Thursday, September 23, 2010

Intervention time! Help me Mr. President!

I think it's time for an intervention.  Angie has become infatuated and obsessed. It's beginning to worry me and I don't know who to turn to!
 It seems we cannot go shopping without Angie going bananas for President's Choice products. (Ironically, not so much for actual bananas though. But could you imagine? It would be a never ending loop of craziness, like a snake eating it's own tail.)
I think she's become delirious. You can often hear her comment "Oh, look what the President chose just for me!" before dropping the packaged item in our cart. She has even taken to calling me "El Presidente" and whenever she orders food at a restaurant, while pointing at the menu, she will ask the server "If you were president, what item would you choose?" New designs from Josiane Perron now at HQ, come get them before the President does!


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Noémiah said...

Funny post!!!

Domaine Schématique said...

We love the President.