Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marimekko on sale at Repro Depot!

One of my favorite online fabric stores is having a sale on all their Marimekko fabrics until January 15th!!! That's only 5 more days!!!

In case you haven't heard of this company before, they are a Finnish textile company that creates bold, beautiful high quality textiles, and fabric based products. Go to their site here for a full history of the company.

A beautiful Marimekko dress,
the company also produces clothing

I've seen these fabrics used for all sorts of things: pillows, bedspreads, lamps, clothing, even stretched over a canvas and hung as art. So if you're thinking of spring already (I am, it's just around the corner for all of us who are sewing and crafting) check out this sale, it is sooooooo worth it!!! Keep in mind that these are large scale prints, and are often sold by a section of "repeat" (that's one section of the pattern, before the image repeats itself). Keep in mind these are VERY large scale prints, meaning.... they are huge. So take a careful look at the measurements before buying, or do a quick search for "marimekko" on and you'll find lots of great examples of the fabric in use.

In other exciting Marimekko news, they have joined forces with H&M (Scandinavian fashion giants unite!) and are producing a 50 piece womens and childrens collection which will be released this April!!! It's probably not a good idea for a shop owner to promote products not sold in his/her store, but I am hoping these will be fabulous. If not, I am sewing a bunch of fun summer dresses in vintage fabrics for HQ, so you can always pick up one of those ;)

Aarni black - Regular price: $63.50padSale price: $47.63

Kaiku summer - Regular price: $104.00padSale price: $78.00

Iso HarlekiiniRegular price: $38.00padSale price: $28.50

Unikko pink/white - Regular price: $38.00padSale price: $28.50

Vapaa Pudotus yellow/blue - Regular price: $104.00padSale price: $78.00


Lissa said...

Thank you for just making my day!
Years ago now I clipped out an image from a design magazine and have been using it slice by slice since. I didn't keep where it was from and was never able to find it again. It was just such a wonderful little image and I've only got about a 1/4 of it left.
Then as I decide to check out your blog (I live just around the corner), there it is - Kaiku Summer!
So thank you for reuniting me and a lovely graph image, chances are it will find a way into my home soon...

Angie & Tyson from Headquarters said...

That one is one of my favorites! It also comes in a fall, spring and winter version. The fabric itself is amazing, and the repeat is HUGE! Someday I hope to own it as a wall-hanging... for now I'll dream!