Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Burned Toast

"It Eats" by Meka $90.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Yanick Blanchets "Burned Toast" group exhibit. The turnout was fantastic and spirits were high with amazing art, great music (by DJ Garry Vickers) and the peanut butter toast flowing freely (which made HQ smell amazing, BTW).

"Urban Toaster" by Osmoze $50.

Silkscreen print by Tetsouille

"Untitled" by Fred D $200.

"Grille-Pain" by Avive $150.

"2 Little Freaks" by Yanick Blanchet $200.

"Demon Toast" by Tyson Bodnarchuk $150

"Repo Exuro Ferrum AKA Crawling Burnt Iron" by Dale Hayward $150.

"Bioman Moustache" by Theimu $70.

"Chip Au Ketch" by Benjamin Deshaies $180.

"Face De Pet" by Benjamin Deshaies $30.

"Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars" by Tyson Bodnarchuk $25. each

"Spaghettoast" by Tetsouille

For those of you that could not make the opening, the show will be up for the entire month, so feel free to drop by and check it out!

"Whats For Breakfast?" by Mike Giles

"Adventure Love" by Andreas Schuster $75.

"Cote Cour/ Cote Jardin" by Melanie Baillairge $85.