Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jim Henson

Well, it's September 24th and that means it's Jim Henson's birthday! He would have been 73 today... if he er, wasn't a corpse. Which is a pretty big bummer because not only was he the guy behind The Muppets, The Dark Crystal, Sesame Street, The creatures in Return of the Jedi and Fraggle Rock but the guy was a super solid dude....unlike some of the creators of other childhood favorite characters, who were complete pricks and will remain nameless (fuck you mickey).

He was awrded the "Courage of Conscience" award back in 1992 (two years after his death) for being a "Humanitarian, muppeteer, producer and director of films for children that encourage tolerance, interracial values, equality and fair play."

Just try to read the details about his death and funeral (from his Wiki page) and try not to get choked up... seriously, I read this a few months ago and was crying like a baby...

So to honour the creative genius of Mr. Henson I'm giving away 3 small watercolour drawings based on my favorite Henson Monsters and a gift certificate for $25. here at HQ.

The first person to email me the names of the following characters wins:


Email me at with Jim Henson as thew subject line.

So, have a good day and let's all try to be a little cooler to one another today. If you find yourself in a confrontation just think "What would Jim do?".

I love you.

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supayana said...

1. uncle traveling matt

2. Augra

3.crazy harry
4. the count

5.Statler and Waldorf

Ok, so I had to wikipedia half of them...but I learned a lot in the process.