Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from Manitoba!

Left: Our booth, Log pillows, silk scarf pillows, owls
Right: A smiling Marc

Hey everyone, I'm back from the Folk Fest adventure, and other than the millions of mosquito bites I have that make me look like a junkie, it was a fabulous trip. Marc (of Broundoor), Elaine (of Roadkill) and I had a great drive out, but were haunted by rain the whole way and seem to have brought the rain along with us for the festival itself. The sun came out on the last day though and everyone was happy.

Left: Elaine coaxing Mary into the water
Right: A travel mug bouquet for the car, picked by Marc

We spent a few extra days in Manitoba BBQing, getting some rest, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, doing some thrift shopping and visiting my grandparents (they gave Marc, Elaine and I rum at 10 in the morning, that's what you get for joking around Marc! My grandpa will call you on that shit!)

Left: Grandma & Grandpas wallpapered bedroom
Right: Hollyhocks beside the house

We picked up some amazing vintage fabric at Mitchells in Winnipeg, much of which will become owls and clothing for Norwegian Wood. We also popped into the amazing J. Werier to dig through some old goodies and came out with great fabrics and a giant pile of leather for Marc. Keep your eyes open for new Broundoor designs using these amazing vintage leathers in gorgeous colours and textures!

Mary came along for the trip and loved hanging out
amongst the foxtails at my grandparents farm.
Other than vomiting on my pillow on the first day
of the trip, she was a very good girl.

Perhaps of great interest to you all will be the amazing vintage scores I found in many a small town on the way there and back (Thunder Bay was amazing! We like to call it "The T-Bay"). We've just put out about 20 pairs of delicious vintage shoes in the store, in a huge range of colours and styles, everything from suede 70's oxfords with wooden heels, to strappy gold disco sandals and sexy 80's pumps. I also found a small army of simple pumps for Tyson to paint on, so a whole slew of new handpainted shoes are being made right now!

Left: Layers of vintage dresses
Right: super saturated pink crepe and lace confection from the early 60's

For those who like vintage dresses (and really, who doesn't?!) keep your eyes on our "Vintage Headquarters" Etsy shop. By this weekend I'll begin posting a few of the 30+ AMAZING vintage dresses I found in my travels. There are some real gems in there ladies, and I've got all sorts of sizes and styles, from 60's t0 early 90's. Check them out later this week at

Left: Vintage fabrics galore
Right: lace cuffs on vintage dresses and blouses

I'll be back to our normal blogging schedule now, and there's so much to catch up on, so stay tuned!




Anonymous said...

oh my god angie, i'm drooling! i can't wait to see these dresses!!!

Anonymous said...

ps that was me, supayanaaaa