Monday, January 10, 2011

5 years of fun times and amazing art!

As the day of our final exhibit draws near, I thought a very brief overview of the exhibitions we've had here would be interesting. I'll really miss being surrounded by all this amazing work every day. But I do feel lucky to at least have been able to come into work each morning to be greeted by amazing talent. Thanks to everyone who ever participated in any of these shows and those who came out to appreciate them.
Our first exhibition. We met a lot of new friends at this opening party! I remember people drinking wine out of cartons on the street. It was a good party, for sure.

August, 2006 First solo exhibition at HQ by Winnipeg artist Paul Zacharias.

September 2006 Sea creatures and aquatic goodness by Mark Unterberger

October 2006 Eric Braun's creepy new sculptures.

November 2006 Colab show with Tyson Bodnarchuk and Aya Kakeda

December 2006 first edition of It's Probably Worth More Than That!

January 2007 Colab show by Neil Doshi and James Kerr. This show held the record for the longest exhibit to be installed.

February 2007. Jen Storey curates a group light exhibit. It was awesome!

March 2007 Jessica McCourt and Jenn Porreca collab. There was a blizzard when Jenn arrived.

April 2007 Group exhibit curated by Coco Khan and Oily Chi

May 2007 This show held the record for being the quickest install ever. It was a big show and the guys had it hung in an hour the morning of the opening. I have to admit, I was a little worried.

June 2007 Our 1st Anniversary show.

July 2007 Parnell Collective did an amazing mural on the wall for this exhibit that can still be seen under many overcoats of paint.

August 2007 Solo exhibit by Winnipeg's Garrett Van Winkle. He stayed with us while he was here. Our dog got sprayed by a skunk the night before the opening, so our place reeked. Sorry Garrett.

September 2007 A great concept. Each piece consisting of and joined by one continuous line.

October 2007 Scott Harbers solo exhibition.

November 2007 Jen Storey curates the second Light Show. Awesome.

December 2007 2nd edition of IPWMTT

January 2008 Christopher Ross' solo show. There were a lot of drunk people at this show. It was a pretty fun time.

February 2008 Chrissy Cheung and Natalie Reis collab show

March 2008 James Kerr curates a sexy group exhibition

April 2008 Aria Campbell curates a group exhibit of her jewelry/artist collaborations

May 2008 Valerie Sury solo works inspired by SXSW

June 2008 2nd Anniversary

July 2008 Amber Albrecht, Emi Honda and Aaron McConomy colab show. Gorgeous.

August 2008 1st photography exhibit at HQ by Toby Cayouette and a live performance by his band Chinatown.

September 2008 Book launch / exhibit. Lots of amazing lamps at this show.

October 2008 1st monster themed exhibit (but not the last)

November 2008 solo show by Jen Storey

December 2008 3rd edition of IPWMTT

February 2009 Lifetime Collectives traveling group show

March 2009 Print exhibition curated by Angie Johnson

April 2009 Sexy ladies by Dale Hayward

May 2009 1st show for new collective Birdwatchers of North America

June 2009 3rd Anniversary

July 2009 Collab show by Shabana Ali, Mel Garcia and Kevin Ledo

August 2009 guest curated by James Kerr and Jason Botkin. This show looked amazing!

October 2009 One of my favourite exhibits. We turned the gallery into a forest. I was sad to take it down.

November 2009 Huge charcoal drawings by Kate Puxley.

December 2009 4th edition of IPWMTT

March 2010 colab show between designer Angie Johnsonn and artist Paule Trudel Bellmare

April 2010 Group exhibition of modified toasters curated by Yanick Blanchet. He even made peanut butter toast for everyone. The place smelled great!
May 2010 En Masse show. This piece was awesome! Several drawing nights were had to finish this large scale piece. I also remember there being D&D dice and pentagrams involved in the sessions.

July 2010 Yanicj guest curates again with a old school video game themed show.

August 2010 2nd photography show by Tristan Breuwer There were some beautiful pieces of forest that I still think about.

September 2010 solo show by Sara Guindon. She moved to Denver shortly after this exhibition. So long!

October 2010 Another monster themed group exhibit!

November 2010 gorgeous silk screens by studio mates Benjamin and Mathieu

December 2010 The final installment of IPWMTT at HQ... but not the last in Montreal, I promise.

January 2011 our last exhibit here at HQ. A lot of amazing artists from all over. Hope to see you all here!


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