Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Panic Craft Fair Solutions!

I wanted to make a really long obnoxious post title...I like to think I succeeded fairly well.


Panicked yet? Or are you one of those good folks who've finished all their shopping already? I'm done except for one last thing for Tyson. It involves Future Shop, and I'm not looking forward to attempting to brave the Fortress of Nerditude that is Future Shop at Christmas time. Ugh.

Anyhoo, for those who are interested in doing some QUALITY last minute shopping, I have two great options for you this weekend, both of which are craft fairs featuring handmade goods from your friendly neighbourhood crafters. And if you're not in the mood to deal with the crowds of a craft sale, Tyson will be down at HQ serving all of your Christmasy needs!

First up, Mimi Traillette of plush octupus fame (can we start calling them Octoplushes already!?) is throwing a fun craft fair at the new Usine 106 space, so go check it out and pick up some awesome Christmas presents!

When: Sat/Sun - Dec. 20/21, 12pm-7pm
Where: 160 Roy East, metro Sherbrooke
Who: All sorts of awesome artists, a few of which are:
Mimi Traillette
La Puces L'Agonie

Secondly, after a short hiatus, the Rusty Plum Craft Fair is back! The Rusty Plum/Carnivale Artisinale de Madame Plume has been around for the last 13 years and has grown into a great Mile-End community holiday show that a lot of people have looked forward to. Tyson and I have decided at the last minute to do this show, so I'll be down there bright and early Saturday morning, while Tyson mans the store (after all, he's supa dupa manly).

When: Sat, Dec. 20 10am-7pm
Sun, Dec. 21 10am-5pm
Where: The Ukranian Federation
405 Fairmount West (corner of Hutchinson)

Who: We have absolutely no idea who else is doing this show, although we've been told there will be over 65 vendors! (EDIT: we just found out the PinPals are doing it, so that's one more great seller you won't want to miss!)

I'm sewing leggings as I type this (ha) as well as making feathered hairbands and clips, some cute skirts, logs, logs and more logs, and of course I'll be bringing down some of Tysons awesome mini watercolours and 5x7 glossy paintings, which are soooo good for presents!

So keep supporting handmade this Christmas, they really are the best gifts to give, they say:

"hey, I really thought about you a lot this year, and although I didn't have
the skills/time/ideas to make you something myself, so I took the time to find
someone else who could, and I bought it from them!"


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