Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Getting to know... Dana de Kuyper

We met Dana a couple of years ago, here in Montreal. The first time we saw her Damned Dollies our jaws dropped. Imagine if the Cabbage Patch Kids were grown in the backyard of a nuclear power plant...... inbetween a bomb testing site and a toxic waste dump....under some power lines.....and raised by a mad scientist. Then you may get the basic idea. These 4" dolls are cute, murderous and evil. And thats what makes them so amazing! Buy one for someone you love at Christmas and watch everybody else throw thier presents away in a jealous fit, that they too did not recieve a Damned Dolly. We've seen it happen!!

Dana also puts her creepy girls images on hoodies, t-shirts, panties, and scarves as well as smaller versions of the dolls in brooche form.

Her Damned Dollies have appeared in Bust, Marmalade, British Vogue, Strut, Elle Quebec, enRoute, some Italian magazine, some Swedish magazine and various local papers.

To see more of Danas work check out: www.damneddollies.com

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