Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last hurrah, tomorrow night

It's been 5 years of amazing designs, art and overall good times here at HQ and we would love for everyone to come by and celebrate with us! Not only have we worked with some incredible people but we've made some awesome friends, so it would be only fitting to have them all gathered together for the final exhibit "BFF". All are welcome, so please feel free to bring whomever you wish for a great night of music, art, drinks and deals!
"Old Banker" by Five Eight

"Louise" by Dorke

"Sabine" by Jessica McCourt

By Kristen N. Brown

By Kristen N. Brown

"Boo-hoo Life Is Tough" by Mimi Traillette

"The Party's Over" by Peter Thompson

"Untitled" By Rupert Bottenberg

"...And Sailed Back Over A Year And In And Out Of Weeks And Through A Day..." By Samantha Purdy

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