Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm in Love with Etsy

I've known about Etsy for awhile now, in fact I found a few of our very first suppliers for HQ on Etsy. But now, I am a PART of Etsy. Oh boy, am I ever....

Just after Christmas I decided to really get back to my roots of making stuff myself. As many of you who read the blog have probably noticed, I have a full time job in addition to running the store with Tyson (although it's a lot more work for him, he has to be there every day!). I work in the fashion industry, which is fun a lot of the time, but sometimes it's a wee bit soul-crushing.

So I wanted to go back to the beginning, and devote more of my time to my own ideas and working with materials with my own two hands. Designing the line (Yarncraft) as my full time job is fun, but totally different than making something myself. I've always had a line of clothing on the side in one form or another, but I decided I needed a fresh start this new year so I started Norwegian Wood (as I mentioned in a previous post). Bye bye BLUEprint (my old line), hello Norwegian Wood. This new line allows me to do clothing, accessories and homewares (pillows, etc) with a name that is a little more all encompassing, and more friendly I think too!

Part of my newfound energy is pulled from my excitement at joining Etsy and selling my wares to a whole new market in a completely different way. For those of you who have never heard of it before, Etsy is an online marketplace of sorts, which sells handmade goods from crafters/designers from all over the world! I'm talking, like, hundreds of thousands of people here, it's amazing, and it's only been around since 2005!!!

Being a crafter/designer, I'm a pretty visual person so why don't you just watch this video about Etsy instead of making me type a huge description:

So Tyson and I both have shops on Etsy now, which you can conveniently access at the right hand side of this very blog! How nice and thoughtful! Or if you'd rather save our link as a bookmark which you will check every day, here are the addresses:

A lot of the other crafter/designers who sell in HQ have Etsy shops as well, here are the ones we know of, but if we haven't listed you we're sorry, we just haven't found you yet! Please post your shop address in the comments section, we love you!


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me too

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Pin Pals!

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I'm on Etsy too:


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I love Orno, Nea and Vanessa too!!

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oh there are tons of comments on this post.

it's a real crowd pleaser.

can somebody suggest to yana, that she might want to change one of her models, i think its having a negative effect on hat sales.