Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Getting to know...Tyson Bodnarchuk

Not only is Tyson one half of the HQ team, he's also a contributing artist to the Headquarters Gallery. Tyson has been drawing and doodling for as long as he can remember. This hobby soon grew into a full time interest, as Tyson began creating large scale pieces with his signature style, influenced by 50`s-60`s sci-fi films and comics, rock and roll and Jim Henson. Using acrylic on many different surfaces, Tyson creates art that begs to be touched, often with a humorous yet macabre edge. These robots, monsters and imaginary characters pop off the background with bright colours and exaggerated features. Wrap this up in a glossy toy-like finish, and you have the embodiment of the artists work. An original native of Winnipeg, MB, Tyson has moved his home base to Montreal, QC, and is feeding off the busy artistic lifestyle that the city seems to breed. The opening of Headquarters Galerie & Boutique is the latest entry on Tysons "To Do" list.

See more of Tysons art at:
www.lautregalerie.com, at #4 St. Paul East, Montreal
www.subv.net, at 5666 Sherbrooke West, Montreal
Contact Tyson at: tealrobot@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

I know I'm a fan. Plus, way excited for you two. great things are wished!


Momunit said...

I got to know Tyson through a chance bonding moment while conducting a telephone survey on birth rates in the Ukraine... everything since then is just 'Parkay'.

marc said...

T's art is almost as awesome as his log piles, just don't try to walk down either of them.