Monday, January 07, 2008

Christopher Ross solo exhibition

"Hank Loves Diamond"

This past Saturday marked the opening night for Chris Ross' solo exhibit here at HQ. If you couldn't make it out the show will run until the 30th of January, so you still have time.

The man of your dreams, Christopher Ross.

"Open Sesame I Want to Get Out"

It was a puppy paradise.

"RIP 715"

Spencil & DJ Garry Vickers 2 fistin' er'!

Hot babes.

"Quetzal Triple Word Score, He's Only Lucid When He's Dreaming"

The show in "Shoplift-O-Vision"!
"Peanutbutter Fingers Sees A K9"

"Everyone Knows The Bacon's Burning"

"Drinkle Take II"

"Dirty I.B.A."

Thanks to all who came out and had a good time. It was a pretty fun party but shit, I had a hangover the next day..........

If you need any additional info, you can contact the gallery for prices and availability.


AngieMontreal said...

It's true, he was totally hungover.


blunderspublik said...

This guys stuff looks fantastic!