Monday, October 25, 2010

Dot & Lil

Bath Truffles $9 each
 New at HQ! Dot & Lil bath & body products. I am no longer ashamed to admit that I love these things! Angie totally outed me a while back when we were in the middle of doing face masks and a bunch of my friends came knocking at our door. I ran for the bathroom to wash it off, leaving her the responsibility of answering the door, face mask and all. I quickly rinsed and walked out like nothing was up.Well, let's just say that charade didn't last long.
Whipped Body Butter $14 each
Handmade soap $6 each
So, I like bath products... so what? It doesn't make me less of a man... does it? After a long day of chopping wood, wrestling bears and bench pressing shark tanks, I get a little sweaty. We're all friends here, right? DON'T JUDGE ME, SMELLY FACE!
Bath Salts $10 each
Also, don't forget to look for Dot & Lil at this years Smart Design Mart!

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