Thursday, July 03, 2008

Forest Gospel - This Saturday!

Wow, the days really fly by during the summer, it feels like we just had our 2 year anniversary party, and now here we are, having another vernissage!

Forest Gospel brings together Emi Honda, Amber Albrecht and Aaron McConomy in a beautiful group exhibition. Working in a variety of mediums each artist is unified by a vision of nature that is strange, mysterious and rarely bound by the laws of biology or physics.

Emi Honda's work mixes found objects, craft work and a playful sense of the surreal She creates sculpture where found objects transform into strange flora pushing out from their mundane roots to become something more strange and ethereal.

Amber Albrecht's tightly crafted drawings and silkscreens evoke strange narratives of fancy ladies ghosts and mysterious houses. Restrained and precise in execution Amber's work nonetheless hints at dark worlds that lingers just below their carefully crafted surfaces.

Aaron McConomy's drawings deal in mysterious ailments and strange evolutionary deadends. Though fantastical his characters are forced to deal with the mundane reality of their otherwise strange and paradoxical existences.

This show is going to be a real lovely one folks, I can feel it in my bones! Pop in this saturday for a refreshing beverage, some music and some highly enjoyable art!

Saturday July 5th, 7pm-11pm
1649 Amherst
Get out at Berri-UQAM, exit at the Maisonneuve doors, we're about 4 blocks away...


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