Monday, July 28, 2008

"Shadows of Metropolis" Vernissage, this Thursday!!

Yes, we realize having a vernissage on a Thursday night totally messes with your scheduling, but our friend Toby (the artist, natch) is leaving this weekend to go tour with his band, so we thought Thursday would be a nice little change. And seriously folks, a little change is good. Plus Osheaga starts on Sunday, so we want to be all rested up for the fun times.

So what's this Thursday vernissage madness all about anyways? Who is this artist that could force HQ to alter their "first saturday of the month" schedule? Well, it's our friend Toby, who we thought (until recently) held his main talents in the field of music, but lo and behold, he's blowing us away with his amazing photography. This will be our first photography exhibition at HQ, and we're super excited about it.

Toby, and a poster of a lady

As I mentioned about 2 seconds ago, we've always thought of Toby as more of the music type of artist. He is/was in the band Statue Park, which is how we got to know the lovely lad when Tyson did some cover artwork for one of their releases. Toby was also one of the first Montrealers to purchase some of Tysons art, and the rest is history. Toby now plays in the band Chinatown, who will be doing two live acoustic sets at the vernissage. Yup you heard me right, live music, so don't show up at 10:30 or you'll miss the damn band! So we're just going for all things new this month: first Thursday show, first photograpy show, and first live music.


To give you a little background on, you know, the actual ART the photography was all done while Toby was in China touring with, well, Chinatown. The photos are eerie and beautiful and I love them. If you made it down to our 2 year anniversary show you would have seen two of Tobys works, although they sold in about 10 minutes, so if you're keen on getting a piece of your own, don't dilly dally!

Although not part of the exhibition,
this is one of Tobys pics from the tour

So pop by this Thursday and enjoy the ch-ch-changes happening this month...
Oh yes, I went there, have fun with that song in your head all day!

"In the Shadows of Metropolis: Particles of a Changing China"
photography by Toby Andris Cayouette
Thursday July 31, 2008
1649 Amherst

If you're looking to get the Bowie out of your head (but who would, I ask?) check out this amazing video by the boys from Chinatown. I'm not looking forward to winter, but I'm sure this is the kind of shit that makes tourists think Canada is AWESOME!

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