Monday, July 28, 2008

Urban Pigeon

Hooray for sunny weather! We're so happy the rainy skies seem to have passed for awhile, it's putting us in a summery, drinks on the patio type of mood! We know, we know, it's Monday and you all are probably at work, hopefully with a window you can gaze out of!

Here's a bit of summery eye candy in the form of a new line of t-shirts and tanks called Urban Pigeon, designed and screenprinted by local designer Émilie Vlasblom. We met Émilie at the spring Puces Pop and thought her feminine graphics on updated basics would be a great addition to HQ. The cotton jersey fabric is super soft, the prints are feminine yet bold, and the colours are perfect for beachy summer days. With prices ranging from $36 -$46 they're a nice way to buy local at an affordable price!

Here at HQ we love learning the background story of each line we carry. We were excited to hear that each Urban Pigeon garment is hand printed at their own silkscreening studio (we're obsessed with doing our own screenprinting, more on that later). Émilie points out that their main priority is to offer you super high quality and to encourage local development in the textile and garment industry, which we also think is very important. Fabric, dyes, patterns and assembly are done locally; Urban Pigions believes strongly that the life of this industry in Quebec is far from being over. By supporting Montreal manufacturers and primarily distributing their line to independent Montreal shops they're keeping thing local, and offering great local options to YOU!

Check out their website HERE

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K.Line said...

I bought one of these when I visited your store a couple of weeks ago, and I can say it's truly comfortable - and beautiful to wear. Thanks for providing the backstory...