Friday, January 25, 2008

All's well that ends well....

I just got an e-mail from Angela, the wonderful girl who makes all natural bath and beauty products under the name "Honeyflower". Well, around Christmas she had been dropping both subtle and not-so-subtle hints to her BF James that she wanted, needed, was DYING for one of the little owl guys that I make. Tyson and I were made aware of this, so we were expecting James to pop in the store anytime. Christmas was fast approaching, but no sign of James...

Tyson and I began to get stressed about this as well. "What should we do? should we let him know somehow? what if someone else buys it? will Angela kill James and mash him into a delectable body scrub for all to enjoy? what to do? WHAT TO DO!!?!?!?!

Well, our stress was unfounded, and a few days later James popped in and picked up the exact golden paisley guy that Angela was hankering after. All's well that ends well....what a happy Christmas story!

Angela was also kind enough to send in this pic of the new family member hanging out with her dog Cheeba, so sweet!

If any of you have pics of yourself, family or friends enjoying something you got at HQ shoot it our way and we'll post it on the blog. It makes the designers totally happy, and we really like blogging about this sort of stuff. It makes us feel all warm and weekend-y.

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