Monday, April 26, 2010

En Masse presents The Dice Show

Finally! The En Masse crew will be bringing their amazing work to the HQ Gallery this May with the "Dice Show". For those of you unfamiliar with the EM Crew's work, here's the general idea. A group of guys and girls meet up and begin working on large scale, black and white, collaborative pieces all using the same medium. This gives each completed work the signature EM look.

The Dice show will be a unique experience for the viewer and the participants as the show will literally evolve and shift throughout the month. The main piece consist of forty-five 2' x 2' panels mounted on the wall. There will be 3 sessions throughout May (the 6th. 13th & 20th). At the end of each session, dice will be rolled and the results dictate the placement of the panels, mixing up the the work and morphing the overall piece into something new each week.

The final results of the piece can be seen on May 28th here at HQ at the Dice Show finishing party.

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