Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm uncomfortable and sweaty, so don't touch me

Well it's no big news that's it's hot as shit out right now, so I won't bore you with a post about the weather. But whenever it gets this gross outside (and inside, unfortunately) I have a hard time being motivated or inspired to get things done. The fact that I'm doing a blog post at all seems crazy to me. So, keeping that in mind, I thought I would share with you five of my favorite blogs and websites that are an amazing source for inspiration or just good time sinkers.

Illustrations of The Hobbit by Mikhail Belomlinskiy 1976 Russia
Oh man-sies! This is amazing! Although, this isn't really an official updated site, I often find myself going over these images again and again. The style reminds me of another Russian illustrator named Genndy Tartakovsky, the man behind Samurai Jack!

A celebration of all things monster! I love this blog! It's updated daily and has introduced me to dozens of amazing artists from around the globe (including my #5 pick).

Covered version by Jimmy Giegerich and original by George Wilson; Gold Key 1977
Covered is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" blogs. An amazing concept by illustrator Robert Goodin, where artists submit their versions of classic or new comic book covers. The results are always awesome and I often feel a hankering for drawing after dipping into his blog.... wait, did that sound pervy?

Illustration by Gene Foote and "The Quagmire Beast" from The Tomb Of Terror 1952
The Horror Of It All and And Everything Else are two blogs run by a dude named Karswell from the USA. He doesn't offer much info about who he is and what else he does but what I do know is that on his Horrorofitall blog he painstakingly scans full issues of old EC (and EC style rip offs) comics and posts them for the masses to enjoy! I could spend days going through the pile of amazing books on display here! Andeverythingelse is similar type of blog but instead of focusing on the horror side of vintage culture he showcases old Children's books, commercial art from the 50's and 60's, vintage magazines, etc. These two blogs can easily kill an afternoon.... You've been warned.

by Aaron Leighton
Drawn!  is a no-brainer. I'm sure most of you already know of this amazing collaborative blog. A daily dose of links to amazing illustrators, animators and artists from around the globe. There is always something new and fun to look at, so if you have yet to visit the site, hop to it!

There are a few more amazing sites that are a must read for those grey dull days or the opposite, "it's so hot out, I'm going to barf" afternoons but I figured most of these were sites that are all pretty well know. But for those of you that have yet to discover these gems, remember me at Christmas:

The Worlds Best Ever
Secret Fun Spot
Garfield Minus Garfield
Monster Magazine World
We're Alive
Strange Kids Club


Karswell said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! I work hard on both of my blogs and it's great to hear when someone notices and enjoys it. Looks like I have alot to dig through on your blog here too which I will do NOW.

Thanks again!

PS: Drat! Trumped again by DRAWN! for the #1 spot... wouldn't be the first time, haha

The HQ Duo said...

The list isn't really in any type of order. Let's just say there are 5 #1's!

jason botkin said...

thanks for killin my day with this one Mr. Bodnarchuk!! With friends like this...

great stuff!

paul smith said...

Thanks for sharing it