Thursday, September 24, 2009

Topshop EDIT and Norwegian Wood!

Sooooo, I haven't really mentioned this on the HQ blog yet, but the thing that's been taking up 95% of my time lately is a project that started about 6 months ago.

I received an e-mail to my Etsy account, that I thought MUST be a joke. It was a message from Topshop, asking me to be one of the designers for an in store pop up shop called EDIT that they launched for the first time last season, and had decided to bring back for another season, this time including accessories as well as clothing.

For those of you not familiar with Topshop, it's a chain of stores based in London (England you silly folks, NOT Ontario!) with the UK flagship store being the Oxford Circus branch, which is where the main EDIT concession will be located, with a small version featuring 3 designers in the New York store which opened last year. Around 25 designers in total from around the world are involved in this edition, and I'm the first Canadian! Some of the other designers include: KTZ, White Trumpet, Nakkna, Diana Orving and so many more, coming from a diverse mix of countries, including Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, the US, Iceland, Italy, etc, etc, etc...

So I received that initial e-mail, started hyperventilating, called Tyson and screamed for a bit and then wrote them back and said yes. After going back and forth for a few months we decided that my grouping would include the following:

- Fringe necklaces in 4 colours (including a new grey/black/white combo exclusive to Topshop)
- Feather necklaces in 2 colours
- Leather cage skirts in 3 colours exclusive to Topshop. The leather cage skirt is my collaboration with Marc Simard of Broundoor and for those of you who know Marc and also have been to a Topshop you will appreciate the awesomeness that is the thought of Marc Simard in Topshop.
- Panelled leggings in 5 colours, all brand new for Topshop!
- "Road Warrior" elastic harness in black, but also in an exclusive pearly fringe version!
- A brand spanking new panelled t-shirt design in black and white

Sooooo, if there are any of you out there who's been disappointed with me for not coming to a party/event, not e-mailing back quickly or not calling you back at all, this is why! Blame Topshop! The first grouping of the concession is available NOW! My stuff is in the second grouping, from Oct. 25 right up until Christmas, so if you're in London, get down there ASAP, these clothes are just too good to pass up!

Another exciting aspect of this project is that I was finally able to work with the amazing Paule Trudel, an illustrator from our own fair city of Montreal who recently graduated from school in New York. She contacted me shortly before Topshop did, saying that we should do a project together. When the Topshop thing came up, I knew she would be the perfect person to do illustrated custom hangtags to go on all my designs. They've just been sent to print now, I'll keep you all updated when they arrive and do a whole post on the lovely Paule Trudel so you all can love her work as much as I do!

Obviously I could not miss this opportunity to see my designs hanging in a major UK store, so Tyson and I have decided to take our FIRST vacation together (Wpg doesn't count) and head over to London at the end of October. It will be my 5th time there and Tysons first, so if you have any suggestions for us throw them in the comments, we'll be there for 8 days, so we'll have lots of time to check out many, many awesome things!



Vanessa said...

If you're planning on hitting up any theatre shows, check out They have amazing deals on all tickets! Also, I'm sure you've been many times before, but you CANNOT miss the Camden Market! Best market EVER!

p.s. Congrats again!

Katrina said...

Wow! Congratulations! that is amazing.
Have a great trip, you deserve it!

MELANIE said...

You should definitely go to Angel - Highbury and Islington. There are many nice vintage and designers shops, nice caf├ęs, and great restaurants on Upper Street. Take a walk in Clissold Park (I used to live close by, on saturdays, it's full of kids dressed up as princesses and superheros and running around their parents who are trying to cure their hangover by eating greasy english breakfasts on the terrace of a church transformed into a cafe...), and in Stoke Newington Church Street for its village like atmosphere, and its nice vegan cafes and restaurants...All of this is in the North East area of London.
Then the East End, but if you've been there a few times, you already know that. The great Spitafield market area, the designer markets on the weekends, the great gigs in the many concert halls, and the cheap and delicious indian food...
makes me nostalgic!
Have a great stay in London and congratulations.

Victoire said...

Congrats again Angie! And can't wait to see the panelled t-shirts! And see if there are any parties being thrown by ohmygodimissyou while you're there, it's still the best dance party we've EVER been too with the best themes!!

Anonymous said...

Angie congratulations this is amazing!!! I loved Topshop when i was in London! What a great achievement!! Your stuff is just amazing I love it!!

spins and needles said...

Congrats Angie!! And nice seeing you at Puces last week!. Def. East London. newsletter and (try to pick up the book) has some good suggestions. Another idea is to go on a day trip to something like Stonehenge or Bath. I lived there last year so feel free to e-mail me if you're looking for anything in particular!

susie_bubble said...

Typical that you come to London and I'm going to bloody America... gah!!!!

Cookie said...

congratulations Angie!!!:) I'm not very suprised.. becouse you're f%^%^& talented girl! I love your staff!


Anonymous said...

Will the collection be sold on the topshop website, too?

Lunaticart said...

Wow! I am sooooooooo happy for you! you deserve it!!!
Also I think your harness were on TV, I saw them on the NRJ music awards here in Paris, the ones with the shoulders, I was so happy to see them and knowing I own one of your designs!!!
Congratulations again!