tried to come down to HQ today will notice, we're closed for St. Jean Baptiste! We hope you're enjoying an awesome day off too, ours will involve breakfast, biking (for Tyson, the pic above is from 2 weekends ago) and BBQing. The basic 3 Bs of holidaying.

Also, check out the article I did for The Storque (Etsy's blog) with pics of tons of local Quebec artists and goodies! For the full article, click HERE



Fantastic day to riding a bike...I also love :)

Rascallion said...

Happy Day! Thanks for pointing out your article, I would have never seen it as I rarely read the Storque. I'm coming for a visit to Mtl soon and i am counting the days. Now I have some things to put on my "must see" list! Cheers,

ellacinders on Etsy,