Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting to know...Maddalena Fuller

Maddalena is a wonderful girl who used to live underneath us in our old apartment on Sherbrooke and Papineau, one of the loudest traffic corners in Montreal. She makes beautiful organically inspired pottery, handmade brooches and scarves. Her last pottery exhibit displayed her work in a home-like setting, including all homemade baked goodies....we were dying upstairs smelling all that amazing baking! Whether you want a complete set of her dishes, or just a special mug for your morning coffee, Maddalenas designs will fill any kind of dark void that may be in your life. Not really, but they're damn good at holding food and drink.

Maddalena is just one of the lovely artists/designers who will be selling their wares in HQ, check back often for more artist/designer updates.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Work, if you have the opportunity to talk with her in the near future get her to contact me Her friend Terry in Oliver BC