Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New stuff from Furni

The wait is finally over. We received Furni's new 2007 line and it's amazing!

Alba desk alarm clock comes in dark or light beech wood. $88.00

"Templeton mini" wall mounted magazine rack. Comes in light or dark beech with white acrylic. $88.00

"Barbee mini" wall mounted record shelves come in light and dark beech. Pack of three for $54.00

"Gator SE" desk alarm clock comes in light or dark beech wood $128.00 or Mahogany wood $168.00

The Furni/Headquarters colab masterpiece! "Wolfie" comes in black and limited edition white. $28.00

"Alba" analog wall clock acrylic with 70's style fake walnut laminate. Comes in four styles:
"time is on our side"
"no time like the present"
"time keeps on ticking"
"one piece at a time"
$64.00 each

One of the coolest things about the new collection is that with each piece you buy, you get a code. Go to the Furni website and enter the code to see pictures of the piece you bought being made. Wow factor: 1 Zillion!!!

A furni staple, the "Miller" bamboo cutting board with two stainless steel bowls. $28.00

Time to see if you're as good as you tell all your friends back home! Furni is having a design competition.

Go to this link: http://furni.myshopify.com/products/diy-clock-parts-kit

And get your own digital guts kit to make your own clock. Submit a picture of your work to Furni before the September 1st deadline and you have a chance of your design being included in the next Furni collection.

We're also having a Furni blowout here at HQ. We have a limited number of pieces from the last collection that are selling at 25% off. That means all the toiletries are $15.00 each, Templeton floor magazine racks $45.00, "Mullen" digital wall clock $45.00, "Allen" analog wall clock $28.50. "Magnusson" analog wall clock $33.00. We have very little left, so here's your last chance!

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