Friday, June 08, 2007


Everyone has a certain record that reminds them of a particular Summer or vacation, right? Well, the new record by Boats should be your soundtrack for this years beach/camping/garage sale-ing trip or sordid Summer romance.

The current all star line up includes members of Transistor Sound & Light Co., Half Court Prayer, The Western States and The Details. (BTW, If you can find a copy of Transistor S&L Co.'s record pick it up as well, you won't be disappointed).

My friend Britt was in town the other day and he brought me a copy of this ass kicker! I haven't been able to take this thing out of my CD player and I've been waking up with their song 500% in my dome every morning! Do you know what a piss off that is to wake up with this song in your head every singe morning? I guess it could be worse and be a song by a band I hate, like, Nickleback or some bullshit like that. Have you ever listened to the lyrics to a Nickleback song before? Oh, my Christ it's bad. Any-hoo, I'm getting off topic. Back to the new Boats record..... uh....It's a super fun record and if you don't get yourself a copy you're a stupid moron.

Fave tracks:
March of the sandbaggers

*Album art by teen heartthrob Eddie Ayoub

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