Friday, June 26, 2009

Josiane Perron

Wow, summer is HERE in all its humid glory. When it's this hot and humid I go into a panic and can only think about what to do/wear to stay cool. Being a clothing designer I immediately think "COTTON. MUST. WEAR. COTTON" but perhaps many of you don't know/care about textiles, and are wondering what the heck I'm talking about....Well, for hot/humid weather cotton can rarely be beat (linen, silk and bamboo are pretty on par though, see a trend with the natural fibres?). You may think that cute little chiffon dress will be the coolest thing to wear when it's +30, but in reality the dress is probably polyester chiffon (perhaps you're lucky and it's silk?) and no matter how skimpy your little chiffon dress is, a cotton dress will always keep you cooler.

SO, on that note, I want to recommend the cute dresses and tops from Josiane Perron. This collection is full of preppy/feminine pieces that look great paired up with leather sandals/oxfords, vintage belts and summer hats. Josiane is also an incredible patternmaker, and all of her stuff fits amazingly well, and has great little thoughtfully placed pleats and tucks.

See you all this weekend!



Denise @ Swelle said...

That dress with the lace detail on the front has my name written all over it! Love it.

I got my fringe necklace today I ADORE it!! It's just amazing and I want to wear it constantly. Thanks for being awesome! ♥

The HQ Duo said...

Oooh Denise, you should see the floral version of the same dress, so amazing, and so "you"! I actually sent Josiane your blog and told her to contact you, a match made in heaven!