Monday, January 25, 2010

I've got wood!

Harness top $45.

Norwegian Wood that is. What kind of blog did you think this was?!

Maximum Fringe Necklace $65.

Well, it's mid January and it's pissing outside like it was April. I figure now was a good time to catch up on some blogging duties (heh, doodies) and do a little post.

Luxe Collection Leggings $49.

Feather Fringe Necklace $65.

Any-hoodles, for the gangs of girls and desperate boyfriends that have been hounding me for my lady friend, Angie's designs, I now have a pretty full range of her stuff at HQ. I know, it's been like, forever since I've had this much Norwegian Wood stuff in stock. I don't get any kind of special treatment from her. What gives?!

Knee Patch Leggings $59.

Chain Harness $45.

Luxe Collection Leggings -Bow Trellis $49.

I've posted a range of designs that we have but there are many more colours and variations of each piece. So, feel free to come down to HQ and pay me a visit to check out everything we have while it lasts.
Valeria Necklace $75.

Valeria Necklace $75.

Leather Cage Skirt $130.

Maximum Fringe necklace $65.

Oh, Angie did this design when she was a kid. She was designing clothing even as a kid. All I drew when I was young where robots and monsters. Come to think of it, that's still all that I draw. God I'm such a shitburger!

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E R I N said...

Ahhhh your Maximum Fringe necklaces and Luxe leggings are soooo yummy (and highly tempting to buy!)......

Love your work, so good to see art and fashion merging like this xx