Friday, September 25, 2009

HQ and Bettina Lou!

For any of you who read the blog regularly, you've probably noticed that Tyson has been blogging a LOT more than I have, he's such a good store owner guy! Working on my own line has been taking up more and more of my time, but I'm still trying to pop in here and post as much as I can!

So I thought it was HIGH TIME that I posted about a wonderful new line we're carrying at HQ, called Bettina Lou! Marie-eve (the designer of the line) has been a regular customer at HQ for awhile, and I didn't realize she was also a designer extraordinaire, so when she came in the first day to show me her styles I was so confused, but then very happy when I realized the stylish shopper and designer I'd been chatting with via e-mail were one and the same!

Marie-Eve cites her inspirations as having roots in the style icons of the fifties and sixties, visual arts, nice fabrics, vintage fashion magazines, musicals, creative people and girls with great personal style. The Betina Lou style is one that doesn't go out of fashion, they're the staples of your wardrobe! Feminine silhouettes are influenced by the elegance and sobriety brought forth by the great french designers of the middle of the twentieth century.

The best part? The entire collection is designed and manufactured exclusively in Montreal.
I can tell you from seeing these clothes up close and personal, the quality is AMAZING, Marie-Eve knows her stuff! After working with Soia & Kyo and Mackage over the past few years, Marie-Eve has really honed her skills and is producing some really precise pieces, so when she says the designs will last, you'll know that the quality will be right there along with it, allowing these pieces to be staples of your wardrobe for many years to come!

What's next for Bettina Lou? Stay tuned in my next post, I've got the scoop where you can get your first peek at her fall collection!


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Eulalie Calypso said...

Hey, that's my face all over your blog ! I love your store, it's nice Marie-Eve's selling her stuff over there now. When is the next exposition ?