Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Getting to know you...

Our grand opening exhibition, tentatively scheduled for Saturday July 8th, will be a group show titled "Getting to Know You". Over the next few weeks/months we'll be featuring images and bios of many of the artists creating pieces for the show. This is a collection of some of our favourite artists, although their work is varied, we find they are all equally amazing and bring something special to the group. Enjoy!

Aya Kakeda

Aya was born and raised in Tokyo Japan.
She now works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
She likes Cats, seals , and receiving postcards and she has ever changing weekly obsessions, now it's the Thai food cooking and the gentle giant bunny from Germany.
She also elaborates lots of theories about lot of things.
When she doesn't indulge in her obsessions she paints and draws, creating her own whimsical narratives.


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