Monday, June 04, 2007

Socks were Knocked!

Thanks to all the artists who participated in the show and to all who came down last Saturday for the opening. It was a huge success!

Our friends are awesome. This deck was passed around throughout the night and signed by all.

Angie made these kick ass cupcakes. You could always tell when someone just ate one cuz' you would hear "Holy fuck!" or "Oh, Shit!!" every once in a while.

Team Macho

Fred Caron

Spencer B and his pro model


Mimi Traillette

Lisa Marie Godfrey

Kristen N. Brown & Shara DeWitt colab

I love this pic. Iris is the best!

Neil & Emily

Freddy Working on the HQ deck


Doshi's handiwork

T&A colab

Aya Kakeda AKA "Cupcake Face"

Even the city of Montreal did an instalation piece just in time for the show. It's called "Gaping Holes Littered Throughout the city" part 300 of an ongoing series. Thanks guys! I like this piece much better than your other series "Sleeping in the work truck" or "Getting My Grocery Shopping Done On Taxpayers Dime". Nice.

Casia pro model

Yeah, I dont know why I did this....

Aya & Andrya


Chrissy said...

Hi Angie and Tyson! This is Aya's friend Chrissy! The galery show was soooo awesome and I just love the clothes at the boutique! Thx for having us and I'll be sure to visit U guys again soon!

Adam Gorley said...

Looks like it was a killer show! Wish I was there.

I especially like the city's installation. You slackers have got a long way to go before you reach such inspiring heights.


nicoz said...

woooow the show looks so good! and people too!


Kristen said...

yay, pictures of my work! looks like fun as usualllllllll.

also, i think you guys must clear out the unstylish people before you take a picture. amiright?