Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Won't you come and smell me?

Do I smell like an old man, a teenager or a weird dude in his thirties that's nostalgic for his hormone fueled high school days? The reason I ask is as of last December, I've been obsessed with cologne I used to wear in junior high.

Like most 16 year old boys, I used to practically bathe in the stuff. I mean, I could clear a room! Maybe it's a good thing because if you've ever been on a bus packed with a bunch of teenagers on a hot sweaty day, it gets pretty ripe. So maybe it's just an instinctual thing kids do to mask their greasy, horny stink.
At any rate, as I approached my late 20's I began to grow a distaste for heavy colognes. Don't know why, just did. Until now. Don't get me wrong, I don't slather on a bottle of Polo or anything like that, I like to think it's subtle... or pray to God it is.
But that seems to be where I'm at these days. It's kind of fun because I've had friends guess what I'm wearing because they recognize it from their stinky teen years. I'm not going to say what the scents are but next time you see me, give me a whiff, why don't you?
All the photos above are of my prints and an illustrated book from my  Monsterbet series. What started off as a little drawing for my niece and nephew, turned into some fun products. They are all available in my Etsy shop or here at HQ.                                                                                            Smell ya later!!!


Amanda said...

teets! these look great. do you also sell them at HQ?

The HQ Duo said...