Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Probably Worth More Than part III

Tonight is the night! Come by HQ for our third annual group exhibit of artworks priced at $100 and under! Some work is already gone, so don't miss out. And like every year, we're letting you take the work home the night you buy it, so you can stick it under the tree for your loved ones to unwrap on Christmas day. (... so much better than that "Biodome DVD)
Silkscreen print on plexiglass
Cecilia Granata

Aya Kakeda

Various prints
Evan Melnyk
$20 each

"Molar Teeth"
Elaine Ho
$26. each

Various watercolours
Garrett van Winkle
$50 each

If you can't make it out tonight, the show is open as we speak and it will run for the entire month of December AND January. So, you can still swing by and pick up some amazing work.

See you soon,


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Victoire said...

omg, Elaine's molars are amazing!